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/> /> /> This is the brand new music video for "Phobia" from the third album "Metamorph" by the Danish/Norwegian band EUZEN. Credits: Director, edit and grading: Christopher Juul Producer: Maria Franz Light Design: Nuno Neto Make up and costume designer: Marie-Louise Ridderberg Props department: Harald Juul, Kristian Uhre, Thomas Welin Camera: Anders Ravn Camera assistant: Dina Hjarup Thomsen Sirens: Kati Ran, Christina Beck and Line Vallø Albertsen Crew: Belle Juul, Lars Vesterholt, Alma Welin, Kai Uwe Faust, Rune Nielsen, Peter Jørgensen This video was made possible due to the amazing support from: Roger Berweger, Kirsten Winner, Steve Krawetzke, Wolfgang Spiegelwelten, Andreas Schmidt, Frank Leuther, Rolf Peukert, Han Franssen, Juergen Lippert, Michael "Michel" Sauerwein THANK YOU!

Phobia Euzen (Musical Group) Music (TV Genre) Metamorph Maria Franz Christopher Juul Harald Juul Kristian Uhre Thomas Welin euzen Art pop pop alternative Scandinavia Denmark Norway Indie Music Video

bee pot
Excellent song. I'm sad to see so many comments saying the song was too heavy or muddy. It's a dark and disturbing theme, it's not meant to uplift lol. It's meant to bring you into the sm relationship. Or any relationship that's controlling. The theme of the song reminded me a lot of FKA twigs papi pacify. It's sexy and terrifying to belong to someone exerting that much control over you.
This is our new musicvideo! Enjoy! :)
Chris The Nemesis
Loved the dark theme, art style, and of course the song. High quality video, colors, sound, theme. Awesome vid Euzen!
Jesus H Christ. There's some talent flowing from the Nordics in the last decade. Why aren't these people getting success with so much crap out there?
cory brearley
I´m glad I clicked randomly on this! Just found and is AWESOME! (phobias brought me here)
Brenden Murphy
This is a song you can have sex too.
Unbelievably great in all terms: music, script, dramaturgy and technical execution. Brilliant!
john smith
got one trick with euzen, i just put it on, after a while they look confused and says wow... havent heard this girl before..... i say, shes been for years man, have been introducing this amazing music for all my music friends, and all have been blasted by maria franz voice....
Vibin Leon
can't stop listening to this song!
Music video in 60FPS? Interesting.
2:56 "Like a creep, following me home" Priceless performance by the pianist! Nailed the creep factor!
Diana Agudo
Love the song. First time that i listen to Euzen. Became a fan.
Creator Nater
It's great to see blackface making a comeback
Zach Van Harris JR
Their album Metamorph is amazing. It's a must buy if you haven't purchased it yet! Wow!
Andrés Felipe Grisales
Piano was nice, the rest was like some Dark Katy Perry stuff but with really cool visuals.
FyN Dental
This is probably the best video that I have see in the last...10 years. Congrats!
Aya - Chan
pls make more music! ur awesome!
Sasha Yennefer
my bf sent me this after "good night" and now i won't sleep anymore...
Steve Turner
I love the black face. :D
Woah, it's 60fps *___* :D Very nice!
Absolutely Amazing
best song i've heard in years
i really like the atmosphere
Naked chicks sell albums, man. Also, music ain't bad.
Nancy Cejari
So deeply in love with this Darkness that evolve the hidden side <3
this song and the rest of the album should be on Spotify all around the world!
Kat Dunkelbunt
Love the piano.
Naraka Moon
you fk my mind !!!! !! ! !! ! <3
john smith
when i close my eyes, this song comes the its right....
it's awesome to hear a very unique sound and I really enjoyed the interesting concept for the video. LOVE IT!!!
Juan Carlos Ramírez
wow good video. hey I cannot see this song in spotify!!! I love it. Your visual concept is nice I love it!!! really really!!! I love it. Is the first time I heard your music! Thank you!
Alpha JohnAlpha
Kudos ! An amazing piece
Auballagh Wolfsbane
It's Beautiful! This is why we endlessly search the You Tube video for our fix. It gives us what we want, man. Delicious!
I just can't get enough of it. After seeing it so many times, it's still so enchanting, mysteriously beautiful <3
She would make one sexy black woman :) Very hot :)
What a song!!!!! Im glad that you people exist!
Nice blackface party you got goin on there ;)
I know it's not actual blackface and I can often see how things that alot of people label blackface are actually just creativity and people are overreacting. However I think this comes a little too close to blackface - I know the intention was not blackface but I think it verges on looking too similar to blackface. A little respect not to resemble a incredibly racist practice was needed.
Terra Spear
The only good part of this song was the piano, it had ALOT of potential then it got ruined.
If MTV hadn't sold out and gone mainstream a video like this would be in heavy rotation all day long.
audio quality sucks :-/ vocals are muddy and got no "shine"... piano got a nice vibe, depth is ok... overall a bit muddy and without any air... that´s sad... I love your music...
