Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf

The UnOfficial Music Video for the song Night of the Wolf from the album Transylvania by Nox Arcana. It's a sequence from the Russian film, VEDMA, directed by Oleg Fesenko. The priest is played by Valery Nikolaev. The female vampire is played by Yevgenia Kryukova.

Madina Tash
The description is WRONG! The moive is called Viy, not vedma. And the old one, made in 1967 is stil better. The horror tale was written by Nikolay Gogol. The female is NOT a vampire! She was a witch!
Veronica Joita
she might be evil, but she's certainly beautiful.
She looks like my ex girlfriend, sort of acts like it too
Kubek Herbaty
This is how Arwen looks like when Aragorn makes her angry~
I keep expecting Sam and Dean to barge in and take care of business.
Gustavo Alvarez
Soy el único que me gusta escucharla en la noche |/:
Good evening kiddies. Welcome to Tales from the Crypt! ;)
Edga Bello
la gran lucha de la luz y la oscuridad..... en los fines del tiempo
I love her eyes
Sofi army y blink :3
nunca sabre por que tengo esta adiccion a estas cosas de terror pero siento mucha adrenalina
Joice Hillary
Amooo essa música
Denali Broadley
wouldn't it be so awesome to be able to fly like that
She wants the D. He replies that he loves God only. He uses his abstinence bible bubble, his passive ability, and she penetrates it. She uses her primary attack, seduce. It is supper effective. Priest is cursed with depression status and cries. Then he uses Counter Cross for 15 MP. It is super effective.
7th Seeker
What a sexy girl in her evil form! MAN!
James V Kalabacas
Are there any songs similar to this? With that gothic spiritual quality.
Grizzlydippin 67
who still listens in 2016
this is not a vampire, in Russian folklore it is an undead witch lol
Edgar Allan Poe
Would this not make a great Elder Scrolls 6 opening theme song?
Cheeky Monkey
I'm not seeing a wolf anywhere. .ha ha
Andrew Phillips
I love this song, sexy and dark...`Surenderrrr'!
fontain Presley
I would like a demon girlfriend when I go to hell
Jose Madero
where is the wolf? I can see a vampire.
Dragón de Cuera
Russian film and american song. USA and Russia friends forever.
TrueAntiChriist GodKiller
damn I love this song. 😎
Anabel Cat
Это кино Вий произведение Гоголя.
yamaha rider
This is what I listen to as I approach my toilet, preparing myself for an epic battle between my bowels and stools..
The author make the description! It's not a female vampire. It was the witch! When mystical Slavic paganism is faced with Christianity... I think this film was at one time propaganda (I mean the old movie "VIY" 1967.). Slavic mythology is here shown as something very very scary and confusing. After all, "VIY" is a pagan demon. And that VIY is not afraid of the cross. He shows her a way through the Holy circle! Have to admit Slavic mythology always seemed to me something very ancient. Strange. Almost magical... p. s. And of course, the role of the witch they took a woman with Slavic features! Ha!
Mark Stockman
The folks who made the movie had a much better than average idea of how magic works.
Laura Granberg
excelente video!
Poor Prosperity
Beautiful, dark, dramatic
Boris Matic
wow. If I have ever seen evil depicted gracefuly it is here. I should see this film. Her face is absolutely enchanting. It speaks of a hollow that spawned her wickedness, it bids pity when there is none that will be granted you. It is abhorrently enigmatic. A most enthralling depiction of the corrupt. I wonder if he "saves" her.
Darwin Maisner
Nice. But I wanted the beautiful woman, demon thingy to win
She wouldn't have to ask me twice.
He puts out a candle with his cape at 0:44. I've seen this video a hundred times, and only now I nitice :p
Olya Xa
Not surprised to see a Russian name of the editor, this is totally Gogol's "Viy", perfect! :)
Brandon Springchief
if i had a girl like that we would run everything heaven earth and hell.
