Ted Nugent, First Solo Album

Produced in 1975 by Epic Records. Side 1 Stranglehold Stormtroopin' Hey Baby Just What The Doctor Ordered Side 2 Snakeskin Cowboys Motorcity Madhouse Where Have You Been All My Life You Make Me Feel Right At Home Queen of The Forest

Back when music had balls.
Adem H
0:00 Stranglehold 8:17 Stormtroopin' 11:24 Hey Baby 15:23 Just What The Doctor Ordered 18:59 Snakeskin Cowboys 23:28 Motorcity Madhouse 27:59 Where Have You Been All My Life 31:59 You Make Me Feel Right at Home 34:53 Queen of the Forest
Paweł D
Just started my jurney with turntable and vinyls - Ted's album is my first vinyl record bought today :)
Mark Rago
Ted the original right wing 70s rocker. Maybe the only....
Don't forget Derek St. Holmes on this one!
The fact that Ted Nugent is not in Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarists list is something I'll never understand
Ludmila Kokk
I bought this album in spring 1979 and I was 17 and this was my first Nugent album. At first I have to say that, the track Stranglehold is all time classic to my ears. Sounds still as fresh as 37 years ago. This album's all tracks are listenable although I can't say this record is masterpiece, no, it's not but one of the Ted Nugent's best album this is to my mind. Free For All is also good. Nugent is good and talent guitarist in his own way, maybe not for everybodys taste but to my ears he is not bad. Well, what else I should to say about his first solo album, I've heard better but also many worst.
Eldred Joyner
Aside from what people think of Ted's political views, this album ROCKS! Love Derek too!!
Leave the politic out and we have an asskickmastodont for guitarist not found anymore, they were all killed by a new era of music and musiccompanys ways - shallowness that killed music and joy of play, period. I still cant listen to anything else than music made before second part of the 80's.
Bobby Taylor
Ted is a genius, he discovered that the ultimate jazz guitar was also the ultimate rock machine !!!
Love em or leave em. You can't deny Stranglehold.
I have an Amboy Dukes double album with a 16 year old Ted Nugent on lead guitar
Charles Williams
One of the best albums I've ever owned/heard. Some days I forget that Ted was the grand poobah of arena rock and he really brought it when he hit the stage. A guitar God and legend if ever there was one. I feel fortunate that I seen him so many times growing up. He is one of the reasons I play guitar today and I can't go a day without hearing the guy. Political views aside he's still a badass....
Cambro 64
Tad Nugent Rocks!
Superb record! No more needs to be said! Thanks Uncle Ted!
Rick Manning
Ted was the First guy to say " Pussy" let alone "Fur" in a song,Cat Scratch Fever,and THAT'S an honor! We looked at each other and said,"NO he didn't say THAT!"
Gordon Flowers
Ted is "The Great White Buffalo."
Jim Snow
J Toms
Stormtroopers comin', get ready.....baby.
beverly meyer
motor city madman is an ax master strangle hold is hard!
Uncle Ted is a guitar slinger like no other!
Jeff Eason
Ted is a guitar playin MOFO!!! I just wish he would "Shut up and Play Yer Guitar" at his concerts. But its his show so I guess he can what he wants....
Chepe García
thomas danz
Uncle Ted listen to your music ever since I was 10 yrs old I'm 54 now n still jamming out to the motor City mad man the nug
Dave Loebel
Thanks for keeping it. I love that this was posted from an original record as I can hear the needle static. Thanks again. That's what makes it enjoyable. There are many songs I hear to this day that I still have the records of and I can remember what parts of a song has a skip in the record that I own.
Ed Kula
Ted Nugent sparks memories of my college days listening to Strangehold from my nextdoor dormmate with the bass vibrating the walls. It's still my favorite album-Just What the Doctor Ordered still one of his best songs. Long live the Nuge!
Thomas Kennedy
This album would have totally sucked without Derek St. Holmes. Same goes for the second one Free for All with Meat Loaf and Derek on it. Sorry Ted your a great guitar player but otherwise your a really big oversized douchebag.
You just have to love Ted. Forever.
Rick Manning
W hat about his vocals,not bad either,can't criticize his guitar playing,if you don't play,even if you do,he's an original,great at it,and his lyrics kick as,saw him 1967!
David Millinoff
Saw he in '76 at Cobo Arena in the D. Jumped off 2 stacks of Marshalls and played the whole way down!
His Overlord Upon High
"I don't know the meaning of quit, it's so crazy..."
Ron Homolka
Love the pops takes me back to when I had this album and played the shit out of it. Pops and scratches give it character.
Debbie Asmussen
One of my favorite albums of all time. Queen Of The Forest was the first tune played on WKRP after they changed their format. "So just sit right down, relax, open your ears real wide, and say, "Give it to me straight, Doctor, I can take it." "I almost forgot, fellow babies...BOOGER!"
Roger Temple
"Ted Nugent." (Epic).1975.; Band personnel: Ted Nugent:Lead & Rhythm Guitars,Lead,Co,& Backing Vocals. Derek St. Holmes:Lead & Backing Vocals,& Rhythm Guitars. Rob Grange:Bass & Backing Vocals. Cliff Davies:Drums,Vibraphone,& Backing Vocals. Additional Musicians: Steve McRay:Keyboards(organ & piano). Brian Staffeld:Keyboards(piano & organ),& Percussion(congas,tambourine,& maracas).
thomas danz
motor city mad man ted nugent excellent classic rock , when music was the best
Tom Coleman
Finally we learn where the original white helmet stormtroopers came from : 11:00
scott moore
Anyone else get the urge to remove the Stylus and clean the Needle?
