Let's Play Pokemon: White 2 - Part 14 - Mistralton Gym Leader Skyla

We add the sixth Pokemon member to our team, Asa evolves, and then we proceed to Mistralton Gym to take on its Gym Leader Skyla for the Jet badge!! Enjoy!! -- Stay connected with me! Twitter: />Facebook: Music: />Buy PurpleRodri Merchandise: />*DONATE* (All Donations Help Me Make More Videos, Thanks Friends)

Iorn Gamer
I think Skyla is Cute if you agree hit that like button like a bug going to eat you
Joe M8
The gym is so easy to beat with an Ampharos.
Nicholas Brewster
Something tells me that he lost to her a few times and just cut it out..
Samuel Lazzarini
watching in 2018 already? :v
TheVlogger Boy
Rodri you should've gotten murth before you fought elesa because he is a ground type and you could've easily defeated her
Sabrina Tan
My team: Emboar(for some reason even though samurott is my favourite) Leavanny Excadrill Zoroark Carracosta And Braviary
Jesus Arcila
one word, jolteon, that's all you need in this gym
Can't wait for flygon
Maggie Battersby
I am currently playing this and I had no good pokemon all the way up to Elesa!! I lost to Elesa like 50 times... Luckily I chose Snivy so I had Clay's gym covered. For Skyla's gym I have a Joltik! This game is so much harder than X and Y
Oliver Merton
Murtagh and thorn. That's the name of the trapinch. Great name!
Toby Nicholas
My team is... Serperior lv 36 Lucario lv 35 Vaporeon lv 35 Cofagrigus lv 37 Excadrill lv 36
Krystal Carleton
It’s pronounced SWOOBAT
This gym was ez for me, beat it in one flewl swoop
I just swanna have some fun
Diego Huitron
The inheritance cycle was such a good series of books
Yahoveh Edwards
This is good but where can u get a fire stone
Muaz Razman
Rodri,did you see your 2-D version got hit by freaking two boxes,pretty shocking and it gotta hurt...!!!
Heather Horst
PokeVerse Z
My asa envolved into umbreon in a chargestone cave
KC Kangaroo
Team: Dewott lv35 Roselia lv35 Growlith Lv35 Lucario lv36 Vibrava lv36 Zoroark lv37 Zoroark and Lucario is my powerhouse right now Lucario beat Skarmory in 1 heat and Zoroark beat Swana and Swoobat
Nate Silva
Electric type Marip gone full evolve at roughly 33 up to 35 when done just leveled her and only 10 hyper potions in bag😎
soul juice
it took you this long to evolve a riolu? Mine evolved at level 20
Milind Niranjan
My team is samurott, Lucario, Vibrava, Volcarona, Magnezone and Espeon and i have won 6 badges
DustyK Plays
Hey rodri you know acero evolved at lvl 30 my riolu evolved at lvl 27 and it kept getting ko'd also are you planning on playing black 2? plz reply
Chris Rogers
sawsbuck, volcarona, magnezone, krokorok, axew
Damon Hickenbottom
This is my team when challenging Clay. Serperior lvl 40 Scolipede lvl 40 Ampharos lvl 40 Unfezant lvl 40 Liepard lvl 40 Growlithe lvl 40 This took me FOREVER.
Jayra Garcia
My team is ... Servine Lucardio Groulithe Umbreon Trapinch (My team is almost like his, I'm surprised!)
Chapter Cookie
I actually went on the gym leaders very under leveled........ Lol just sharing
Vex Gypsy
You got soooo lucky since i tried to evolve eevee but i got umbreon (i forgot to level it up at morning)
Ty Tron
its easy if you have a electric type. I used my magnezone and pwned her.
Lucas Hendley
What is flying weakness
what are you talking about...? lol
Bjorn Venter
I'm pretty sure he does his episode without recording once before he records an episode.
Sry but he also should have got the TM for rock slide to take down Swanna...!
He also should of got the Eviolite and put it on Barky/Growlithe...!
Why did Rodri not just get a Vibrava from Lacunosa town it would have been a higher level and would of taken less training...!
Almir Podvorica
jolteon is way better than espeon
Almir Podvorica
your so dumb you have nothing to take care of flying type and asa only kills fighting and you already have nadar to kill fighting types. you dumb f*ck
Sunrise Surprise
At least he ain't the one complaining about having a life, unlike you.
