Punto: Fur love

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Реклама турецкого магазина одежды из меха и кожи. Диск с этой рекламой вкладывают во все пакеты с покупками. Квинтэссенция турецкого взгляда на жизнь. Enjoy.

Punto Fur Leather

So pretty! I wish I had that coat! Punto, please open a store in Californa!
OK Lisa, stick a sock in it and move on. I think this guy is having more fun than the lady friend. I know I would...
Lisa Mayer
Fur is not glamorous,sexy, or classy!!!!! Shame on those people who have not evolved to the 21st century..
Lisa Mayer
The fur industry is a unnecessary cruelty companies who have evolved to the 21st century do not use animal parts to make clothes
Lisa Mayer
Women who wear fur are not sexy!!