The Tiger Lillies and Leningrad Recording "Сука" From Huinya

Huinya is a collaborative album between The Tiger Lillies and Leningrad, and features Leningrads Interpretation of classic Tiger Lillies songs. This is a short segment from the amazing DVD that accompanied some releases of the Huinya album. For more information about The Tiger Lillies and Huinya, please visit: /> And also be sure to check out the forum!: /> Also follow on Twitter!:

Анатолий Ильц
Сильные артисты, а в результате не ахти...  (
Tor Frommelin
two of my favourite bands together, I am happy :D
Andreas Fitzner
Great combo!
даёшь клип на "наше шоу" ))
Great Leningrad - even greater Tiger Lillies. Wonderful!
Александр К
Отлично! Жаль, лежит где-то на задворках.. Очень сильно..