Chris Brown - Wobble Up (Official Video) ft. Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy

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Santosh Pathak
I love how tyga was there without any reason #YOUNGMONEY gang
Kevin Mclean
Why Chris brown dance better then the back up dancers 😂😂🔥 Thank everyone that liked 👍 and go follow my snap Kboogie133
Kulove P.
*G-EAZY: INNOCENT LOOKING BUT DANGEROUS* 😂 Edit: i'm in love with him tbh
andre sisita
I wonder y u compare Nicky and Cardi….guys Cardi is hardcore but Nicky is something else>>>uncompare able....
Sylvia Forjoe
I love G- eazy. His raps are ace but damm he looks like he could be my accountant 😂
Lenisha Shelton
Nicki looked so gorgeous. I love this song
Annmarie Flemmings
Why g eazy look like he just left his daughters dance recital
Charlotte Leblanc
Okay but can we appreciate how fine Nicki looks??😍👑
Ilhampie Bahida
Nobody: Literally nobody: Tyga: appears on every Chris Brown music video😂❤️
Demon MH
Producer: so y'all need to dress crazy af ok. G-Eazy: (shows up in a suit)
Guilherme Pedrozo
*Nicki Minaj* ft Chris Brown (Like) Or *Cardi B* ft Dj Khaled (comenta)
RN Davis 11
Bruh his concerts gonna be lit af with this one 🔥🔥😂
Earlco Sajise
Never realized that G-eazy could that be good looking haha
AfricanBarbhie Tv
Director: *How professional do u wanna look* G-Eazy: yes
Dinara Sunders
You can say everything about G-Easy, but his voice it's unforgettable . I like him so much
Priscilla gyasi
Why does G-Eazy look like he taking a yearbook picture in the thumbnail? 😂😂😂
Madame Rouge
Does Chris even promote anymore how am I just now hearing about this song 😅
Ty Pendland
G-easy is fire! but I think he got misdirected when he was going to a golf course... 😂
Daisy Cruz
Do u love CB,Nicki, and G-Eazy? Like - yes Comment - Yes
The girls on the beach trying to twerk had me 💀💀
G-Eazy looks like a businessman on a summer vacay
Lil Boltie
Director : *How many girls do you want in this video ?* Chris brown : *Yes*
Da Wey My bruddas
Nobody: Literally nobody: Chris Brown: 0:17
Bear y
*”G-easy pose for your year book photo!”*
Yohan A
i'm mad at myself i just notice the island they are on is a pair of cheeks lmao
Kendrick Thomas
Why G eazy look like a real estate agent in the thumbnail 😂
Wynisha Stricklan
G-Eazy he'll having u fallin in love w/his voice no cap.
Ofc tyga has to show up how can he miss all this ass🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Lauryn Johnson
G-Eazy looks like a daddy in this video
chocolate girl
This song is underrated, I don't know why
My Queen is back😍 She is so beautifulllll
Lifes Good
G Eazy bringing that new dress code flavor, he killed his verse.....👍👍
Airryss Yah
Yessssssssss I'm ALL HERE fer it!!! Remind me of how we dance in the club on a dude n have em fallliiiiinnnnn😄😣😝😝😝
WaiT TiLL u geT * TieShawn * —————> GeT Diz * Ouch !!!! Idk ... GoDddD • I Should StoP Talkin .. becz I’m So Underrated ....
Giana Ficara
Nathaniel Cherry
Nicki is a Legend you can’t deny she’s been consistently in the game for over a decade 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Kadaisha Clement
I love you chris brown i listen to you since i was in preschool 12 years later and im still listening to your music😍😍😍😛😍😻😻👅💕💕💕
Suraksha Desu
Yo, I just found this song today lol. But gotta say, nicki looks gorgeous asf in this vid.
Marcellus 1350
I haven’t heard nick on the radio since chun Lin and I was so surprised when I heard this on the radio
iTs Obvious They aLL Interpret uuu as a NewSenT ... ThaT Beyoncé RoyaL Essence oF an entity * GoT HomeWork .... Neva Second Place 🥈 ✌️
Delilah Bloodworth
Black hair Nicki is priceless!! She is so beautiful 😭😍 Thanks for the likes 😭
Jaz B
I got excited asf when I seen “Dan The Man” in this video!! 😂 LIT 🔥
Like= you think Chris brown is the best male dancer Comment=you think Jason derulo is the best male dancer
It's okay, I love you buddy
Why Tyga just chilling in the video?
Astrology A Look Inside
I tried to resist this lil nasty song, but nope, I must admit I LOVE IT!!! It is a buttshaker!
