Blue Velvet // Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Everything's bigger on Blue Velvet. One of my favourite trails at Whistler Bike Park is this sweet blue flow trail up in the Garbanzo Zone. It gives you a taste of everything you'd hope to ride while in BC like fast flowy berms, jumps, rock faces and woodwork, all without delving into black diamond territory. Make sure to check it out while you're there! To support the channel and receive some sweet perks, check out: /> Our bikes: />Our Helmets/Gloves/Protection: />Our Jerseys/Shorts: /> The merch store is now open. Get Loam Ranger t-shirts, sweaters, mugs and more: /> My camera/video setup: /> Instagram: />Facebook: />Strava: /> Some bike parts that I use: Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 - />Maxxis Aggressor 2.3 - />DMR Deathgrips - /> Cheers! #mtb #mountainbiking #theloamranger

The Last Shibe
Other bikers: slows down and brakes often to avoid building up too much momentum This guy: I AM SPEED
Cherno Alpha
That trail is like a roller coaster for bikes. Who agrees
Food Is life
Nobody: This man: mmmm.... *FRESH BEAR POOP*
Lindsy Parks
"If you have kids, this is a great trail to take them on" *passes by struggling adults on the way down*
『 Wespdx 』
commentary while riding? this mans a genius
T Ly
I don’t even mountain bike but I can’t stop watching 👌
Krystal Russell Panipekeesick
5:55 BOINK!
Shadow Rush24
is it me or i felt quite unsafe watching the video? lol. anyways, nice vid!
it's ya boy Sedad
his bike might be aluminium BUT his BALLS are titanium!
My boyfriend recently started mountainbiking and he's already injured himself several times, bless his heart. One day he will be as good as y'all! I'm sure of it.
Lea Rose Belcher
But then again whats the point in living if you don't take a few risks.
6:12 **Brakes** *_*Sigh_**
Vape Naysh Yall
He is having a calm conversation while going super fast. How?
Wes House
From a fellow mountain biker, great video! Also extra points for not playing a bunch of music over the video!
ItsmeKyrejad Gaming
3:37 is what you came for
-Blue Velvet- Pure Anxiety ✅
There's just something about this video thats very satisfying lol
Safiya Albarami
"ooh that was weird" Pshhh THAT WAS DEATH
Ang Li
I keep thinking he’s gonna fall over 😟
Kookie Stole My Heartu
I feel like anyone could do this but its just the fear of death and...getting injured..😂😂😂😂
I love how the camera is so steady
sTn AnoMaLy
“This is a great place to take your kids” *a couple minutes later* “Yeah I was changing my tire the other day and I looked over and there was a bear near me”
Abs Kamo
1:51 I don't know why Im swinging my head alongside him😂😂
hunter777 leo
Stones and pebbles on the track: "are we a joke to you?!"
Angelo Andreula
Some people are just going down the trail normally and then he’s just like DONT MIND ME YEEET
Lea Rose Belcher
I wish I wasn't afraid of mountain biking. I don't know why but I always feel like the bike is going to slip from underneath me whenever I go on those sharp turns and those crazy fast Hills. Is it just me?
Those 11 minutes flew away soo fast i only blinked twice
ll Kasper ll
6:11 is my favorite part. I love the huge sigh at having to slow down for like a second. xD
Man: **nearly jumping over a cliff and possibly hurtig himself a lot** «Oh that was weird» meanwhile here i am getting the anxiety i didnt know i had
Good video. Really brings the mountain to you with the good audio capture hearing the tires and wind
I can just imagine how many wrong turns I would have taken and tested myself off the trail and into the wild .
Everyone: take it slow and safe This guy: brakes? i don’t understand..?
Meizar Farizky
Gaming commentary: i sleep This: woke af
my beer can do this, hold me
Mr Shenanigan
I haven't rode a bike in years I have no idea why I'm watching this
John Vankka
GabeThe Great
*Ohh what was that* Proceeds to continue going extremely fast Bike: *am I a joke to you?*
Anyone else here from his new video?
