1Dynamo Magician Impossible S03E01 season 3 episode 1

Dynamo Magician Impossible S03E01 season 3 episode 1

Aaryan Dev
am i the only one who thinks hes got supernatural powers or sumthing..
Humble Light
Dynamo is a legit super hero, nothing Suoer Natural, No such thing,He is the Natural, We all Are. WAKE UP. LITTT🔥🔥🔥🔥
Roaring Road
Dynamo possible 😍✌🏾😇I love you Dynamo, want to meet u in person. Amazing to see u n ur magic.
Экзо Экзо
Who are you Dynamo? King of the east?
Make Vivian lee's top disappear pls Dynamo?
@ 11:46 watch the shadow of the bottle again its gone nice edit
Shiva Shiva
I don't believe this is black magic plz come to Switzerland I want to meet you and I want see your black magic
Charlie Mellin
He stands alone....1 and a trazillion have this capability. You got reality in 3 dimensions.He manipulates matter thru a seperate dimension most cannot 👀... He could do great things with this ability. Will he change things that need change? Ahhh probably not !
Jade Shannon
Dynamo is the greatest magician on earth and I'm still up at 4.40am watching him.
He has to have the flashes powers, It explains everything, the mind reading, he asks the people what they were thinking then goes back in time with the answer. He fazes through walls like at Ronaldos party, for that cd thing he ran and swapped the disk before visible to the eye and for levitating things, he is picking it up bit by bit, but faster than the eye can see
bishnu gurung
I love dynamo he is the great magician i dont know how he does such unbeliable things i really enjoy watching what he does.. he is amazing person i dont know god or demon but i am biggest fan of his my life’s wish is to meet him love u dynamo .....
canal KIDZ
Magic? No... Pact? Yes
By KarMa 954 Full
no mamen... que casualidad, en el caso de el refresco... desaparece el mago pero la camara sigue rodando dejense de mamadas... sean serios
been worthy
dynamo help me win the lottory am n USA live on the street.
Lucas Suante
Unbelievable,,he is the best
Nice one Dynamo. Now make my mortgage disappear like that bottles shadow and il be a life long fan.
This person have “Jin” friend.
bf3bestpilot forever
seems like he broke the 10% limit of human brain usage
Myrick Savice jr
He's so good.. I love you😚😚😚
Taunter Atwill
DEMONS? My god you're so backward!
Auxille _Gaming
my phone ring and I answer it it's dad
taha khan
Dynamo is best!!
Adarsh Kashyap
i know the first trick
amit nigam
he is amazing
giovan machado
Inacreditável! Show!
Bijaya Magar
I can't believe it's not just a magic It's black magic , Everything possible to do
Rongky Dorista
yeah, with Cyril Takayama. like it. i want to be, :D
Anne Hunt
dynamo megastar nr1 inthe world.estonia.
Tiago Fernandes
Esse cara não é humano só pode ser alienígena incrível.
Kajar Yomcha
best magician of the world.i lke Dynamo...
Chris Diplock
DYNAMO how come you didn't make Sandy disappear? :-)
The Don
dynamo is the Best!!!
wItH ThE hUnDrEd
Love the card tricks, but the other stuff seems to have way too many camera stops and edits to be amazed by.
Reza007 Ahmadi
the best💝
Hans Raj
I see dynamo live perform magic trick in Mumbai...amazing.. I can't believe it...
Levi Syahbani
Yeah, maybe i can see your partner bro ,
All tricks was awesome. ..dynamo king
Smárt Hùńgyø
Some of them are legendary like no plausible way to explain.
Element EL
15:33 aphex twin windowlicker. 👌
Vinny DiGregorio
Needless to say his magic is INCREDIBLE, but I’m also really feeling his Music Playlist!
Frank Drebin
11:49 the bottle casts a shadow 11:56 the bottle no longer has any shadow this means that that trick was complete camera trickery. No skill required. The girls are stooges that aren't actually reacting to anything.
Pichit woodnoinoi
มีแปลภาษาไทยด้วยก็ดีนะครับ ชอบดูครับ Dynamo ชอบมากๆครับ
Traditional Home Style Recipe
Stop arguing and stop reasoning. He just has satanic power. Period
Temfah Auksorntub
ใช่คนใช่ไหม? 😂 555555
The Bottle cap flying off edited. CGI, also very poor editing :D
Avinash Yadav
👌what a performance dynamo
I love Dynamo.
white rabbit
I've watched a lot of Dynamo, and the very first trick he does w the jump rope has to be one of my favorites he's ever done for the perfect simplicity of it, along w the "impossibility" and the idea that it was't his rope, so you can't fake it. Amazing.
tigskie the great
What the hell, amazing dynamo
Kuldeep Gautam
You are greatest magicion
sarjubala nongthombam
he is amazing...best magician ever
Aaron Barlow
If he stopped the Storm that would've been impressive.
