2017 Suzuki Swift - Crash test

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TEST RESULTS Comments The passenger compartment of the Swift remained stable in the frontal offset test. Dummy readings indicated good protection of the knees and femurs for both the driver and passenger. Suzuki showed that a similar level of protection would be provided to occupants of different sizes and to those sat in different positions. In the full-width rigid barrier test, protection of the chest was marginal, both for the driver and the rear seat passenger. Otherwise, protection of critical body areas was rated a good or adequate. The Swift scored maximum points in both the side barrier test and the more severe side pole impact, with good protection of all critical body regions. Tests on the front seats and head restraints demonstrated good protection against whiplash injuries in the event of a rear-end collision. However, a geometric assessment of the rear seats indicated poor whiplash protection for occupants in those seating positions. The Swift has, as part of its 'Radar Brake Support' option pack, autonomous. emergency braking. The system works at the low speeds, typical of city driving, at which many whiplash injuries are caused and, in tests of this functionality, the system performed adequately. CHILD OCCUPANT Comments In the frontal offset test, readings from the 6 year dummy indicated poor chest protection and weak protection of the neck. For the 10 year dummy, neck protection was marginal. In the side barrier test, decelerations in the chest indicated poor protection of the 10 year dummy. Protection in this test was, otherwise, good. The front passenger airbag can be disabled to allow a rearward-facing child restraint to be used in that seating position. Clear information is provided regarding the status of the airbag and the system was rewarded. All of the restraint types for the which the Swift is designed could be properly installed and accommodated. PEDESTRIAN PROTECTION Comments The protection provided by the bonnet to the head of a struck pedestrian was predominantly good or adequate, with poor results recorded on the stiff windscreen pillars. The bumper scored maximum points, offering good protection to pedestrians' legs at all test locations. Protection of the pelvis was predominantly good but some weak and poor results were also recorded. SAFETY ASSIST Comments The Swift has, as standard, as seatbelt reminder system for the front and rear seats. Autonomous emergency braking is included in the 'Radar Brake Support' option pack. Tests of its functionality at highway speeds showed good performance. A driver-set speed limiter is available as an option, separate from the pack. "SUBSCRIBE NOW"

