Punto: Fur love

Реклама турецкого магазина одежды из меха и кожи. Диск с этой рекламой вкладывают во все пакеты с покупками. Квинтэссенция турецкого взгляда на жизнь. Enjoy.

So pretty! I wish I had that coat! Punto, please open a store in Californa!
OK Lisa, stick a sock in it and move on. I think this guy is having more fun than the lady friend. I know I would...
Lisa Mayer
Women who wear fur are not sexy!!
Lisa Mayer
The fur industry is a unnecessary cruelty companies who have evolved to the 21st century do not use animal parts to make clothes
Lisa Mayer
Fur is not glamorous,sexy, or classy!!!!! Shame on those people who have not evolved to the 21st century..