Sher Afgan
Fxri Trader
there is only one simple and logic explanation..cgi ang stooges
Moctarius theFirst
I just found one of dynamo secret, he needs something everytime he performs a trick. if I get a hundred like, I'll tell you down below. not fake.
Qureshi Qureshi
Editing proved ( please read the entire comment ) We see the the clip (1:30 to 2:10) frame by frame. Frame 1- 1:30 to 1:42 2 cameras at his back, around 2 meters from him, Frame 2- 1:42 to 14:47 back view from a different angle Frame 3- 1:47 to 1:49 a girl with red jacket Frame 4- 1:49 to 2:10 the trick time In the frame 4, We don’t see those 2 cameras at his back, who were there just 2 seconds ago …. !!! They can not move from his back to his front at least 6 meters (from 2 meters behind to 4 meters on the front) in even lesser than 2 seconds! and while they also needed to adjust their lenses to focus from a new angle…. all in lesser than 2 seconds !!! which is not possible. Proves the interval between frames. If we suppose the frame 4 is with a different camera, then: 1- we do not see that camera/man in the frame 1 or 2, as those frames were showing all the street from where the frame 4 would be taken soon ! 2- if the frame 4 is taken by another camera, then where those 2 camera/men vanished in frame 4, as entire the street, at his back, is in view in frame 4. In the frames 1 and 2 he pulled the rope at his back shown by the camera/s at his back. The frame 3 is the 'cover-up' frame. The frame 4 is pretended to show the continuity of frame 1 and 2 in the real time, which is not. The frame starting at 1:49 (frame 4) is after at least 50 seconds of closing the frame 2. He started the fresh frame (frame 4) after an interval, the camera man moved on the front 'normal walking', looked around focused the scene, he supposedly put the rope on his front under the jumper/garments, and ... 'cut'. You can also notice a slightly light difference between the different frames.
Rob Jhonson
I Love dínamo 👏👏👏😎👊
kiddo hacker
I guess he's immortal😅😅😅😅
Paul Francis
there's a lot of people in on the tricks. these were originally for television, so heavily edited. nothing magic, but entertaining I guess.
dannii paul
Dynamo can you help master it I wanna u to be my mentor/ Coaches
Ben din
he just used kamui.... :D
Magic is everywhere. It sounds logical to me. When you come to understand the power of illusion, the impossible is possible. Being born and dying is an illusion, you have always been there, and you are all there is. When you believe in an illusion and have an almost dead experience or can just travel astral by not believing in an illusion, there is no past tense now and future everything comes together. For some this sounds ridiculously certain when one is being ignored. And for some it sounds logical when you know.
Logan Tyler
Great. He is so Amazing. Thanks for uploading this video
teet Kapel
he is the best of the best
A fully devil possessed person DYNAMO
Raghu pujari
Do Nice dynamo you kame solapur
CJ music
my point is since we r seeing everything why they explain everything over again. like me, if u are agreed!!
Viktor Harangozó
These are just tricks. These men (Criss Angel, David Blaine, Dynamo etc.) are skillfull persons. That's all :)
мємιиg dєяк
Dynamo is robot/demon/gawd
Shawn Hunt
Dana Carvy says " Could It Be satan ???"
Justin Maynard Estrella
Wow broh she magic me o amazing ok i find the video yey the kendy blue is magic
รัตติพงษ์ Rattiphngs
Binod Lisham
Why didn't he competed in Randis challenge if he had psychic power
D Will Smith Jr.
wow.... this magic is very extra.
Rozak Fathur
he has partner with genie..human imposible to do what dynamo did..
george felise
Yeah yeah..Dynamo is helped by demonic entities. So what ? He has sacrificed himself to bring wonder and entertainment to millions. I will pray for him. Thank You Dynamo and all your "Demon buddies" for making people smile & laugh in amazement .
h hh
this is the way you make Jesus son of god
May Ling
you are brilliant and I just love that !
Lynda Fidler
That man is amazing blows me away 😃
Aloysius William
god i lpve that british accent
Hans van der Veen
Whole again
I don't think it was a coincidence the biggest demon magician was present from one of the most destructive hurricanes the US has seen.
Динамо самый крутой пришелец!!
Everything’s Random
Can you teach me how to do wot you do
song jihyo
warior dajjal
David Capps
Editing is magical indeed NOT!
11:56 - Shadow of Bottle disappeared.. Definitely CGI.. 34:13 - He is holding another empty cup in his right hand..
demons or special effect
Amine Ayari
work of demons
Kura Bujnu vo
I can see spirit next to him......it can be his granddad spirit helping him.
o cara some depois da magica :(
Warlito Guban
Thats cool .. . Wow amazing
Rayhan Uddin
nearly impossible
Felipe Santander
You can see the string pulling the sneakers
Nenad PC
Dorian Spain
That last trick at the end was one of the best tricks Ive ever seen magic or whatever you wanna call it but I think its funny how he always disappears after his magic is done leaving them dumb founded
Max wild
I think he use supernatural power to do that impossible things!!! like jin!! A lot of jin !!!