Real Madrid vs Alaves 4-0 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - La Liga 24/02/2018 HD

milo miriam
much respect to ronaldo for giving the penalty to benzema🙏
David Berrios
Cr7 out here doing no look passes lol maybe thats y he started off the season how he did lol, i doubt he takes it seriously lol. He knows hes the best
Raphael J
Ronaldo shares 1 penalty in 9years Madrid fans: "Ronaldo unselfish =G.O.A.T"😍 Lol. levels
Royal Madrid
real madrid will win ucl for sure jsut watch
Kroos8 Toni
Thanks Cristiano for have gave the penalty for Benz Great Cris !!!
Cristiano7 Pravi
Cristiano make Karim benzema run like a dog. 😂🙄🐕
Asim Gyawali
Ronaldo gave penalty to Benzema which was something needed to be appreciated.!!
a d e l i n e ➳
Keylor Navas deserves this clean sheet today!
Thank you God
Ronaldo is selfish? 🤔 ok then watch this video
Ese Ibane
I admire benzema's unselfish style of playing lately. He literally does some good play making in the front line but he really needs to work on his shooting accuracy. Great gesture from Ronaldo for letting him take the penalty. Great performance overall from the team!
Samuel Rabat Macambo
Officially Ronaldo has more goals than Messi this season Edit: Now Messi Has more he scored 2 yerstaday
Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid
Karim Abdallah
Im a barca fan and i must admit benzema is better than paulinho
Ronaldo is a totally differently personality when he wears the captain band.
FeelsBadMan n
I heard people still thinks Ronaldo is better than Messi? Jk benzema is carrying the team with the assists... and of course ronaldo gets the credit.
Walter Fredie
Madrid best song so far Artist:avciie Song:wake m up when it is all over 😂😂😂😂
marckendy Noelandstar
Good job my favorite team
a d e l i n e ➳
First clean sheet since December!
safal magar
Happy to see ronaldo back!! Now ballon d'or race has been started💯💯
I'm a Barcelona fan but Real Madrid have been on fire. That's scary.... especially for PSG lol
Mbuta 10
7:21 I thought his shorts went down
Serban Lucian
Good win for Real Madrid, for the first time i am happy that RM won, please beat PSG (barcelona fan) #ViscaBarca #HalaMadrid
Wallace Benzema
Hit like if u think Cr7 scored with both legs
Man united fan
BBC is back!!!
Hala Madrid
What a goal from Ronaldo. Ronaldo the GOAT
Cristiano Ronaldo
94 likes please please.
Hamedou Diarra
Hala madrid CR77777
drezzy ATL
Penaldo was man of the match
Richie Yacub
Can we talk about the work Vazquez has been putting in recently???
Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid!!!
messi barca
Am I the only Barca fan thinks that today Ronaldo played really well.... congrats madrid
bapak ayam
Ronaldo better than messi💪
I wake up as soon as the game ends fuck sake. Thanks for the quick highlights though!
Luke Skywalker
Duke Mbwe
I like how Ronaldo is bring Benzemas confidence back...his making him feel like part of the team again especially since the fans and the media have been speculating about Benzs exit....BRAVO !!
HALA MADRID! CR7 the one and only goat.
Kimtheang Hak
Wonderful moment, Ronaldo give up a hat_trick and let Benzema score a penalty goal. 🎉🎉 CR7 🎉🎉
Qmsj Hai
Psg will be their worst nightmare soon
Excellent gesture from Ronaldo to give up a hattrick and let Benzema score. Great performance from the team too and we’re picking up form at a great time. Onto the next game. Hala Madrid.
I don't like ronaldo , I respect him but the generousity to give Benzema the penalty when your on your hat trick, but Barca is still winning the league
Zhengguo Sun
define Bale: never disappointing.
Uchiha Madara
Nice Assist Bezema...Bale and Ronaldo good as always.....So guys BBC is back 😎👍
Ethann Kyle
I'm so happy that Ronald is back in shape! He's so hot! An sexy! All real Madrid fans deserve Ronald because we're all gay!!!
aBS Grim
Switch Benzema to CAM , he’s not a bad player he’s just been playing a wrong position, Benzema is a midfielder! , get rid of Isco and Casemiro and buy a striker .
Ronald Blanco
Benzema isn't scoring goals, but he's setting up goals beautifully.
Sohanor Rahman Sohanor
Karim Benzema....cr7 ....
אליאור כהן
Jameel Mhd
Navas was on another level.
Gerardo Peña
Zidane always looks pissed off whenever his team scores.
Frosty ICE the real one
95% of Messi goals are solo the other 3% are tap in. Almost 100% solo goals Goat for a reason 💯 👑
benjamin ben
Bale was on fire today and nobody bothers to mention it he is a fantastic player.