JC Claro
You all guys should make love listening to this.
luis Guerrero
yes, Okinawa , n Ted Nugent 1st Marine Airwing Detachment from Iwakuni , keep Blasting!!!!
The 70s. I bet this rocked live, esp outdoors at festivals. Plenty of sunshine, beer, weed, friends and good times.
Thomas Kennedy
Got me an overdose of rock n roll . This is just what the doctor ordered.
Leslie Young
Ted is one of the best rock monsters I ever did see!! Twice, 1'st..Cal Jam 2 and most recently up here @ a casino in N.CALIF.-Oroville...he is the MAN !!!
Lonnie Sutter
wow from vinyl yet, nice touch.
brangelo spanks
on a real lp 33-1/3, I can hear the pops!
mickster boone
Craig Power Play. ftw
thomas danz
Uncle Ted Nugent is awesome in concert
Trev Mac
i loved this album thanks for posting
gooni goo goo
love the crackel.....old school
This jackass has gone off the deep end. Wish he would shut up and just play his guitar.
Bud Weiser
wang tang sweet pu tang
Kadax Azuhos
o difícil é aturar esses comerciais horríveis! lixo comercial!
T. O'Neill
Ted is right.
jens told
this man need a hair cut pleas
Roger Scott
You simply can not turn this up loud enough. (Although, my neighbors may disagree).
Vladimir Romaniuc
До чего ж хорош:гитарный виртуоз,блюзовые дела,по мне-один из лучших из плеяды ВЕЛИКИХ 70-х годов !
gustavo martinez mena
Es de vinilo se escucha el huevo frito
Maria Luiza
I love this.
Vanei Pontes
Great Álbum / Great 🎸😎👊
christopher granata
I have listened to a lot of albums as a teenager many many years ago and this one is still my absolute hands down favorite. TED ROCKS!!!!
m l
T N i love it , best album 👍🍺
David Michaelsen
Nice album
Ed Kula
First introduced to the mega-watts sounds of Nugent with Stranglehold. What a great song to crank up the speakers. Also Just What the Doctor Ordered was another favorite, Got to see his act at Super Bowl of Rock at Soldier's Field in 1977. What a show he put on!
Scott Davis
This is really good. No politics.
Pablo Salmeron
De los mejores discos de rock, sin lugar de dudas que buen trabajo
Scott Greer
He couldn't have found a better singer Derek St Holmes.
John Thyr
Legends never die, they. JUst become square. ANd. Wave.
Denis Matthke
Bom demais.Monstro da guitarra!
jean francois dalphin
j ai decouvert cette artiste a 17a j en ai 58a
The 70s. I bet this rocked live, esp outdoors at festivals. Plenty of sunshine, beer, weed, friends and good times.
Rafael Albergaria
the song "Snakeskin Cowboys" is just like "Bohemian like you" from the band "Dandy Warhols"
Jeff Jaybird
Great band
Sun Tzu
Ted makes you feel right at home ya know. Just what the doctor ordered!
Joseph Babica
Satan Gaahl
The groove on this album is almost unbearably tasteful!!!
Mycroft Holmes
His recent publicity stunt worked... I remembered his existence and went to listen to his music.
visitor 2020
I grew up with album still love it
James Martin
Derrick saw the future ,snakeskin cowboy's
Darryl Charvin
Alex cooleys electric ball room
Ina Macleod
had this album holy shit I am getting OLD! still a good listen after all these years!
Ziggyzag Zi
Double Live Gonzo Steroided this to Masterpieces. TED shifted gears after this
Alex Baer
The bass is devastating. Sensational.
stefan persson
Thanks, super, like this rock style
My Favorite TN Album!
christopher richards
thomas danz
Excellent album
so what
Ted knew what he was doing. :)
Chris Hall
Ted was stupid when he got rid of Derek , could have been great for a long time .
His Overlord Upon High
Thank you Ted for your fearless patriotism.
its like listening to tepid dishwater recorded in a tin can.
Manuel Vidal
Souvenirs de jeunesse ! Je l'ai écouté quelques dizaines de fois, surtout le premier morceau.
...0:00 Stranglehold 08:17 Stormtroopin' 11:24 Hey Baby 15:22 Just What The Doctor Ordered 18:59 Snakeskin Cowboys 23:28 Motorcity Madhouse 27:57 Where Have You Been All My Life 31:59 You Make Me Feel Right At Home 34:53 Queen of The Forest
Vandala G.K.
Klasyka. Najbardziej rozpoznawalny utwór pana Teda N. Podobno to nasz Krajan z pochodzenia. Pozdrowienia z Polski.
andrew berry
this reminds be of my child hood friend Dave Hess
Dennis the menace
a musical orgasm of joyous perpetual insanity.
peter betts
ah the Good Ole Days when the fields used to Grow GooD ,Rockin Guitar Players .
peter betts
T N T TED Been rockin with him since 76 ,saw him in 79 .