Blue Velvet // Whistler Mountain Bike Park

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Everything's bigger on Blue Velvet. One of my favourite trails at Whistler Bike Park is this sweet blue flow trail up in the Garbanzo Zone. It gives you a taste of everything you'd hope to ride while in BC like fast flowy berms, jumps, rock faces and woodwork, all without delving into black diamond territory. Make sure to check it out while you're there! Speaking of BC, there are over 100 wildfires wreaking havoc on the province as I type this. We drove for 6 hours through the interior of BC through thick, dense smoke... it's absolutely brutal for the people living in the communities hardest hit by these fires. If you'd like to help put the fires out and makes things easier for those affected, you can donate through Red Cross using the link below. I have no affiliation or connection with Red Cross, I just thought that if we're all out there enjoying BC, it only seems right to help out when they're in need of our support! Thanks everybody for doing what you can. /> Want to watch with no ads, see extended cuts and all my uploads before anyone else? Check out: /> My video gear: />Direct Amazon link to which gimbal I use: /> Instagram: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Strava:

Veronica Quinn
Why is he not scared? Wow I'm impressed
Paikea Kehlani
Freaking love Canadians. Always so kind and easy to get along with and good to have a laugh with. My dad runs a surf shop/School here in Australia and we get a lot of Canadian tourists and they are by far my favourite haha. Sending love from Australia ❤️
wait.. is that real time speed or was the video sped up? Fackin insane sah
Mark Vela/Avina
4:26 that bear was like hey you need help... hey I'm talking to you.....Okay..fine I just didn't want to scare you...Hey can I have that Protein bar I smell on you..................
This is kind of relaxing and satisfying to me some reason
Nikhil Yadav
The view is amazing, perfect camera angle. I can feel the fresh air from my screen.
amir peleg
This is hipnotic Thanks for recommending this to me yt
The Mountain Biking Channel
This was the first video I ever saw of MTB and you brought me in to the sport! Now I can hit double black trails and it’s all because of this video! I live in Calgary so I hope to see u some day on the trails. Thanks Ryan
I'm literally 11 yrs old and this place looks like a dream to me. I would love to come down to Canada, take my bike, and just shred this trail. Looks like so much fun!
Jeremy Uswadi
Was racing with my friend when i cought air and heard my friend yell "holly shit" ,turns out my front tire was loose and it fell of wile i was on air and caught right in when i landed seems absurd, i have no proof but extremely lucky.
dat frame rate tho
Aircraft Mania
Am I the only one that kinda turns his head when he goes around a burm
this is crazy, it looks like a lot of fun, but even just watching this makes me a bit scared for the rider. i'm always afraid that theyll crash, but maybe thats just me. i wouldnt trust myself to do this anywhere near that speed. thats professional stuff
Yash Bihany
Tilt ur phone and experience gaming 👌👌☺️
Edit The Sink
This is one of the easiest most & most basic freeride trails at Whistler. I guess not many people know what the bigger stuff is like😂
Tolga Akyay
Every trail has a famous designer. This must be designed by a F1 pilot :)
Armstrong Racing
Love your channel dude, I used to do XC but now I race cars.....watching these is making me wanna ride again
Mr Shenanigan
I haven't rode a bike in years I have no idea why I'm watching this
ThirjBau22 YT
Wow! He is a kind and polite man!!
Stepan Vaculik
1:10 Captain to Sam Wilson: On your left
I really wish I had a good mountain bike to do this sort of thing.
It’s funny how he casually talks to you while going down a hill really fast
The Magic of Keelan Wendorf
That first hairpin turn I'd be in the trees
Videos like this are so fun to watch when you put it onto your TV or computer somewhere where you don't move at all then just sit as still as you can not moving at all not even your eyes then just in your mind feel like your doing this (riding the bike) I used to do this when going to the IMAX theater when they did the helicopter ride through the grand canyon. That's the best way to explain it but yeah just find a comfy chair and don't move at all and just think about the moves in the video like imagine yourself doing it. Try it and remember don't move at all otherwise you'll lose that feeling like your right there doing it as well.
Little Miss Liv
I go to Whistler every year when it's winter, and I love skiing this track! I also do a week of ski school (level 5) and I love the tree fort it's so much fun!
Etherious NatsuDragneel
L... Lots of turns.... I don't think I can handle that.
the tree fort thing is perfect to roast a doob with friends.. so is stumbling upon this trail by accident years ago when it just bumps...
Have you ever crashed into anyone along the way
Seth Miller
Such a beautiful area! Loved the video and skill! The camera you have isn't shaking at all, made everything nice and fluid which is so enjoyable!
Francyn Harvey
What type of mountain bike do you have and how much is it
kavyam Dhiman
Really enjoyed your video
Jeremy Uswadi
Reminder: that is a mountain bike,no motors,no engine,just gravity and pure elbow grease
Cool! If if I tried to do that I would fly of one of the turns and ruin my crappy bike
- Morales
Damn this guy is Great! Intense and relaxing at the same time.
Chris L
There's nothing I love more in the morning than a hot cup of coffee and fresh bear poop in my treads ☕🐻💩
Andriy Grez
Пиздец просто,молодец
Kaysen Klingler
You are going sooo fast! This looks like a sick flow trail! Kind of bumpy though...
