Joey DeMaio ( Manowar ) & a fan of SLAYER

Joey made him a real true metal fan ! not a poser !!! :)) *************************************************************** taken from Hell On Earth V

Marcelo R. Tosatti
This is Joey converting a Slayer's fan in a metal warrior. Take my like
Dom Russo
Did it ever occur to Joey that songs like Kill With Power or Wheels of Fire were very thrashy tracks? So therefore, give him back that shirt! Lol
TheMetalWarrior1993, you are so right!
Пеђа Милисавић
The true living LEGEND!
Ahmed siddiqui
classic (lol)
Haha, classic DeMaio. Say what you will about Manowar they are fucking amazing live.
Ungroomed Lover
Obviously I can't be too bothered by it if I still like the band and their music, now can I?
Ungroomed Lover
Joey talks a lot about how Manowar don't disrespect their fans unlike other bands, yet here he clearly disrespects a fan. Manowar are a great band despite Joey DeMaio's obvious character flaws. You've just gotta learn to ignore 99% of the shit that comes out of Joey's mouth and then you can enjoy the music for what it is.
Mister Sister Fister
haha manowar is so gay fkin posers
Another bands play, Manowar gay
Κωστας Κουμας
Ποσο θεαρας ο demaio😂😂
Lol, thats my little brother! Check out his former band Majesty!
Marta Ciesielska
On which concert it happened?
Maximillion Pegasus
Slayer are devil worshiping weirdos. HAIL MANOWAR!!
H Goode
classic victim
Paulo Felicio
Hahaha he was bashed im Brazil because of doing that with a guy with an Irin Maiden shirt.
Пеђа Милисавић
just watch this butthurt slayer fans,manowar rules
how can people say dlayer is better than manowar? i frankly ask in which aspect?
People getting mad on Manowar should keep in mind that it's a KISS copycat band, their similarities are extreme.. provocative, comic-book characters, songs about rock/metal (each to their field), sexist image (especially the bassist/leader), insane guitar solos, simple yet catchy song structure and almost identical vocals. I love Manowar, I despise KISS though.
If Slayer is so much better than Manowar than how come Fans flock to them over a band like Slayer? Both of these Band were on the same bill for a Metal Festival overseas a few years back, Slayer was there signing autographs until the minute Manowar showed up the Fans left Slayer and flocked to Manowar! That's the power and love they have over their Fans! Also Manowar has been dubbed "The Loudest Band in the World", have had legendary Actors, Orson Welles, Christopher Lee and Brian Blessed work on their albums, Millions of Fans have their bodies tattooed in Manowar art, Fans have traveled all over the World to see them play live where ever they go, they invite Fans to play with them on stage, they held a Fan Convention the weekend before they played the Earthshaker Fest in 2005 in Germany which also had ALL of the current and former members of the Band at the time there to play and meet the Fans, have their own record company which also has held Music Festivals with Manowar and other artists that played at those shows! Has Slayer done that with for their Fans?? NO!!!!
Elvis Sorna
I dig Manowar but truth to be told they are nothing more than Judas Priest ripoffs. Slayer on the other hand are true innovators in metal, they used to play JP covers too but look what they created in the process. Manowar in many respects are posers themselves with their horses made of steel, paid girls and allegiance to so called true heavy metal which no serious metal band would write songs about.
Slayer отличная и достойная банда, имеющая свою кучу фанатов, и свой стиль....Joey конечно отличный бас гитарист,но тут повел себя как безмозглый дурак бля просто....
An Drew
Hmm .. this one make me hate so much of this band .