Yulia Savicheva - Stop [HQ]

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«Стоп», from the debut album, Высоко (2005).

Павел Северин
Юля Савичева - ты супер!
Anthony R
she looks like Kate Beckinsale. I like the clothes she has on with the back being angel wings
Георгий Иванов
Есть ли эта песня на английском, или хотя бы с сабами?
Manoel Genezio
não é necessário saber russo, quando a musica é boa é assim... passamos a curtir.
Shani Ahmad
did you know that she sung " I will always love you"?
nii kaunis laul
`#. Я люблю эту песню. дальнейших успехов. -Андра-
Катя Лищина
@ayrobo did you mean "poka"? this song is on youtube, just search it
Can anyone get me her song "bye" off the same album or post it up on youtube?
Beautiful and so multi-talented. We love you Yulia!
Every so often a talent and beauty is born and this is Yulia. You sing with such power, meaning and tenderness. Your voice is instantly recogniziable. Your music calms the spirit and when you're singing you entrap the listener into your world, which is amazing. I don't speak or understand Russian but when I hear you sing it makes me feel better. My favorite songs are Visoko and esli v serdce. Please sing more of your music in english. I loved Believe Me. Thanks for your Love for singing.