Hope King
Wow, that was awesome! I probably would have killed myself in that. Lol
Hello you ferry good
NormalYoutube User
250cc mode on Mario Kart 9 confirmed by NASA
amen w pacierzu
I clicked the video cause i thought he would be whistling "Blue Velvet" while cycling lol
Ganondorf Dragmire
The casual way in which he talks makes it clear that what seems intense to us is just a leisurely stroll for him.
Uykum geldi ne güzel sürüyor bu böyle
That looks so fun!!!
Mtt 34
It's just a little bit dangerous😰
the bluelight force
Hey, it's nice to see another biker!
Mr Horse
Wow at the speeds you’re going I would’ve been slamming the breaks, the bumpiness of the rocks makes it look like you’re about to go flying off the trail
michael moore
Mate excellent footage of a fantastic trail ridden really well. Loved it. Wish i had your skill
isabel steiner
I hear the words fresh bear poop. I be like he'll no
Luck z
James Bond would shat himself to death!
Backyard Radio
Pfft, I could go faster
Gucci Dan
The closest thing I will ever get to this is riding down mount chiliad in GTAV. Lmao congrats bro
Flarrow TV
I love when he jumps like a whole 2 feet in the air and then casually looks down and says,”OOO a fresh bear poop.” 🤣🤣🤣
aless4nd4o pir1s
Alguém brasileiro
Jamie Travis
Hey man, I just want to ask, what is a good beginner Dh Mtb for $2k - $3.5, Because ive been riding a Hardtail for about a year now and i want to upgrade to a dual suspension, The track ive been riding is Coloundra Sagarbag Road mountain bike track ( Basically a mini whistler). The Bike ive been riding is a 2018 Diamondback Sync'r, I dont want get a expensive dual suspension just in case if it feels a bit weird for me. _Much appreciated If you help me but you dont have to because ive got some bikes in mind._ * Also keep up the good work *
Ferdinand Schmidt
You can work on your jumps
Harvey Miedreich
Looks terrific. Son says "Let's go do those walls like him instead of going to Hawaii". When he heard tree house. Hawaii was game over.
Trent Murphy
Thank you for the amazing video. First one that made me feel like I was there. Thank you
The Flip
Touch Grind BMX Real Life!!!
Ruslan Butsenko
It would be funny if his bike wheels fell off
Where you buy that bike men is super cool con somebody said to me? Plis
KurtTBC The Blue Crystal
Mtb downhills rules!!😁😁😁
Max3mum %
Why is this so satisfing to me
Jinx - BikeRace
I would do this sence I live near whistler mountain if I was good at this kind of stuff. I'm only good at biking to my friends houses
Now ride back up😒
Brayden Foley
You should get a spedomiter for your bike 🚲
memphis money
Sweet vid. Thanks!
Tóki Á lógv
those wheels are burning.
Bill Wang
This looks so fun
You've got to come and check out SilverStar bike park. They've got so many amazing trails.
Alex Bujold
You are a talented man
Ram Singh
Beautiful landscape+gravity+twist&turny roads+best camera angle = Amazing video
Aqil Umairah
I wish when I grow up I should be like this
I got to descend a mountain from my couch. Loving it. Beautiful footage. You gotta love it when a bear wants to lend a hand.
Jamie Jordan
i would be screaming the whole time😲
Awesome video POV! Where others are either too high, or too low. You have it right in the "Goldilocks" zone. Keep'em coming really enjoy them!
DeathShadow Hi
I can barely ride a bike and u can do this?
Hey There
*well I’m buying a maintain bike.*
Unnah Bustria
Your so awesome i want to be like you
Pulsar 111
This gave me anxiety while watching
This video just blown my mind. Awesome.
Devon’s Fortnite gaming
Love your vids and your great at bike riding
JackDC vlogs
4:02 a black figure shaped like Bigfoot runs across the top left of the screen
Brian Zack
Even by just watching this video, i can already feels my leg vibrate. (Ya know, the feeling of your leg after riding a bumpy surface). Hahah
I've never understood how you never slide out in the corners... Is it because of the body movement or something? I obviously have no experience with mountain biking so i'm probably wrong.
Felipe Oliveira Brandao
I LOVE Bike , I em BR
Eddie Mitchell
Great video camera angle, the music was the bike sounds. Again great video keep it up
DeNizplayz XD
Never miss
Rare Pepe
Dude I've been wanting to do this since in the 6th grade I'm in the 8th grade now but I have a bike like your and I want to try that track looks very fun where is that?? Sorry if my english is a bit weird I'm asian
James Mullin
You deserve way more subs than you have
TheBuriedGuy 15
I wanna go there .....
Jakob Middlemiss
Are you riding a giant reign?
Rick Paterson
Props dude, you were smashin...
MR Lawless
Downhill is my style
1:22 ooh fresh bamboo
That middle suspension I also have on my Mtb😊😊😊😊
Is it just me or I'm not alone, I feel so satisfied when he gets down the ramps for some reason
I'm 61 years old and I know my bones couldn't handle that but if you turn that footage into a simulator type of game I'd buy it for reels!
It's cool! It's super! 👍👍👍👍👍