MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

Music video by MC Hammer performing U Can't Touch This.

Fangzahn Aviation Studios
That's what she said on the first date...
Ten Skripz
When you win a lottery.
Robenson Jean
Rappers today can’t touch this....
Who else still listening December 2018??
Ray Zaki V. Naringahon
When you buy snack and see yow friends lookin' at you.
Should play this at museums.
Yoda on DMT
This would make a pretty good part of an exercise routine. I might make it my New Years Resolution to learn the moves and do them once a day.
Kizg Jonah
Im gonna tell my kids to play this song at my funeral
Rhema nwoko
MC Hammer has some good ass dance moves!!
Gy Ho
Still listening in October 2018.
John White
Could this be... A rapper who actually dances decently?!
Ashlea Craz
Why do people dislike this, this song is great 👍
Lol Blessed
When your teacher asks for your phone
Going to Ebay right now to look for Hammer pants.
2018 and still can't touch this...
December 2018
New artists can't touch this.
the gaming sloth bros
When an American police officer try's to take your donut 🍩
90s: Normal song 2018: MEME SONG 2500: HISTORY OF MEMES 6745: RELIGION OF MEMES 14689: ANTHEM OF MEMES
When your girlfriend wants to see your mobile phone...
Is anyone else Listining to this in 2018
Dislike button be like: can't touch this
Дмитрий Коробков
When teacher is trying to get your homework...And you say: .....
Right Wing Safety Squad
Who else listening in 2083?
They should play this song in Museums.
A random bird on Youtube
I can't touch the dislike button
The MkTube
29 days remainig 2019 so who is here before 2019
Tia Lawson
December anyone?
Ray Zaki V. Naringahon
Songs today... They surely Can't Touch This.
eee boy Sánchez!!!
december 2018???
emanuel mocinic
God this was everywhere back in the day
Superfreak is better tho
Cesar Martinez
Like si hablas español.
who watches 2018?
bowo setiadji
yeah no one can touch hammer
Shreya Roy
Anyone in 2018?
This was a real dope track man, I remember as a kid hearing this alot.
Prince Sid
Dec 2018 anyone??
Syafiq Fadhilah
Anyone hear this song at Bohemian Rhapsody film??? NO this it was RICK JAMES - SUPER FREAK 👌👌 (Edited)
Dark Strange
Noviembre 2018🕴🕴💃💃🙌
Alejandro Basaldúa
Nofap Community Official Anthem.
Nhi Đào
Before I die: 1.Touch MC Hammer 2.Find out WHO let the dogs out
*December* *2018*
Luiffa Lamelo Rincon
2:52 December 2018??? Somebody?? HAMMER TIME!!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷 (ARGENTINA)
blank it
November 2018?
ezeeh ?ï?
Mark Batarina
If you rubbed a genie lamp you found in Compton, you'll get MC Hammer.
Lustrals King
Wifi is taking for evor in kfc
*December 2018?*
Wolf_Lover_ xox
DAAAAAAAAAAANNNGG been years an' it's still fire! That means it's gon' be alive for a lot longer! 🔥🔥🔥
Moto Forte Oeste
Novembro 2018 ????
m.r soh
*2017 and still can't touch this*
Denise Charles
Nobody has ever touched it yet!
Humadeus Oliva
2020? Someone?
Domenic Eufemia
Dance very good puff daddy move with the pans the sinbad
2018 ??
Juan Pa Rex12
This song now is meme famous
when dad gave money for ice cream
Richard Glazebrook
one of my favorite songs and bands 2018
Gabriel Vidal
I watch this only to see the Hammer Step!
Takaaki Tajima
Parents at the super market be like
gabrielle sailor
Who still listens to this 2018 like
Kim Grace
*2018...... 2019 ....??? Cmon is it only* *Me i guess its only me so byeee if i* *See you.....?*
Fridda Super Linda
Like you reproducion in 2018
Яков Бобрецов
Аокл ор мл рп
Spenser Cool
They really should play this in museums
saif Cool9
suiker bakker
wow awesome song en the sound amazing
huunghia buile
fan Win D diem danh
luis alberto marquez
NOVEMBER 2018 Someone
cheif to arbiter
When you get surrounded by zombies and manage to get past all of them
El Liang
oh and parachute pants. Almost offed it all up. Whew..
heny Souw
Who came here because Mk1 golf defeat porsche
Petit Pierre
When Macron gones fired (french touch)
Riquelme #
Brasil alguém like então
Hurri Kane
How it feels to chew 5 gum....
rainbow noob
Can’t touch the dis-like
Jaime Duende
I'm here from the Bohemian Rhapsody movie
Sergio Silva
love this song
Prince Sid
Still listening in Dec. 2018
MC Hammer reminds me of Will Smith in the fresh prince
Adrian Torrealba
ItzzzMe xx
*Me getting a good grade infront of my enemies*
Brendon Moro
When the teacher tries to take your phone away
Saima Mutreja
Awesome Listening in 2018
Allian dijkstra
I wanted to click that like button but I can't touch this...  (ohohohoh)
What am I doing here in 2018? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joe Baugh
Anyone watching in November 2018
Erkki Boi
Still here... Huh?
JohnnyV Val
Do people know this is RICK JAMES SuperFreak? Base line? And the Ohh ohhh ohh
The Dank Meme Master
MC Hammer: "You can't touch this." Me: *Touches MC Hammer on screen with finger* Me: (Whispers) I touched this.
James Jay
I can’t stop watching this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✅
CyberBoi- Fortnite and Roblox gameplay
1:55 the moves
Bjerggeden Henning
You Can’t touch this like button.
Abigail Michie2024
Now this is Quality Music
Serenity White
Yadira Sousa
Rip off of super freak! ,:(
T30 UK
when you successfully dodge all the bullets from the school shooter