2017 Suzuki Swift Crash test new

Rohan More
They say " Life is Cheap in India " Sad😥😥 but true. These suckers wont put these safety features in India !!
Akhil Gailot
International Spec : 6 Airbags, re-enforced chassis, AEB System, ABS, EBD And All That Jazz. Indian Spec : 1 Airbag (OPTIONAL), Nimbu Mirchi Complimentary, CAS (Cow Avoidance System) 😂
We also want these safety features in Indian models from Maruti suzuki Hit like if you agree 👍
Srihari Srinivasan
expect 0 stars for Indian version..Piece of Tin..
bits kits
Maruti cars are just piece of thin metal sheet.... INDIANS are never worried about their safety... they are penny wise pound foolish... never go for any maruti cars like masses do
Hacked Games
I would shave my head if Indian version will get any more then 1 Star.
sam vik
4* coz of having AEB, 6 airbags, better structural strength. Indian variant won't get half of these things.
Pawan M
This bloody company is earning thousands of crores in India and not providing Proper safety in Cars.. It's All our mistake.. We should not entairtain these Crappy foreign companies. We should start buying Indian product!!
Belinda jayandran
ford cards in India having more safety features..
Anzar Kunhi
It's Japanese version car so definitely the car will be safe made in Japan.
srinivas.rao.l Sutrawe
death machine maruthi suzuki vehicles if anyone buys he buys death tickets😀😉😁😂
Shivam Mishra
Indians need only milage in cars not a safety important...... 😊😊😊😊
விஜய் ஆகாஷ்
In India..air bags are extra fitting. If people want that ..they have to give extra money..in India swift don't need crash test..😜😜😜😜
Abhishek Patel
Suzuki is not better for saftey We should take some other brands
Car Zone
build quality looks very solid than indian manufactured suzuki cars
Faraz Khan
So, totally failed car for Indian.
Aditya Pawar
West your car
Pranav Kamdi
We Indians will still go for swift becoz of its brand name "the swift" only for infotainment system n mileage who cares for safety (I'm high on sarcasm) 😂
J2J bachelor's life
Go for Tata ...made for Indians 😘😎
Om Shashvat
Side airbags bekaar h
Daxter 3319
That is "Euro NCAP" which means the car is an EUROPEAN version, idiots, the Indian version has no such thing as that has
Drei Pogi
Well.. this is a plastic.....
Moideen Kutty
I love maruti
khan bhai
Nice. .it should be in indian cars also...
Car Adviser
Susruta Bhat
pathetic! worst car for safety
Renish Patel
Figo vs i20 vs baleno vs swift Which one is safest ? With 2 airbags
Srini Vasan
buy fiat cars
srinivassan PR
This car fit for 40 to 50 km speed . Not only this car , almost all Maruti car to be like this . Think before buy before Maruti car .
Ravi Kumar
Καλλιρροη Αντωνιου
worst car. figo is the best car
Feeling quite safe after purchasing swift😎
yeah . I m agree with u... why companies doesn't give the safety features in indian market. when there is big market in india. why.. and people buy the car which has 0 safety . they buy death.
Peter Warn
Tata Tiago is best.
Raghu Nayak
No air bags swift dzire vdi
David Johnson
Lol #i20 for life!!! 😊😊😊
Tanya maheshwari
This is video is fake
Cricket BB
Drei Pogi
Not a real
Raju Saha
Make same video of the Nissan Terran 2017 model
sapphire suchithra
yes none worries about Indian lives
a whole lot safer and better build then the previous generation
see my videos its too funny mr agarwals is the name of the channel
Mustafizur Mazumder
Guys be careful... made of poor quality tin sheets and plastics...chances are very slim...
Ashish Somashekar
That rear airbad is on the other side of the passenger, useless technology
Punjab Riderz
cheap quality maruti cars 😁😁😁😁
velliyan de ustaad
Game hacking
Very better
Rigraj pathak
No cruise control in indian version no 6 airbags no 3 headrest for back seat not all safety features are provided in india, still in top 3 car selling WTF suzuki think we indians don't value our life or car will just only crash front but not from side. No 16 inch wheels are provided but it's sibbling baleno get
Only manufacturer that think abt safety for Indian customers is Tata motors.... Tata never compromise safety !!!!!.. Zest and Nexon clearly shows that tata cars are safest to drive around having scored 4 out of 5 star rating in global NCAP crash test....Too bad still people go for Maruti for milage and low price!!!! After taking test drive of ignis, swift, Gi10 and Tiago, I finally booked Tiago!!!
Gulshan Chauhan
Call kro campanywalo btata hoo
Ekdam ghatiya gaadi h majbooti ke maamle me
Amal Raj
Now a days tata menon is unbelievable built
Meenu Katariya
Gjb sefty
Ashy ;
swift manufactured by maruti wont even get a single star. All maruti cars are trash af.
Darshan Raut
Dirtiest car ever ...
Random Tech And Gaming
0:33 *That'll buff out*
sunny cool
bhen chod india me jo swift aygi uski 1 star bhi rating mushkil se hogi. maruti jo aajati h bich me suzuki ke
asif akbar
I think tata is better than suzuki
Pranav Kamdi
Just in: indian version scored 2
Gulshan Chauhan
Aise kahi ladta hai ky gaadi....
Sandeep Roy
Raise the crash standard. 32kmph is too low on pole test (side)
road video
the hidden rear door made a poor escape in an accident
karthick p
old model ambasdor a kelavalama pakura jenmangala for u only this Ambasdor la old model la death agamatan car ku avlova damage agathu no ballons nothing car a pathala orama poringala antha bayam tan da en car ku geth a😀😀😀😀😀😀
shanavas khan
This is a waste vehicle new swift
devendra maurya
Tata is the best for indians ask there owners after the accident of car they will tell you that they didnt get even a scratch ......BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN......#BEST IS TATA .
Suzuki Swift not bad... But Maruthi Suzuki Swift is too bad quality...!😊
Can you test new swift DZIRE crash test
Tech Gadget's
This model is probably for Europe only,not for India.
raghavendra jangam
Not that much because metal strong ness as compare to i20 is low 2nd thing it's my personal opinion please improve break quality of swift 3rd thing improve cabin space + material quality Like dashboard fibre 4th thing back sit are not that much comfortable most important leg space I wanted to note here if suppose someone is tall how he can seat comfortablly 5th most important back side suspension is little bit hard.. Engine performance well an good I personally like it. Pickup is great.. 🤘👍
Gundapu Baladitya
worst company
shiv Vlogs
Plan to buy my first car in my life ??anyone advice please which car is good..budget 6 lakhs.]
Balkar Singh
Pendeyarra gaddi kehdi lyi fir👹👹👹
Mahr Nomi
ตาโอ๊ต นิสสันซิ้ง
Hari Goud
Mandeep Singh
Suzuki don't provide good safety features.......cars are just piece of scrap
Ansal Bross
Dont crush cars Please give me one ofa polo or range rover
last name ਸਿੰਘ
bhenchoda kamm se kamm bummer me lohhe ja steel ka istemaal krlo itna loot te ho fir bhi pet nhi bharrta tum logo kaa . bonet akela loohe ka lgado hramkhoro teen use kr rhe ho tum madrchodho wo bhi ghee ke peepe hote ha jo woh wali teen kutte ssle logo ki zingdi aur paise de khilddwadd krte ho tum log. .
5 star car scores 4 star .Nice Keep it up MARUTI SUZUKI .
Siddhant palyekar
I hate India
This facilities was not available in india, in India the suzuki was producing very low quality cary
chandra sekhar
I like Indian vehicles, but y these indian car companies release same cars but more safety features in foreign country cars n no safety take care in indian cars specially maruti wat dey r thinking i don't know, indians life is not life equal to foreigners , if car makers keep must n should safety features people won't accept ur cars haa, change in ur mind n release gud cars people will accept definitely
Bhaskar Yaama
Very smart
s siva
Non safety car
Sekhar Reddy
Very bad quality
Soumya ranjan Sutar
Super excited
gaurav shrivastav
Ab maut ati hai to airbag bhi kam nahi krte
shkti sinh sodha shkti sinh sodha
I love my car swift
Ayman zeus
Swift waste for safety only mailege given not for life
shkti sinh sodha shkti sinh sodha
My new car swift dzire
kiran B
Those maniquins are scare to sit inside the car because next time it is not usable
shambu s
VW, ford and fiat are always the best brands.. Considering build quality n safety
Apple Mobile
Prateek Goswami
Bakwaas car...too..boring
abdullah iqbal
Lanat Suzuki company pa Pakistani wo be
Vicky B
Yeh Tin ka dibba hamare desh ke jo gadhe lok hain inki vajeh se popular hua hai mileage dekho safety mat dekhna open ur eyes people this car is not safe
Shashank Potbhare
abe bhai firr gadi ki cost zyada hongi firrr chilalana