1Dynamo Magician Impossible S03E01 season 3 episode 1

Dynamo Magician Impossible S03E01 season 3 episode 1

This person have “Jin” friend.
bishnu gurung
I love dynamo he is the great magician i dont know how he does such unbeliable things i really enjoy watching what he does.. he is amazing person i dont know god or demon but i am biggest fan of his my life’s wish is to meet him love u dynamo .....
Chris Diplock
DYNAMO how come you didn't make Sandy disappear? :-)
ضياء الهندي
معقوله أكو هيج واحد يحرك كوالشي
Whole again
I don't think it was a coincidence the biggest demon magician was present from one of the most destructive hurricanes the US has seen.
Charly Chavez172
Definitivamente!....pacto con el diablo!!
Nehres Nikdy
This is demonic as it can get. Jesus Christ is the only human who has such heavenly powers. Don't let demons misdirect you from the true son of God name Jesus from Nazareth.
Aaryan Dev
am i the only one who thinks hes got supernatural powers or sumthing..
Vinny DiGregorio
Needless to say his magic is INCREDIBLE, but I’m also really feeling his Music Playlist!
Hans Raj
I see dynamo live perform magic trick in Mumbai...amazing.. I can't believe it...
jangkung #16
Dynamo not magic but he is a human being super it would be nice we think positive..like its
khaleel rahman
Watch brands always publish their watch picture only at 10:10 So something fishy
Adjust Your Tracking
Love the card tricks, but the other stuff seems to have way too many camera stops and edits to be amazed by.
Sun Shine
With all respect to all his lovely magic performances, when I look into his eyes I see devils. How about you?
leonardo wise
no brasil os politicos são magicos , fazem sumir milhoes dos cofres do governo e a bbc nao faz nenhum documentario deles neer kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
amit nigam
he is amazing
Sérgio Silva
elenao e desse mundo simples assimmmmm
Nice one Dynamo. Now make my mortgage disappear like that bottles shadow and il be a life long fan.
The Don
dynamo is the Best!!!
teet Kapel
he is the best of the best
Traditional Home Style Recipe
Stop arguing and stop reasoning. He just has satanic power. Period
Rongky Dorista
yeah, with Cyril Takayama. like it. i want to be, :D
The Bottle cap flying off edited. CGI, also very poor editing :D
Moctarius theFirst
I just found one of dynamo secret, he needs something everytime he performs a trick. if I get a hundred like, I'll tell you down below. not fake.
Logan Tyler
Great. He is so Amazing. Thanks for uploading this video
Amson Moses
i was wondering did you Dynamo got your power from jesus if so im happy watching you you and believe
taha khan
Dynamo is best!!
Zach K
think about it.. you'd never see actual raw footage of him doing this kind of shit to people in the streets. it has to be some carefully scripted show. fake
Dynamo.....The king of Magic LOVE YOU DYNAMO u r amazing...
been worthy
dynamo help me win the lottory am n USA live on the street.
Cory Pham
Also the reactions would be far more evoked with disbelief and emotion
M Juanda
Can i be your student please?? 😂
Tokuho Naga
Wooo i can't just imagine, the last one phone ringing in entire street how is that happened??? How could he control everything... 🤔🤔🤔
mia moldovan
i need help dynammo i need speek with you
Jade Shannon
Dynamo is the greatest magician on earth and I'm still up at 4.40am watching him.
Anne Hunt
dynamo megastar nr1 inthe world.estonia.
Maj Maj
Daanamu depends on the laws of physics and Alkemiae..ho no real magician I am a physicist I can do easily and he does challenge him to meet me to debunk Maeval ...
tigskie the great
What the hell, amazing dynamo
Yung Doe
That last trick at the end was one of the best tricks Ive ever seen magic or whatever you wanna call it but I think its funny how he always disappears after his magic is done leaving them dumb founded
11:56 - Shadow of Bottle disappeared.. Definitely CGI.. 34:13 - He is holding another empty cup in his right hand..
Raghu pujari
Do Nice dynamo you kame solapur
Leila Halime
Angel from another planet I love you so much you have a great gift Extraterrestrial but what kind ? What planet are you originally from? ❤️
Adarsh Kashyap
i know the first trick
white rabbit
I've watched a lot of Dynamo, and the very first trick he does w the jump rope has to be one of my favorites he's ever done for the perfect simplicity of it, along w the "impossibility" and the idea that it was't his rope, so you can't fake it. Amazing.
Riddick 4Ever
he's is the flash and time traveler
Johny Rug
guys i think that he is doing mondaz with pc
Comercialhumberto Medeiros
Essa cara é além de um paranormal muito bom
Sher Afgan
Anne Hunt
dynamo.supernatural star.thanks.estonia.
Kajar Yomcha
best magician of the world.i lke Dynamo...
Suripandu Seemakurthi
Keelen Mouton
Can one these so called experts please explain the last trick and the coffee trick
Shawn Hunt
Dana Carvy says " Could It Be satan ???"
On his last trick, the person holding the phone over his right shoulder kept checking to see if his phone was ringing even though it was lit up already...fake
Kura Bujnu vo
I can see spirit next to him......it can be his granddad spirit helping him.
Ben din
he just used kamui.... :D
Truth Seeker
India also have lots of unbelievable magicians ....With demonic powers.. .