Olivia Rose
Megawesome Winner787
Who is better Chris Brown or Bruno Mars??? Like= Chris Brown Comment= Bruno Mars
Nomhle Nkomo
NYC video plus Nicki looked like a queen if u agree hit the like button
Why does g eazy look like an accountant trying to act cool in front of his teenage kids
Bethel Girma
This should have way more views wtf😐
Sterryo Official
You will be rich one day hit the like button if you agree
Sheck z
Chris Browns new album comes out Friday! That'll be our last chance to get this song charting!!! 🔥
I only watched this cause I really like when they show all three of them in different boxes (oooof) Also if a child watches this they'll be so traumatized
Mickey Gold
Chris brown can do everything 😭
Reaction TV
We need new nicki music ASAP
Raven Min-Lee Coleman
Nicki did that Roxanne flow.... ❤️❤️❤️
Ed ~ No Page * ....... ReaLLy <————— She is as BlacK as Mr . Cardigan WaiT TiLL you geT ThaT .... Purchase iT* They aLL FeLL * GoDddD ....
malcolm King
We need to push this song to 100million and 1million likes
Cj Cj
This Album deputed at number 1 keep Streaming and supporting
bangtan Sonyeondump
*i am a simple person, I see nicki minaj, I click*
Mouhaimen Sefi
My dad: turn it off Me: why My dad: cause we have bigger speakers downstairs
Faith KoolKid
i thought that was charlie puth instead of G-EASY
Prisca Kabigi
Your not a CB fan u got a huge prob yoh! XD
Paolo Eyong
Hit the like button if you were here before this club Banger reached 1 Million views
Danielle Paniccia
Keeeeeeeepppp streaming #Wobbleup & #Megatron 🔥💕👏🏼👀
JusT The RiPPALezz & STimuLating SenSations On The VoCaL EnsambLe GoT Me hooked and Addicted Ed ~ WhaT Does ThaT Mean ? Married / Gn* June * idk 😐 Fun <—————— OnLine * My HerO 😭😭😭 He Was The PerFecT HoST .... i.d. ~ Dead Tissue
Jade Prince
Can Nicki do a damn choreography like I wanna see her actually dance Edit: Literally only Chris dancin G needa do a choreo too🤦🏽‍♀️
Everyone talking about G-eazys looks when he killed it with the rap🔥🔥
Jaii Mila
I did not expect Nicki to get any prettier and thicker but she did 😩😍😍
arpita balakrishnan
Just realised G-easy is also dancing in the background!!
Angela Smith
OMG I love Chris 😍❤️
Chris you ain't worried about your pull out game?? You already got a kid bro😏
rayyan 11
This song is underrated aff I swear
Hello Kitty
This video snapped! Nicki looks amazing, Chris is dancing his ass off, and G-Eazy verse was fire! Summertime vibes 2019!
I Mean .... iT ainT Me3e * The Mind is a Terrible Thing 2 WasTe .. .. !! Thank The Princess 👑 [[ Queen ]] *
Wow🔥really is amazing 💦👅
Carmen Barajas
Favorite song keep up the good work Chris ❤️💯
mariah molinar
G easy is hot but this outfit ain't it lol🤣
Nicki looks so fucking good omg 😍💕👛
JaveryM Sims
is that tana blowing the bubble in the first part🤣??
Tristan Pegg
Love Geralds outfit choices on this. Style icon.
Will Smith
one if the TOP club songs in 2019 for sure #PlatinumBPM approved
noPique Fernandes
*Who do you like the most?* Chris Brown - like Drake - coment
Danielle Palmer
Nicki looks so refreshed in this music video😍
Oh My Ginger
Why G- Easy look like he tryna sell lemonade on the curb🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Arin Lewis
CB always come wit the Hits 💯🔥
dr nightmare
Bro i love thie music omg like for this song
Evelyn Ratcliff
Why does G-easy look like a Trump supporter?
dreezy loran
Is it just me or Nicki gets more and more beautiful😌
Garrix Thanh
G-Eazy looking like he’s gonna challenge you in a tennis battle
valentina ospina
nicky minaj i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Toxiic Pumpz
When Dan Came Out With Them Legs Bouncing Like That I Was Weak
*when nicki minaj jumps on a track* they had us in the first half not gonna lie
Aline Silva
Nicki is looking extra pretty in this! The Black curly hair suits her well... gorgeousss
4is3t4l 777
G-Eazy your flow has more swag than your look, no insult intended
dre king
Once nicki on it, you know it lit💥💫🔢🔥🔥
Henny RD
is it me or his concerts are finna be litt asf cant wait
olivia beukes
My favorite song. Please put a 👍 thank u
Niecey Xoxo
Chris look so clean and healthy😭❤️