Joseph Anthony -- Worshipping You

Joseph Anthony & Tina Baker and the TPHN Praise Team sing "Worshipping You" by Deluge.

J Anthony Curry
Anointed worship!!!
Misty R.
WHAT AN A ANNOINTED MAN OF GOD AND PRAISE TEAM!!!!!.... This is by far one of the best worship songs/ videos I've ever heard!!!!.... I WILL WORSHIP YOU..... I'M GONNA WORSHIP YOU FOREVER OH LORD!!!!....
Praise him big bro
It is AMAZING to see Gods favor in your life. I remember you as a kid at A.M. Jackson. Keep going forward in the Lord Joe Jr.
Sharon Clay
Can Anyone Furnish Me With The Name Of This Magnificent CD, And Where I Can Purchase It And His Awesome, CD??  ASAP. Bless You!!
Carmen Simpson
Julie Acapulco
I live to worship You...
Gabrielle Edwards
Dangerous Man
God's prophecy through Prophet Brian manifesting!
Ja'Tammanie Faith
awesome love it
Sonya Dillon
The way Joseph Anthony sings this song, brings you into the presence of God!!!  Awesome Ministry