A$AP ROCKY - F**kin' Problems ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar

A$AP Rocky's official music video for 'F**kin' Problems' ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar. Click to listen to A$AP Rocky on Spotify: /> As featured on LONG.LIVE.A$AP. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: /> More from A$AP Rocky Good For You: />Long Live A$AP: />Wild For The Night: /> Follow A$AP Rocky Website: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> Subscribe to A$AP Rocky on YouTube: /> More great Hip-Hop videos here: /> --------- Lyrics: I love bad bitches, that's my fucking problem And yeah I like to fuck, I got a fucking problem I love bad bitches, that's my fucking problem And yeah I like to fuck I got a fucking problem I love bad bitches, that's my fucking problem And yeah I like to fuck, I got a fucking problem If finding somebody real is your fucking problem Bring ya girls to the crib maybe we can solve it Hold up bitches simmer down Takin' hella long bitch give it to me now Make that thing pop like a semi or a nine Oh baby like it raw with a shimmy shimmy ya Huh, ASAP get like me Never met a motherfucker fresh like me All these motherfuckers wanna dress like me Put the chrome to your dome make you sweat like Keith Cause I'm the nigga, the nigga nigga, like how you figure? Getting figures and fucking bitches, she rollin' swishers Brought her bitches, I brought my niggas, they getting bent up off the liquor She love my licorice, I let her lick it They say money make a nigga act nigga-rish But at least a nigga nigga rich I be fuckin' broads like I be fuckin' bored Turn a dyke bitch out have her fuckin' boys, beast

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How does this shit still bang...
ugh A$AP Rocky is SUCH a daddy and saying that usually makes me cringe
gift ntokozo
The beat goes in hard, October 2018 anyone?
September 2018 anyone??
Lebu Ayiga
who still thinks kendrick lamar's verse was lit
Emma Mireles
October 2018??
Elan Abrahams
If this came out today.....will blow away all these mumbles
Who's here august 2018?
Koby Philibert
It’s weird to look at the comments and see 4 weeks ago and not 2 years ago that’s how you know this shits still hype EDIT: thanks for all the likes y’all
Ymbert Bonaventure Dickens
drake used to look like a turkish kebab restaurant manager.
iyanna coley
Kendrick Lamar is the reason middle schoolers were yelling out “girl I know you want this dih” at substitute teachers🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️
James Fralick
back wen drake was an actual rapper
this songs goes hard from start to finish
Jaden Serda
This might be the most well rounded song of all time like you need every one of the hooks and verses from the different rappers to complete this song
Drake was in the zone in this bih...
Queen Bee
I wonder if young Kendrick Lamar knew that by 2018 he would be proclaimed as one of the greatest rappers of all time
zombies blood
So we gon act like A$AP and Travis Scott don't look the same. Aight.
Grizzle ‘TuneIN
Not even a meme can ruin this song
cole aguilar
Not a big fan of drake but damn
Who's watching in April 2018...
Emil t. myking
who here from genius?
unpopular opinion rocky has the best verse
Honest Guy
This song is a banger. The Rob Level remix is still my favorite version though. *NUTS*
Tresh Thompson
who is watching this in 2018
kinggg J
Who's still here in January 2018?
Danai Matibe
Thank God I never bought those leather t-shirts
Kendrick Lamar..BEAST!!
Tinashe Gamanya
September 2018!??
Quentin Bizz
asap rocky and Kendrick Lamar 🔥🔥🔥
Broken Teeth
All my Favorite Rappers. Man this takes me so back!
yung nigga21
kendrick killed it!
October 2018? Anyone?
Samiyah Green
3018 ?😭
Loui Andersen
Khabib!!! Smash this chicken drakes face!
*"Guh i'm Kendrick llama"*
Saint Louis
2018 and Drake still had the best verse
f the girls with the booties, tho they looking fine too... but rocky looks fine asf
All In
The biggest hit of rap scene ever .