Jonas Kleiser
Onni Karppinen
Respect to Ronaldo! Who said he is selfish? :D
Madrid will win la liga
javan Anderson
Not going to lie .Cristiano is really changing Fam ...on a hat trick ND gave up the penalty ...well I have to say if he gave Benz with a willing heart then I'm starting to respect him. ..but if it's only for the media then blah blah blah
Alexis Salinas
Cristiano having a chance for a Hat Trick but giving the penalty to Benzema vs Neymar having a Hat Trick and stealing the Penalty from Cavani. The Big Difference
Born Boy
Madrid fans are weird. Most of these comments are about Ronaldo giving Benzema penalty, so none of you will talk about his good turn and shot (1st goal) and how he appreciates Lucas Vasquez assist ? I'm a huge Barca fan, but man the guy is back ! And with Gareth Bale going 1000 miles per hour, this team would explode.
Frosty ICE the real one
Penaldo should have 2 goals in the league without penalties and tap ins. And Messi will have 24 because 18 goals are solo.
Skull B
We are the best hala Madrid
Gespañol G
This is the way. The World strongest Team. Uuuuuuuhhhhh!!!!
Anwar haryanto
rip psg...
Sedeck kamgang tema
Nobody is talking about Rakitic... He is the man!
3-0 Death_team RMCF and Dybala x21 3rd place
when they pass the ball smartly instead of taking bad shots they're nearly unstoppable.
Aldrio Costa junior
Nice match
Mohamed let u down
Rock and roll
Mohamed let u down
Wonderful game
Morrison21 Songwe
Seems Ronaldo is making it a point to show the crowd just who created his goal scoring opportunity. Mature thinking.
Jojo Kaway
When CR 7 decides to pass the ball while looking away...loving it 😁 #Hala Madrid!
Mesut Eyezil
I don't know why some people are saying that Madrid will win LaLiga and UCL when they only won a LaLiga match vs Alavés 😂😂
Figger Naggot
Benzema is so underated!
lewis nzuki
ronaldo a gr8 captain
Frosty ICE the real one
Typical bale always dives and Penaldo score penalty
Frosty ICE the real one
Penaldo scoring 2 tap ins because Messi is always better
Death_Team FCB
welp who cares if we're gonna win again today and still be 14 points?
Jiban Basnet
BBC come back real madrid 💕💕💕 From Nepal
Firu Firhad
benzima is the star ⭐️
danu aryanto
best player is karim benzema
brandon chevalier
Can't lie don't like RM and love to banter CR7 but I thought it was pretty cool that he showed love to Benzema the whole match. Trying to boost his confidence. Reminding the RM fans how important Benz is to them winning trophies👏👏👏
Mc YTz
Big benz played very well
AREZKI chabane
benzema quand il est dans sa forme il est le poumon de cette équipe c'est pas du tout un bon signe pour le PSG
Naw Haqqi
Give Ronaldo that captain thing more often, he finally plays for the team
Murtaza Hyder
BBC show in the game, i think thts the reason ronaldo gave the penalty to benzema cause he would want benz to also get in the scoring and make it official bbc show
Joseph Omoyajowo
Missed the game because I got the time wrong but from what I've seen from this video; Theo was very influential... half of the highlights in the first half were almost always about him bringing the ball into dangerous zones. Vasquez is really on fire. Ronaldo is getting back into his old self.... they say he's selfish, yet he's the player with the highest assists in the history of the UCL.... same tournament Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Figo, Zidane etc played in. He's the highest assist maker in real madrid's history and tonight, he forfeited his hattrick to put pressure off his team mate. Call him when he scored and asked the crowd to applaud him for the assist. Ran to celebrate with Vasquez when he scored from a Vasquez pass. I hate the Zidane reacts slowly but you've gotta respect this madrid side.
Welma Lopez
Who do you go for golazo tv real Madrid or Barcelona
Gareth Bale hes back . Hala Madrid.
bun tong
BBC was come back ❤
Basil 090
Sonpreet Singh
ronaldo and messi both scored two yessssssssssss true legends
Veron Sinclair
Hail Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo Sandhu
How many goals Messi has in champions league, only 4 lol If he can’t score against the best teams from best leagues, how is he a GOAT, Butthurt Barca fans ,
*Why do haters say Ronaldo is Arrogant/Selfish. He is not because he could of scored an hat trick, but he decided to give the penalty to Benzema* #HalaMadridYNadaMas #Alaves
Camara Makan
vamos Real Madrid para ganar ganar 💚👍💪✊💝
Do worry madridiots Alavés are in 16th place.
Tony Lo
Oh my god, Penaldo did not take the penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!
Penaldo read the youtube comments so he gave the penalty to Benzema xD
Real Madrid Referee Association
Great performance from all 12 of our men today! Asspanyol is next! Hala Madrid!