Evanescence - Making of "What You Want" Music Video

Making of "What You Want" Music Video by Evanescence

Eduarda Oliveira
Louis Bryant
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Leticia Oliveira
A Amy é perfeita
Darth Kenyan
Amy Lee is precious. She's adorable.
I would've loved to be part of that band performance filming!
If I met Amy and she started to run away, I would run like the director to catch up to her. 0:48 - 0:56
Dutty Winehouse
lol @ when they chase her with the cam..love amy tho
i love this song. so much, for some reason to me she reminds me of Elizebeth Gillies for her voice when she talks, :D
click "8" and watch THE RUNNING CAMERA!
Mariya .Murdjova
I freakin' love that woman!She's amazing,my personal hero!! :):)
McKenna Kinsey
She has created my new favorite song i will never chance... I love u amy!!!!
Michael DeCosta
I love when she's like Hi, I'm Amy from Evanescence We're here just shooting our video for What You Want The first single on this new record XD She's amazing! The video is beyond amazing! I love what they did!
Sani Maybach
reminds me of "going under" awesome
Alice Kiryuu
I love Amy I love Evanescence