MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

Music video by MC Hammer performing U Can't Touch This.

Should play this at museums.
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I can't help but think of Peter Griffin dancing and singing his parody of the song whenever I hear this.
Tom Jerry
2019 and still can't touch this.
Yalınç Demirel
YouTube:İ ban this video MC Hammer:U cant touch this
Kanna Senpai
When you win an argument an they don’t have a comeback.
Fangzahn Aviation Studios
That's what she said on the first date...
Jack Williamson
A proud virgin's ringtone
I'm Baha
Dislike button..... Can't touch this
Okino Thomas
U know this song is still rocking in 2019
Dion Gamer
* Water is under electricity * U CAN'T TOUCH THIS
Serenity White
Lolencio Faze
You can't touch the dislike button
Fifi crespa
Dale like si lo ves en el 2019.
The Impossible
Little brother : can I play on your PlayStation You : can't touch this
Ni Ra
Police: I am going to arrest you Mc hammer:cant touch this
Gy Ho
Still listening in October 2018.
Demetra Smith
Who else listening 👍👍 2019?? I am! 🙋🙋
Can't touch the dislike button
Takeisha Gibson
2019, anybody? Nope.....just me? Okay I'll hop back in my hole😑 Edit: Thank you for all the likes guys......I finally feel loved😇
Kristi Carlson
This song is so addicting 😂
This was a real dope track man, I remember as a kid hearing this alot.
Gamer Like Games
that what I call MEMEmories
i come here cause of jihoon..lels
adisu alemayehu
who is here with me in 2019.
George Washington
alex barojas 111
2018!!!? XD
Brendan Cronin
1:56 — 2:11 ????? Holy shit lol You see ladies and gentlemen, that’s what you call, “straight bustin movess”
Kerrisa Cameron
2019 and listen to this song #oldschoolisthebest
I farted also,
When you the last person in dodgeball.
King Emorej
2020 anyone?
2018 and still can't touch this...
შანსი არააა
2 0 1 9 ?
We are watching a piece of history right here
polly patris
How old am i....😅
Trumpstein Oy Vey
Mark Batarina
If you rubbed a genie lamp you found in Compton, you'll get MC Hammer.
Next got a job next door and I'm Hammer at the The Rite Aid you need to fix the lights you got a secret hammer and chapped that channel 5 on that wall make sure it's hanging on the wall that new breaker and then you can put the lights up to and you're making it works can you store I'm going to give you a guy not be seeing you real soon here bye bye
William Mucheru
All 81K dislikes can't touch this!
no one subscribes to my channel
when you overtake someone in a subaru 0:14 cant touch this
meli ha
Ten Skripz
When you win a lottery.
Sash E
when your friend want to use your pen say:🎶Cant touch this 🎵
Thank you
hes warning you about touching him because he too fresh for you
Rebekah Stacy
You cant touch this
Allthe Wayup
Still bumping this February 8th 2019
Juan Pa Rex12
This song now is meme famous
Stephanie M
This guy was FLY af 😹😹 Can’t touch this 😎
melisa marufoglu
Emilia Thompson
2:04 the OHOHHHHH dance when she side steps I do this to annoy peeps
*Nelze se jich dotknout!*
Otaku city
The clips in 2009 we are in 2019 and i like it .yeah i can't stop this
Ben Storm
Who remembers dancing to this song in a club ??? Still listening 2019 ?? I told my Mother In Law ... You can’t touch this lol 😝🇬🇧🇺🇸👍🏻 Have a good day everyone 🇬🇧🇺🇸👍🏻 Now get back to dancing to this great song 🕺😝👍🏻🇬🇧🇺🇸
Miriam Martins
Alguém assistindo em 2019?
Hairy Muff
Imagine being in hell and a demon holding a water singing this to you for all eternity
Amelia Souksanh
How old were you when you realized this is sampled from Rick James
Mini Meister
This is an undercover workout video 😂
Legend has it, that to this day it has still not been touched
J Ho
When u get sick and don’t have to go to school
I have to do a 90s dance project on this song...
Angela Maria D.
like si lo estas escuchando en 2019
Marilyn Jane
*best song ever!*
Türk varmı varsa as bayrakları 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Me when I’m walking past a magpie tree (cant touch this)
Firefox Valintine
What you say when a bully wants to fight you? Edit: The reason I said that is because if they punch you first they get in trouble more than you. do.
When your girlfriend wants to see your mobile phone...
Giewil Love
obamax du 02
2019 si si en France !!
Syökää Kanaa
2019 anyone?
Chico Robb
This song is still trending in 2019 🔊🔊🔊🎤🎤🎤🎸🎸
Nhi Đào
Before I die: 1.Touch MC Hammer 2.Find out WHO let the dogs out
vermeir lesley
🐻🌹 u can touch this 👍
gus frett
i t o l d y o u h o m e b o y
Mia Uvalle
When my little brother comes into my room and tries to touch my stuff... *CANT TOUCH THIS*
it still the best song
m.r soh
*2017 and still can't touch this*
rhi & tortilla
2019 \(ºuº)/ CAN’T TOUCH THISSS!
Emilia Thompson
Dino fossils: Kid to mum: Can I touch this ma? Security guard: *NO CAN'T TOUCH THIS*
Emma Dörenberg
Haters: .... Mc hammer: u can’t touch this
Tommy h
Me : having a dream Universe : can't touch this
They should play this song in Museums.
ᴋᴇɴɴᴇᴅʏ AvA
*2019?Still a bop*
my dog has breast cancer
This is the best song to play at your dad's funeral
Илья Селезнев
2019 ?? I will come here and in 2029)
Jai’la Lewis
Ur moms car
Takaaki Tajima
Parents at the super market be like
Arsim Drmaku
Ahmed Kamal
2019 add like
Jim De Slavic Boi
Play this at my funeral
2009 ------2019
Jennifer Lopez on the right 2:24 , 2:39 , 3:26
vha J Han
who the white chick ?
Dexter Galang
Perfect song for priests
tariq abuharbid
Anyone 2019??
Spenser Cool
They really should play this in museums
MooMooShico :
i came here from "dON'T TOUCH ME"
Jonathan David
Jazz Man
Cant touch this shinebox
Me 2020
Ruslan Rustamov