The Scorpion and Sub-Zero Story

MORTAL KOMBAT 11 ALL CUTSCENES: /> BUY MORTAL KOMBAT XL HERE: /> WATCH MORE CHARACTER STORIES HERE: /> Follow GLP on Twitter - />Follow GLP on Instagram - />Like GLP on Facebook - /> Over the last 2 decades, Scorpion and Sub Zero have become two of the most iconic figures in all of gaming. Choosing a favorite almost defines what kind of person you are. We wanted to put this edit together including part of the story of Mortal Kombat 9 and 10, trailers, gameplay and Klassic Tower endings for both games. We also included a couple of parts where Johnny Cage, Sonya and crew hunt down Quan Chi, to put into context what Scorpion and Sub Zero where involved in and how they broke from Quan Chi's spell. During the beginning sequence of Mortal Kombat X, we also failed all the quicktime events on purpose so you can see Scorpion and Sub Zero beat on Johnny Cage, instead of the other way around. Overall, we tried to use the stories at our disposal to manipulate it as a Scorpion/Sub Zero-centric. For example, we made a couple of Raiden's visions change into Sub Zero/Scorpion fight visions. Because of this, some of this won't line up with the official storyline in MK9 and MK10, but we think that overall it makes for a better story. We hope you enjoy! Our 2nd Channel GLP TV: /> OUR GRAPHICS CARD: />OUR CAPTURE CARD: />OUR PROCESSOR: />OUR MONITOR: />OUR HEADSET: />OUR MIC: /> DISCORD:

Mrinmoy Das
Who's here after mk11 got announce?
Tyler Black
I feel bad for Bi-Han (Original Sub Zero). He really didn't deserve any of this. Hope we can see him in MK11 as Noob Saibot.
Who is better like for scorpion comet for subzero
Raiden: You haven't payed your electric bill Sub-Zero: I only have Ice Raiden: ice-cream? Sub-Zero: Yes Raiden: Deal
x LatinAssazzin
Mk11 should have scorpion and subzero as allies since scorpion find out it was Quan chi who killed his clan
Abdulazeez Jawad
7:35 Subzero : to hell with your clan Scorpion : No U Apply cold water to burned area
Hunter 007
I feel bad for sub zero
Rafal Izydorczyk
Scorpion, is a good character, he just want to kill Sub-Zero because he killed his family and clan, so it is not weird that Scorpion always wins...
David Jenkins
After all that happened between them killing each other family members and friends, they became buddies but it was a great story though
Nigam Thapa
Gets penetrated by two swords, fights like nothing happened Edit: Thanks for the likes, you guys are awesome!!😃
Bendy Studio
I actually watched the whole thing wow
Dark Dark
Sub zero hits scorpion like 50 times and scorpion hits him with his spear he’s dead
Crveni Patuljak
7:35 '' To hell with your clan '' '' No to hell with you! '' Literally goes to hell
Mil Koo
Lol,cracked bone & skull but they still alive
maya summers
I'm so glad they squashed everything between them. I like them as friends.
EliteLeo Gaming
5:56 ive seen those eyes before......
2 most iconic Mortal Kombat characters IMO.
GD Gamindary
Scorpion: Do you sell ice cream? Sub - Zero: No, only death Scorpion: I WANT AN ICE CREAM
Brandon Carson
That edit with the mkx trailer being raiden’s vision was hype asf!
Who watching this after watching mk 11?
pay your fucking taxes you fat moron
I love how 12 year olds realise the actual sub zero is dead and came back for revenge as noob saibot.
Extreme tech boys
Bro this was really interesting hats off to your hard work bro which is really appreciated also this was that much interesting that I didn't skipped anything watched the every part of the movie till the end hats off bro I liked noob saibot
Maria Martinez
I wish scorpion and sub zero would just be frenimies
Is this Better than the real movie lol Nice work!!
mr toads
(Scorpion) **brings back a real skull** (Johnny cage) *......ouch*
Name a better duo I'll wait
chris Ramos
B E G O N E 24:03
Nicholas sankar
3:04 scorpions dead stare though #mk11 comin
Sub-Zero Playz
This is like a movie but an awesome one!!!!
Butter on a pop tart
Dang never knew all realms speak English
Arick A4
Scorpion and Sub-Zero are the most main Story and the Real Protagonist for MK Series
Zoey Smith
Sub Zero: To hell with your clan Scorpion: No to hell with you This was my favorite part
First: scorpion are fighting against eachother Second:(Mortal Kombat X) they are teaming up?
Eirini pilarinou
i love zub zero and i hate scorpion but this game its so good :D
Raptors Nation
i cant believe they made Liu Kang the God Of The Realms 🔥🔥
Erika Abele
Johnny cage and Sonya get to be so good but in the real game they would get destroyed by scorpion!
Just4M3 HD
Scorp-Zero is my favorite
Mr. Koala
I’m probably the only kid who didn’t know that scorpion had fire abilities, I thought he was just a regular ninja, that can fight sub zero that got them ice abilities.