Minh Đức Tô
I saw Atlas get laid with a girl in "Now you see me", I'm just wonder how many girl DYNAMO has slept with?? LOL =))
wilfrid fred
Love N.Y the most european city of U.S
I love Dynamo.
wildan stars
he dante from devil may cry!!
Emre Nazik
Sold his soul to the sheytan and this accursed world sadly. He is assisted by supernatural beings called Jinn allowing him to do impossible things that the human race cannot.
dery sastra
tht's imposible.... trick? camera? demon?
Max wild
I think he use supernatural power to do that impossible things!!! like jin!! A lot of jin !!!
Anil Mondal
His grandpa was already know all this magic .just he kept hidden from all people. But dynamo is revealed it all. Still we don't know what more is left for us to see that what his grandpa has teach him
Ashutosh Raina
I think I see a thread in the shoe lace trick
Berkin selçuk
Bu Adam Büyücü Ak
Tiago Fernandes
Esse cara não é humano só pode ser alienígena incrível.
Aloysius William
god i lpve that british accent
Pichit woodnoinoi
มีแปลภาษาไทยด้วยก็ดีนะครับ ชอบดูครับ Dynamo ชอบมากๆครับ
Milli Kidd
Denial denial denial jus like most of you guys dads 😂😂😂
Stefan Reich
What in this show should I believe now, Dynamo? Darn it man, I loved you!
Binod Lisham
Why didn't he competed in Randis challenge if he had psychic power
Nenad PC
Everything’s Random
Can you teach me how to do wot you do
Jerome Goodwin
I watch it in super slow motion it went through his coat because the zipper pull did not move over the rope.
Gouenjy Varus
Guys put stop on 34:13 and look at Dynamo's right hand under the table;) What do you see? :)))
Aidan Power
facebook the same time as well as other than that of course the same thing with the same thing with a little while ago and have a great day.
Aidan Power
facebook the same time as well as other than that of course the same thing with the same thing with a little while ago and have a great day.
Aidan Power
facebook the same time as well as other than that of course the same thing with the same thing with a little while ago and have a great day.
o cara some depois da magica :(
Fxri Trader
there is only one simple and logic explanation..cgi ang stooges
Bang Andre
Dinamo is a Very Genius, able to use energy from within to activate the energy that exists outside, beyond the ability of other geniuses
Mr. Walrus
how do you do that
Luqman Awan
AmaZinG man in the wOrld,,,,,,,,,
Jade Shannon
Dynamo isn't evil in any way at all.My partner is a christian and he loves Dynamo.Anyone that thinks that Dynamo is evil are mistaken.Magicians have been around for centuries however I believe that Dynamo is the greatest on earth.Haters of Dynamo need to give this genius a break and start to realise that he's great.Was Houdini evil as well?
Qureshi Qureshi
Editing proved ( please read the entire comment ) We see the the clip (1:30 to 2:10) frame by frame. Frame 1- 1:30 to 1:42 2 cameras at his back, around 2 meters from him, Frame 2- 1:42 to 14:47 back view from a different angle Frame 3- 1:47 to 1:49 a girl with red jacket Frame 4- 1:49 to 2:10 the trick time In the frame 4, We don’t see those 2 cameras at his back, who were there just 2 seconds ago …. !!! They can not move from his back to his front at least 6 meters (from 2 meters behind to 4 meters on the front) in even lesser than 2 seconds! and while they also needed to adjust their lenses to focus from a new angle…. all in lesser than 2 seconds !!! which is not possible. Proves the interval between frames. If we suppose the frame 4 is with a different camera, then: 1- we do not see that camera/man in the frame 1 or 2, as those frames were showing all the street from where the frame 4 would be taken soon ! 2- if the frame 4 is taken by another camera, then where those 2 camera/men vanished in frame 4, as entire the street, at his back, is in view in frame 4. In the frames 1 and 2 he pulled the rope at his back shown by the camera/s at his back. The frame 3 is the 'cover-up' frame. The frame 4 is pretended to show the continuity of frame 1 and 2 in the real time, which is not. The frame starting at 1:49 (frame 4) is after at least 50 seconds of closing the frame 2. He started the fresh frame (frame 4) after an interval, the camera man moved on the front 'normal walking', looked around focused the scene, he supposedly put the rope on his front under the jumper/garments, and ... 'cut'. You can also notice a slightly light difference between the different frames.
abdo games
استمرر good
CJ music
my point is since we r seeing everything why they explain everything over again. like me, if u are agreed!!
i think he use innovate high frquency cellphone transmitter communicator.
h hh
this is the way you make Jesus son of god
He's good. Love this stuff :)
I think Zotar sums up Dynamos skills and character quite well. He is spreading love, light and connection between people. He shows the spectrum of humanity and displays wonderful magical effects and illusions. Grow up youtube. This is light, not dark. REF: 26:24
My Favorite part :- I love the confusion from 41:26 ROFLMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Hanks
Just like David Blane , lots of actors and camera editing ..
Fiqqih Andi imran
Awesome :D
Badrul Islam
I belive his 70% tricks r done by paid actor n video editing. 20 % are modern science that we cant belive can b exist. 10% could b done by demon or maybe modern science
Hans van der Veen
at 28:27 minutes behind the speaker you can see something coming up and down from the void, what is it?