Jennifer Knipe
I love the video beautiful music
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Make a grown man cry she's so gorgeous in black eyes
Doctora Strange
I love it ❤
Вера победила искушение.
natasha wilson
snuffed a candle out in the circle with his robe right at the start, classic rookie mistake
Brandon Rinehart
Pfffft. A symbol of torture and death burning and driving away a creature of supposed "darkness"? Yeah right. :P
Leunam Vallejo
el equilibrio entre ka oscuridad y la luz siempre ha sido buscado por las almas elevadas, cuando estas dos fuerzas sean reconciliadas, daremos un gran salto evolutivo como individuos y especie
James Fogg
Me and my ex wife during her monthly !!!
juil ced
Perfect example of a world hidden within our world. It's been their since time was created by ,
Benjamin Styles
And I thought my seminary apostolic was rough, at least I wasn't this guy.
I looked up gothic music and this came up, I love it.
Erika first
Its Izzy
OMG imagine if I was there she'd scare the crap outta me
Kelsie Slagle
not what I was expecting. pretty cool, though
Tony Stark
If I was the guy I would kiss her and say hey babe.
I love this video...she's hot...but trying to take his soul....making him lust for her!! I can't get enough of this video....I keep watching it!!
maxi poll
todos tenemos nuestro lado oscuro los q nos gusta esas cosas es q ese lado es mas fuerte en nosotros y no nos da miedo
buenisimo que ambientacion me encantan estas cosas ...
Homa Brut
I made my video on this film ("Witch").
zeb vanzandt
Superb!! abhorrently evil, yet mesmerizing, deliciously inviting...The Amalgamation of evils prime energies, undeniably irresistible to Mortal man, such is the power the Dark commands.
M 1
I love it*
Briseur De Lance
At the very beginning of the video, during the very first second, two parked cars can be seen. I assume ene would belong to the priest, but ... what about the other one? It wouldn't be the vampire's, now, would it?
Treywey Florence
I love her dress.. !!
Honza Marek
Alie Olie34
I never get tired of seeing this video or hearing the music. Beautiful job.
Joseph Hughes
Some dark souls shit right here???!!!!!
Omg I've been looking for this movie thank you . Someone once made this clip with acid baths graveflower and it's not on ytube anymore . Can you make it ? Please
David Raj
nice hahahahahaha
Jenny Jenkins
So christianity the good guy? In my nightmares I see popes flying around and I'm desperately trying to protect myself holding up the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, frantically throwing condoms ...
Tim Petersen
Is it just me, or does that vampire look a bit like Arwen from the Lord of the Rings?
Sluga Bunny
murina abromivitch
Feroz Tughlaq
She, i think is santa maria
Albert Mont
Lo mejor de la música gótica para toda época del año
Slavko Cosic
Amazing Video & Mjuzz...Power of the Prayer... Power of the One and Only GOD<3<3<3...S+S+S+S...
Chingonería Nox Arcana !
Catriana Hersey
dark does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always equate to good blessed be
Penina Ariu
Creative Vlogs
never seen this movie looks fantastic and love the effects, music is fab ; )
Music is diabolical ! And this woman is beautiful. Sche is  my Ideal.
Great sound...  great theatrics!
Reminds me of skyrim's title screen music
Reminds me of God of War
jaime eduardo patiño cañas
unbelievable video is absolutly amazing and song one for one
Nightcore Leigh
Wwwwooow that video was just like a film unless it is🤔music Gose Great with it2/(;-)
Vampire L
Brilliant mv. I simply feel the fear of that priest.
Ola Elisia
Apik cah vidione
I saw the movie of this video VIY it is not scary. And in this video it looks scary
Ida Pearson
I love her dress
People saying this is good for halloween, when i hear this almost everyday xD
Ван Хельсинг
Тёлка классная играет.
La Fraise Au Bois Dormant
Наташа Галузо
панночка померла! Хома Брут в католическом воротничке- смешно! А музыка забойная! !!!!!
Sindy Bernal
absolutely brilliant xo
Awesome video!
Что это за фильм??
shes wicked
Randall Ortiz
De lujo para dormir 💗
damn is she hot like that. love this look
Elodie K-C
Awesome this song 😍😍
Reminds me of Legacy of Kain, which is awesome.
Frank Snijders
remembers me Eva from parasite eve
Attacka Productions
When she wants the D. but you're not in the mood XD