Obinna Africa
Asap and Travis Scott look alike bruh
This song makes me want to play Wii without the safety strap
Michael Stama
2018 still wanna my fav songs 🙌
Isabella Washington
who still listen to this song
Cancer Man Aka. SlaayerPlaayer
Like always; Kendrick killed it
J cole shouldve had a part in this
Yousef Ramadan
ASAP Rocky lookin like he about to sign the Declaration of Independence
B 1
Pusha Thanos
funny vidéos
If Eminem was on this we would have a triple murder
Der Gopnik
Summer 2018 ?
Jaroslaw Glowacz
"Kill 'em all dead bodies in the hallway" Kendrick Lamar sings at 3:09! That must be illegal! I report it to YouTube!
a b b y
ugh A$AP lookin yummy asf 😋
Elsie Ross
whose watching in 2018??
Chris Reyes
Who in that lil music streak ? All them middle school bangas
Jopy Catalin
Who listening in 2018 ? 😂
Chef Boycardee
Rocky looks like hes about to sign the declaration of independence lmao
DaRealCarlos \
This gets monetized. Must be family friendly...
Alexis Mitlo
Kendrick verse still lit
DeadOn Arrival
september 2018 🔥
Cocoa Femme
I logged on because I read about Kendrick Lamar being honored. Kudos......my brotha.
Fraided フレーデッド
I can't take Drake seriously with that haircut.
Courtney Elaine
TheG.O.A.T 05
Kendrick looks so different
this is hot lol
Lou Dicks
I wish Rocky and Kendrick would do more records together
Lol, they could’ve never made this tune during or after the #MeToo witch hunt. Thank God this came out in 2012!
Frank Johnson
O yeah I am richer than u but I don't know how to get image thing so stop raping the boiiiiii 😎🤑😱
Gods Will
October 2018??
ninjaXgaming _
These features were legendary
Tomas Aparicio
Drake's hair do and beard decided to switch places😂😂
Jan Florenciano Sanders
When Drake looked like Salah
Anonimation animações
0:49"Chimi Chimi ya" did A$ap rocky just predicted the future😱😱😰
Sphamandla Thusini
Drake put some sauce❤️❤️
Roza Cossa
November 2018
Detective Hawk
Welp, at least he knows what his problem is...
September 2018? :v
superlane 81
Thats my fukn prob em
Rafsan Shakur
Veady Mwenda
Beat still tough in August 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
2 chainz was the perfect choice for the hook of this song
M a r l t o b
Why did I watch this with 10 years?
breana brown
Young kendrick 😘
Damn, I swear Time flys faster than the speed of light. Six years flew by in a blink of an eye.
Ayshea Forshaw
A$AP so fineee😍
Ezra Przytyk
Damn.. who misses this era? When Kendrick, asap, drake, big sean, meek mill, 2chains and so on were all the new shit in the mainstream, Lil Wayne, Jay Z and kanye were still kings. Joey badass and logic were still underground etc.
I love the wait for kendrick
t.e. w
🔥October 2018
Riley Smith
I remember smoking blunts in the back of the Honda to this
Jayden Wiilams
Read more
K To The A
A$AP: "All these motherf*ckers wanna dress like me" Kendrick: *Is dressed like A$AP" Has anyone noticed that all these years?
Bartty Sky
the fact that I never paid attention to this being a Rocky song means I should get smacked
Mili fact baby
XXXXX XXXX X WOW💥💥🖤 2018% 2019% 💥☄️
Hassen jelil
Sphamandla Thusini
Drake went in😍😍😍
the banana
October 8 2018?
I came from Jungkook and Jimin's log that had this song. Such high quality😂✌🏼👌🏻
Damn this song has really aged well.. the mumble era really destroyed rap music man
Nick D
name of chick with the hat?
Jazmine Moreno
I miss this Drake. Now it's all love songs and shit. Like stfu and hype me up
TheG.O.A.T 05
I am Kendrick Lamar catch me at the bar came up and now ima star ⭐️
jack Waugh
What other songs use this instrumental?
girl, i know you want dis di