Craig Harris
my favourite and least favourite eveeloutins sylveon (just relized its power, very strong, fairy is strong, good against dragon types) espeon (cool design psychic is strong USE IT BETTER THAN UMBREON) jolteon (again very strong and good at competitive) vapereon ( great water type) glaceon (strong good competitive Pokémon ) leafeon ( meh) umbreon (not strong to overrated ) flareon (weak doesn't learn many physical fire attacks useless)
How the fuck do you know that when his name isn't even showing?
thatxhero brinexguy
unless your talking to another person other than rodri
thatxhero brinexguy
he has a life unlike you
Gregor Lehany
go back to driftveil and teach servine it's strongest move
Panda Lena
sorry i mean swanna
btw i also hate skyla
I have Zoroark cause of your help now :D
You should've caught that trapinch before you fought Elisa because that ground type would've destroyed her
Phil Peters
Alvin samuel
did you train with wild pokemon
Psychic is a good move
Mike Honea
My final team was Samurott Leavanny Flygon Chandulure Meinshou and Vanilluxe
Shaunn Person
its okay she said i had 70 u r a champion
Shaunn Person
white 2 has all the good pokemon
Frank Voss
Skyla =HOT
Frank Voss
Confusion and phycic
i literraly JUST sweeped this gym with my ampharos
Martin Liu
my favourite all pokemon together is espeon
Logan Carlson
thanks for the complement on seattle i live in seattle you should go to the aquarium
Andrea Bailey
Signal beam psychic and calm mind
Miss Aquatic
Seriously? I am here in this game and I have the same game and also I have a Luxray Serperior Gardevoir Lucario Shelgon Darmanitan And at mine she has 6 POKEMON!!! And all of them are from Level 46-50 Seriously thats Unfair WTF?!
Hey would you consider when possible, doing a pokemon y lets play?
Call me an idiot if you want, but I never knew an eevee could evovle with out a stone
go to the move learn (first get the heart scale) and learn Asa psychic
where did he get the rom from
You can find breviary behind a house there on Mondays. On Thursdays in pokemon black two you find the other one
You can fly back to aspertia and surf next to your house and get the tm for energy ball. Also you should go to the pokemon world tournament and teach psybeam to espeon via move rememberer
Melody Liu
Melody Liu
Srry I meant service
Melody Liu
No Umbreon has such poor attack but it Umbreon has good defense and he already has service which is pretty defensive
9:21 I think I'm gonna throw up...
wouldn't Dig be much better option? Lucario is already relatively fast.. oh well, each for their own.
Jodi Clark RN
Wait use barky because barkys flamethrower is super effitative
Jodi Clark RN
Wahh u defeat me
Jodi Clark RN
My name is chase
Jodi Clark RN
Pysic control I don't know
han strikes
Terren Johnson
Flygon rocks
Ludo H
Piper !!
Y did people want a pink pokemon umbreon is better than espeon
Cap'n Crunch
or an espeon or umbreon :/
Rodri I suggest making Asa a Holstein
Sexy sexy skyla
Christina Thompson
nagini no no
Christina Thompson
no no no
João Ramos
eragon oh ye
Owen Novak
Teach espeon pshco boost
Rafał Skonieczny
@zjvkuqt true that dude also... im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted: goo.gl\V3nbTz
Echo Midnight
You can find psychic in the water after you leave undella town
Echo Midnight
You can find a fire stone in the desert resort but you need to use the dowsing machine
Du er blevet snydt fgt
I love trapinch
Prabash Pethuruppillai
Teach Asa Phsycic
na minha tamem :D
Lolita Dent
@sjtgyru yeah yeah we all know that! also! dude this game is tight been playing all day ==> to.ly\p622
Quilava Lucario
Why you evolve your snivy because it a good pokemon and I never evolve my snivy . But you evolve your Riolu i give you Ok.
That doesn't make you knowing more of pokemon. You still suck. We don't care if you watched every episode and played every game. CONCLUSION: YOU HAVE NO LIFE
Christian Brocks
Maybe Psychic,Signal Beam,and Morning sun. Morning to heal. Psychic cause it would be natural for it. And Signal Beam for any kind. My suggestion for it :P