Joseph Anthony -- Worshipping You

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Joseph Anthony & Tina Baker and the TPHN Praise Team sing "Worshipping You" by Deluge.

J Anthony Curry
Anointed worship!!!
Dangerous Man
God's prophecy through Prophet Brian manifesting!
Sharon Clay
Can Anyone Furnish Me With The Name Of This Magnificent CD, And Where I Can Purchase It And His Awesome, CD??  ASAP. Bless You!!
Misty R.
WHAT AN A ANNOINTED MAN OF GOD AND PRAISE TEAM!!!!!.... This is by far one of the best worship songs/ videos I've ever heard!!!!.... I WILL WORSHIP YOU..... I'M GONNA WORSHIP YOU FOREVER OH LORD!!!!....
It is AMAZING to see Gods favor in your life. I remember you as a kid at A.M. Jackson. Keep going forward in the Lord Joe Jr.
Ja'Tammanie Faith
awesome love it
Julie Acapulco
I live to worship You...
Praise him big bro
gabrielle randolph
Carmen Simpson
Sonya Dillon
The way Joseph Anthony sings this song, brings you into the presence of God!!!  Awesome Ministry