Ave Satani sung by children's choir

this is real this is real this is real no, it's not. i know. i like the mood and the possibility that somewhere a children's choir performs that great song from Jerry Goldsmith.

Alan Nascimento
Children praising the Dark Lord with a chanting. How adorable. ♥
Евгений Чаев
Ave, ave 240p
creepy, but fake. obviously the mouthing and singing doesn't match.
marvin z. martian
Children's choir at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
Saulo 93
El comiezo de una nueva era.
awwww So cute. ^^
Pipe Retrogamer
Satanists are really chill people.
This is ̶ ̶a̶l̶3̶6̶9̶9̶..GOOGLE'S CHANNEL
I shall play this next time there is a thunder storm where i live
Stella Matutina
This isn't scary, that's fucking cute and adorable :3 Teach children to worship Satan! :D
Daniel Augusto
Please anyone has the full video of this children's choir singing Ave Satani?
ok now that's just creepy
Luis Ruiz
La concha de la madre hoy no duermo jajaja
Генерал Шторм
Я пытался подпевать и случайно вызвал Сатану, куда мне звонить?
dan carbajal
I want to see the parents faces when they are going to see their children performing Ave Satani.
Draco Lucifer
ave satani
Rub Ens
Scariest children ever. Won't sleep after hearing it.
Lucas Conceição
The omen (song theme)
Eric Savage
Destroying my mind x_X :D
Allen Fleming
Whoa I would say that the Church or at least the kids could be Satanic! Loved it!
Samuel Fairbrass
I would not let my child near that room
ugur andirin
child version is so frighetened !
Jesus Eduardo Fuentes Estrada
the kids version is so creepy xd
Юношеский максимализм
Hey guys, it's in russian.
El aye aye
Que lindos monstruitos.
Андрей Бирюков
Вроде из омена тема,охуительная на самом деле музыка,атмосферненько.
Sandwich,mini moose, bad moose,Betty moose
+Péter Méter It is versus christus. Ave, ave versus Christus. Ave Satani - Hail, hail enemy of Christ. Hail Satan.
Gavin Tryde
*High-pitched voice... nice try*
It's even creepier when kids sing it. possessed demon kids coming for your soul
the audio was pitched up and put to the video.
How adorable.
Мол Чи
Uileag MacAmhairghin
1: It's "Ave Satani," written by Jerry Goldsmith for the film "The Omen", it's not a satanic hhymn. 2: It's fake. Even an untrained ear should be able to tell that the audio from the soundtrack has been sped up and laid over video of a children's choir singing something entirely different. If the audio isn't the first clue, then the second should be a little easy lip reading.
Stas Strelok
Hugo Morkhan
Is this real????????????????????????????? OMG LOL
IT gives me the creeps. But i like it.
Iris M
I am.
Сатана, Господи, Сатана :/
Emre Kanlı
orospu çocukları
the Marvelous one 🐠
Fukkn creepy but so cool
Burosław 》
Lol its like Ghost BC song "Year Zero" xD Ave Satan xDD
Anti Kr1st14N
Jesus Christ!
what do you mean by fake? it sounds like children singing it so what if it's not the ones in the video?
Young Thug
This is EXACTLY what I would do if I was in charge of a children's choir.
Qveen Zerpentyne
Nelson Alzate
Quisiera ver el video completo MI GRACIAS
Marlon Henrique
Victor D'costa
Sing Sing how much you'll want to sing nothing's gonna happen.Lord still rules this Universe
Nelson Alzate
Spectacular !!!!!
Mortis The Wizard
If I ever get stabbed I hope this music is playing first and following me around.
Nelson Alzate
Poesia para mis oidos maravillosa
Nelson Alzate
El comienzo de una NUEVA era el despertar de la Primavera que BIEN
Herb Newman
I really wish I decided not to play this whilst home alone...
Juanye West
For the people unknowing, it is not "the monster under my bed" it's the evil in man that simply lurks, it is fun and easy. With a long history of spiritualism/organized religion people assigned ranks and names. It is very fun to manipulate, and strike fear unto those using there very own words. Do I believe your Satan.. No, only the "satan" in me. But do I use a Christian reffernce? Yes, sometimes, simply for shock value. Just like this fake ass post here.. Entertaining though
Per-Øivind Martinsen
Love this video :)
This is FAKE AND GAY - they just high-pitched the Omen soundtrack.
Boy Vega
Satanism is real just be awear they are among us in society
Benjamian Hausmann
some good children
Angel Vargas
buenas rolas y solo aqui en mi trabajo de noche oscuras todo eso q me asutaron me paso ya asi q no temo en esta ocurida y solo en este trabajo apenas alcanso ver una luz
Porsha D.
They were hitting Bb6, and C#6 notes, wow! And the video was just off with the words. Amazing though. I haven't been able to find the original.
Que medio, esos chamacos parecen chamucos jajajja
Camilo Cartman
conchesumare XD
Grandmaster Squirrel Boi
Hail the Fallen One!
Ovidiu Andy
Balsam pentru suflet! Ffffff. frumos! Respect satane! te pupa jean
King Greed
Oh yea, Satan all the way. The fire below will keep you warm.
Non999 serviam
Ich liebe es. 🖤
Mim Universe
I have the omen on DVD this is the theme song to the omen
Андрей Кузьминых
Ртами шевелят одно, а извлекают другое - воистину нечистая сила!)
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TheBrownHusky Cub
LOL, cuando pones un video de un coro de niños y la canción original acelerada obtienes un montón de vistas gratis :D
Jp Dìaz Rosso
Raul Torres
Some of you commenters need to stop believing there are monsters under your bed.
Phillip Fawcett
Fake but sweet.
katethecrazy 19
I can tell they just altered the audio of the original but it still sounds really cool anyway!
Klaw Di Stromboli
Hu Hu Hu … people are fantastic ! Thanx all ;) Ave Damien Thorn 
Yummy Molina
Esa musica tan sola escucharla me pone los pelos de puntas es muy terrorífica 😨😨😨😨
Auburn Books
Y'all better 🙏 and get to ⛪.
gran tema, igual es chokeante escucharlo con niños jejejejeje
Bill Trigg
WTF? lol. I'm sure they have no clue as to what they're actually singing.
this is the end!!!
that's... just... no, just no!
Original pitched up
Wow.  Did I just see a sneak preview for a sequel to The Shining?
Alejandro Gómez Estrada
cerrada es un canto satánico es una alabanza a Satanás primero entiende lo que dicen
Van Doei
The way it should be!
Agustín Terenzano
this is the creepiest shit that i've ever heard
Маша Стрекозка
Reptile: Armenia
satananer en sranq es incha
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Fox Black
Adrian Escarcega
Where are they from ? 🇺🇸 De que país son ? 🇲🇽🇪🇸🇨🇴
Daisy Merollin
fake :(
It's like Woodland Critter Xmas all over again :)
Geo Net
Ave moi
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erick MCIAS
El órgano es increíble