Skyler Clips
*Not enough speed* I'd be breaking every turn
Veronika Kruk
Why is he not scared? Wow I'm impressed
Well, it was a Canadian bear. Bound to be nice
Kisaki Juugahara
I don't know but this content is a bit satisfying Keep up the good work
Nobody: Absolutely no soul ever: This guy: *I AM SPEED*
This looks like so much fun Shame I'd wipe on every single bend
Prajwal Joshi
Biker - I have a bike which is very fast These guys - Here Hold my beer 🍺 😅😂
sita bhaggoe
how fast were you going🤔🤔🤔
i used a bmx when i was there well i survived and without injury... i completed the whole thing but the bike got REKT
Jhosh Emmanuel Ygrubay
Its very cool when you manage you turn in every curve. That's Amazing
Paikea Kehlani
Freaking love Canadians. Always so kind and easy to get along with and good to have a laugh with. My dad runs a surf shop/School here in Australia and we get a lot of Canadian tourists and they are by far my favourite haha. Sending love from Australia ❤️
Golden Gaming
I was watching the video And was thinking how many damage man has gave to nature
xiao wu
im happy to say I watched all of this
Spider Mcgavenport
Thank you, The Loam Ranger, for this Blue Velvet trail at Whistler Bike Park review. thank your bike manufacturer for such a safe & epic journey.
I enjoyed it as like ASMR video. So i'm pro.
Caelan Ferguson
Now I really wanna learn how to ride a bike
Ameer Green
This video made my anxiety rise like never before. Great vid 🤙🏾
potato chips.
i think i had a slight panic moment i would never trust myself doing this
This is kind of relaxing and satisfying to me some reason
An I the only one who finds that rock noise satisfying
Robert Vazquez
Tbh I thought you were gonna cruse it
I want to go....(´・ω・`) But I live japan...
Gursharan Khosa
bro u have cycle or bike how fast😮😮
Caden Cries Over Jim Halpert
3:30 is the thumbnail😀
Trail Possible
Weirdly enough this is one of the few I haven’t watched on this channel.....
Dani T kristensen
This is so relaxing to watch😅😂
MTB Kevin
First? Ah dang too late 😂🤷‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Вячеслав Язвинский
Не понял ни единого слова что он сказал, хоть было прикольно. Аж дух захватывает.
elsie sanchez
Like si hablas español y ves videos en inglés
KING_Diego WildDog
Give this man a speeding ticket! xD
Chris L
There's nothing I love more in the morning than a hot cup of coffee and fresh bear poop in my treads ☕🐻💩
1:11 if your a marvel fan then you'll know😉😂
BiGgEsT bRoOmBeAr
Me: 10 seconds in and stops breathing Also me: notices that i stopped breathing, freaks out and clicks video away
Wynn Ahn
Is this hobby expensive after u purchase a good bike?
Paula Jackson
Respect! You’re driving really fast
Jesse McIver
Me: rides my beach cruiser in a skirt at like 4 mph Me: smh I could totally do this
Nick Hopkins
Keep on shredding my dude 🤟
Leonidas delos Reyes
Great video and camera settings, on top of that great scenic view and awesome adventure! Wait, did you bring stabilizer with you? LOL
I moved out to British Columbia six months ago and it's so astonishing everyday.
MR BLACK Hat Gaming
Bro wish I could also have a mtb like you.
Veggy Peggy
And suddenly *my palms are sweating*
This games getting way too realistic
Ganondorf Dragmire
The casual way in which he talks makes it clear that what seems intense to us is just a leisurely stroll for him.
The video editing is superb! That job must be a pain in the seat...
da bread boi
I like to watch this while imagining i'm the rider.
And I can't even imagine walking through there
Joel Pinkster
And then poo came out🤦🏻‍♂️
ThirjBau22 YT
Wow! He is a kind and polite man!!
0:48 - 1:45 is called Roller Coaster during the winter season and is one of my favorite trails to ski
Zane Hackim
I love that bike I have a cannondale 2019 trail 7 black. Where is the trail? I want to do it.
This looks so fun, but ik I would probably fly off the track if I was going his speed 😂🐉
kray z Dude
Lucky you wernt bear poop but awesome trails and sweet riding
Jeremy Uswadi
Reminder: that is a mountain bike,no motors,no engine,just gravity and pure elbow grease
Carolina Aguilar
Cuanto me llevaría poder hacer eso, si empiezo de cero? :v
Arnold Nguyen
Loam Ranger: *fast turn* My anxiety: *why?*
Vicky Kumar
I was like: I am riding 😋
anoop varghese
Stepan Vaculik
1:10 Captain to Sam Wilson: On your left
dinosour1 dinoman
All the jumps are "super laid-back" 🤔