Scorpion and sub zero are the most hyped fights ✊
picasso v
Why is this better than most movies lol
The look on Scorpions face is priceless lmao 1:12:05
"Sure, let's go ruin someone else's life."
Aero Cream
Just learned how Jax lost his arms, pretty MK-ish tbh.😐
Rotten Pandas
Scorpion brakes sub zeros leg gets up and kicks his face
Ntando Nekile
Johhy cage is funny! And stiupid!
Ati Ati
35.00 Name Noob Wkwkwk
Pewdiepie's Chair
There's like a good 20 minutes where we don't see anything of Scorpion or Sub-Zero, so......
Metin Dadashov
Scorpion is best 2019
So, ones a fire dude and one's an ice dude? Seems simple.
Scorpions the best
simple king k man
That is some GOD DAMM good editing
Big Boss
Boon Tobias is back in MK11
Ghost Sans
Oh well sub zero and scorpion are friends now! 😂
John Collett
I love nightwolf and scorpions dialogue. the writing in this game is spot on !!!
gggotdat gaming
Nobody: Johnny Cage: ouch
secret slasher
UHH RAI DUDE LMAO Jhonny gets me everytime
zhanthie Mandigma
Scorpion is best like if you agree if subzero comment
Juul Dumez
Is that song of wiz khalifa on spotify?
the memes
sub zero is cold hearted scorpion is hot headed
“Wound don’t kill.” **proceeds to break Sonya Blades bones**
Zaryab Khan
please bring back smoke
Zacimus Prime
Honestly mortal kombat 9 felt like they were all having a party they were so stripped down bare and the women looked like they were hors and I just completed Scorpion’s arcade ladder and already saw his ending😎
Linard Gascon
Can't believe that Raiden's future probability thingy with Scorpion and Sub-Zero was the frickin MKX trailer
Jayde Hicks
Oh heck no scorpion you better beat his bum
Mr Unknown
So Raidens vision had the music too?
Pete J
19:23 Me taking my morning dumps.
Jeff Kaplan
Hello this is Jeff from the Overwatch team
Su'Lief Johnson
Scorpion Has Way More Advantage Than Sub Zero
Bignigga Oink
Kabal,s skin looks like Freddy Krueger skin
Joey Harry
Scorpion and Subzero be like, “do u need some ice for that burn?”......ok i’ll stop
Imagine How MK11 Will Look On A 2080ti
David Schouten Jr.
Sub Zero is the best. In my opinion, he has the coolest name ever🥶🥶
doc sonu
Liked it that way.. Comm the developers please Tell em to restore this hanzo and kwai liang make em young restore timeline and the clan of shirai ryu and lin kuei But instead they should have a new enemy from an other world ... make a new twist in mk games pleae
Luke Spywalker
There both equally strong sub zero won in mk 9 and scorpion won in mk X the trailers don't prove anything and besides people think scorpion stronger because they like him which is stupid because they have no proof of him being stronger there EQUAL
Jalen Bridges
I've never seen Scorpion so sad when found out the truth.😢
Dennis Noel Sabile
Iceman v pyro x-men
dek ko
My favorite character is Grand Master sub zero
Games & Facts
Savagery is no match for skill !!! Best of MK 11
Gacha_Life YG
Bence il deki savaşta sun zero almalıydı :(
I hated how Liu Kang got screwed over
That stomp on the testicles that quan chi took made me grimace
Vorvy_ _
Yes, Im 1 441 000th subscriber xd
The way they play this all out with the other game intros of sub zero and scorpion
zirwatul amal
Scorpion and I like your skin and I like your power you so pretty and you so good what your brother your brother is so good
shang tsung's accent is actually like estelle's in friends
YT kalum_lee_08
Sonya blade skarlet scorpion sub zero raiden baraka
In my opinion the best characters in MK although I think scorpion is stronger
Electro Venom
One day, scorpion and sub zero were eating burgers, sub zero ate scorpion's burger until finished then... *THIS VIDEO:*
Johnny sees a skull Ouch
Ra Za
Scorpion Is The Besttt!
Nexo Davix
The experience points at 01:02:20!!! 🤣🤣🤣
im reallysomethingelse
Quan chi should've got killed in Mk9 instead of Mkx/xl
Rodney Uchiha
Who else watched the whole thing
Bass Boosted Life
Cool Swag
The Lin Kuel are worse then I thought...
• • Angel • •
Probably the best movie based off of a game, not gonna lie.
Crimson G
sad that scorpion was decieved by quan chi and continued to fight sub zero to the death edit : so 19:30 is the reason why jax has metal arms!
Cody Savage
I didn't kno tht smoke was a Lin Kuei ninja
Wait that’s probably why cyber sub zeros born also why sub zero is dead in the beginning of mortal Kombat x MY GOD THIS STORYLINE