Real Radix
Wow! My random clicks was rewarded! So enexpected and so beautiful! Voice and music is just amazing! Looks like EUZEN is my best discovery in a long time. I wish you to make more of great songs for the world to listen. Greetings from Russia!
Ernie Murguia
Just stumbled upon this browsing videos.amazing .
Are you guys seriously doing blackface and using slave metaphors?
Daniel Simard
Come on, you have more talent then just looking sexy in video, it's a pity.
the music is cool as always, the video is creepy and yet sexy...
MONOTONE>>>> Total crap. Boring as boring can be. All visual.
maria harald
~cool...greetings from 2 musicians (sitar & tanpura) from germany........(maria&harald,the nectar of the night)...~
Milano Martins
Muito bom o vidio boa noit
Delta Rine
Nice Piano
Jennifer Knipe
Amazing music and I love it so dark
Cherry Berry48
wow bravo!! you are a great artist for sure!!!
The sound quality is very unpolished, the video is nice though.
Good lord, those women aren't wearing any clothes!
Un ascète Antithéiste païen
Bathory reference from the start of the clip is awesome !!!
Fachrizal Yans
I wish there is a lyrics for this..
Sar Ka
does anyone haven piano notes?
Alejandro Serrano
Mayhem 55
3:19 , once you notice those white stockings thats the only thing you're gonna see
Emanuele Casale
Metamorph it's a great album!
N Zezenia
Congrats Christopher! :)
Ivadinuff Shudupyabitch
I love this.
Deedee Whipple
Wow. Intensity incarnate.
At 2:10 this became a Bond theme. Great work folks
Icestorm Tundra
I go around, I'm being followed. My chances fade for every gulp of air I swallow. To be free, to be me, Is not a part of your agenda so I guess it's not to be. You roam around seeking victims to strangle, You're searching subjects to devour and to mangle. Leaving no light left to confuse, Directing pieces to fit to ensure you're not to lose. You owe no one, To be your only one. Yet every time your clammy hands seek out to feel that much, You might as well have put a ring on every finger that you touch. You'll be my master, I'll be your slave. I'll seek disaster, and help you dig my grave. You make me weak beyond repair, You leave me out in the dark to wither and despair. You owe no one, To be your only one. With you to guide me I'm never lost, I'm being caught in this web of mutual distrust. Of mutual distrust. I see with my eyes shut. I see... I see with my eyes shut. I see... I see with my eyes shut. (inevitable). I see... (with my eyes shut). I see with my eyes shut. (inevitable). I see... (with my eyes shut). In every place I've been, and every place I've seen, My own private hell is there with me. Like a stranger waiting to be known. Like a creep following me home. You voice my mind my neglected inner needs. Your voice is high makes me follow your lead. Forever caught in fear and in lust, Our bond is based on mutual distrust. On mutual distrust. I see with my eyes shut. I see... I see with my eyes shut. I see... I see with my eyes shut. (inevitable). I see... (with my eyes shut). I see with my eyes shut. (inevitable). I see... (with my eyes shut).
Madd Hatter
I love this!
Why aren't you using Spotify? I think you are very succesful.
Yuki Shiro Hime
Justin K
Awesome concept!
Clare Bohning
Stunning. Well done!
describes the life of every targeted individual.
Maria is amazing - just beyond words.
Jason West
Wow, shes got a rocking body on her!
1080p60 amazing!!!
Wilfried Chevalier
Extraordinary song, Excellent band... But no sign of life more than one year ago. It means probably that the band was splitted... It's very sad; I hope I'm wrong
Whats really interesting about this song is I am sure they are using an Indian raga as the basis for the piano section, sounds like Miyan ki Todi to me. Indian classical experts correct me if I am wrong! I am not sure if it is deliberate on their part or not, but that is how it sounds nonetheless!
miam miam
Jose Mariaud
OMG! so good! come Mexico!
Scott Monson
Giant Hugs❤❤❤
I like it
Angelica Duncan
It's fantastic! Thank you!
Пфука Нука
Nori Jan
Love it
The piano part reminds me so much of the TV series Westworld! Excellent stuff, love the voice of Maria Franz. Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE brought me to her. Can't get enough of that masterpiece. <3
I wasn't really watching the video but listening to the song. So many layers and dimensions. Awesome!
Gerardo Moncada
"I see with my 👀 shut." - Are we pretending to fall asleep at night next to creepozoid lover/master? 🐥🐧🙇👽☝💗
Have watched over and over...
Andrew Bailey
She's like a beautiful little demon. Primal and sensual, demons and dramatization. Sprinkled in some humor. I dig it.
wow haven't seen blackface in a while
Best song I've heard from you guys so far :P
this is awesome
Austin Dean
This song has been stuck almost constantly in my head since I heard it last week.
Dj Uxoria
Så smuk!
Cody Gebelle
Joseph Beauleau
I loved it, just, I kinda thought that people were aginst people doing black-face, but song and video are great!!
Huh... Very interesting... I like it. I like it alot. And I am a hard sell.
Sascha Sandkuhl
Einfach mega , geile Kontraste!