The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat
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I am always home. I'm offended that these people keep asking for me and people are lying saying she's not here
Sean Raider Kebgm
What if Tamara was home?
Kraken boi Aka Tiny T. rex
“Welcomed to the kill-count!! Where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies!!” Is just engraved in my memory
Reyana Kaji
Your obsession with the female mother head (I forget her name) is so entertaining 😂😭
I just want to mention that bag head cannot survive fighting in a pool with a godamn bag on the head.
Jesus this is the only series on YouTube I actually watch every episode of.
JeSuS MoNtEsClArOs
*Why Are You Doing This?* *WHY NOT?!?!?!?!?!*
Avery Johnson
I just think its ironic how Kinsey has killed more people than pin up girl at this point
jack gruebl
Ohh she says “why not” I thought she said “were not” 😂
Jonah Baer
The ''based on true events'' is not bullshit.Its inspired by an event that a cult broke into a house of a rich guys house and killed everybody inside and stole the guys money
So glad both siblings survived. I hate when films leave one survivor when it involves families.
Twigpalm -
What if one of the characters was actually named Tamra and when the lady asks them if she's home Tamra is like "yup that's me, come in-"
A Potato Farmer
James's love of Christina Hendricks proves one thing for me High five for the red head love 🙏
Charlie Wawia
5:59 HEY LOOK IT'S SCP 096
David Strickland
James' obsession with Christina was the best part of the video 😂
Iain Kerr
I hope The Strangers 3 is called "The Strangers: Tamara's Home". Just because I really want to see what happens when they ask "Is Tamara home?" And the person at the door is just like, "Oh yeah, come on in, she'll be down in a sec... TAMARA!"
The part when she ran up on the son and got molly whopped had me weak 😂😂😂
Katsuki Bakuhoe
I kept thinking Kenzie should have took that girls mask and made it look like she was that girl, so he would have thought that was her, but either way Kenzie kicks ass so-
loved the Friday the 13th game reference lmao
Who tf is tamara
9:10 nice Friday the 13th game referens
Adrian Brock
See when doll face says why not Kenzie should have been said “This is why” then BOOM!
This was a worthy sequel to the first one. I really liked it.
Ayden's World
The Blob (1958) Beware! The Blob (1972) The Blob (1988) ThanksKilling 3 (2012) Krampus: The Devil Returns (2016) Mother Krampus (2017) Truth or Dare (2018) Halloween (2018) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Like if you want to see James do a video on one of these
Ahab the Elder Yautja
Stranger: Is Tamara home? Me: No, but my Fully loaded AK47 is still here.. Wanna talk to him?
Cute Weirdo
Sister(Whatever her name was) : Why are you doing this? Dollface freak: wHy NoT? Me,an unemotional weirdo: HA
Allie Neumann
WHEN ARE JAMES AND CHESLSE GETTING MARRIED I SHIP!! they should have a haunted weeding💜💜💜💜👻
Mimi Herrera
Yo James! Have you seen Queen Christina Hendricks in Good Girls yet?
The Grizzly Bear Gamer
Is it possible to do a kill count series of all the “Final Destination” movies?
Daniel Munoz
😂😂😂 “yeah, tired of being perfection maybe”
Kimani Richards
Kinsey: why are u doing this? Doll face:.............why not James: umm maybe cause its super mean doll face That expression james use is priceless 😂😂😂😂
Polices ALWAYS die after 5 seconds!
You and foundflix should make a channel together
Pro tip: if you're ever trapped in your bathroom with a Stranger currently punching through your door, the top of your toilet is a heavy, easy to handle blunt weapon with decent surface area for defense.
He’s so jolly for someone talking about death
Enderlord 236
That soundtrack is used in stranger things season 3 by two characters
"That might be a little traumatizing later in life" So's watching your mom get murdered.
Exk eon
dude this is literally just watching a movie for free
Ruby Rose
I actually really loved this movie. Plus the soundtrack is AMAZING
"We stalk at night; we prey at night; we're the rats!"
Cute Weirdo
The whole time while the sister and brother were walking around, all I could think of was :"What are doing Step Bro!?"
Sorry Thanks
Am i the only one that finds the doll girl kinda cute
Galactixx OwO
Honestly doll face was my favorite
Hey, I just want to say something: I'm not a huge fan of horror movies. It's not that i dislike them, just that I never really got into them. However, with that being said, I absolutely love your channel. Your Kill Count videos have given me a new appreciation for (most) of the genre and have actually got me to start watching more horror. You're currently one of my favorite content creators out there. So, keep kicking ass, James. :)
Actually respectable horror movie and sequel 👍
Bongo Cat
good satisfying deaths of the two female masks but not the guy
Stingy Turtle
he protec he attac but most importantly he fight back
Hi There
I died at the Jahovas Witness joke! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I was so disappointed when he didn't shoot doll face. After killing his parents I wanted him to shoot her in her face so bad.
Tristan Galceran
The "sorry, didn't see ya there!!" bit gets me every time
that guy
14:00 thank me later
Rokhaya Ndiaye
I actually learned that this was based on a murder in the 70s
Chase De Fanboi
The dislike count is 666...we gonna summon ELMO!!!
moni boi
that's not cranberry sauce...that's not cranberry sauce.
Dobbie_Gaming_69 -
I can’t watch the first one it’s banned due to copyright 😔
raphael brigido
I'm from the future and there is a sequel to it
Who else already watched this?
Cmon James, not 1 joke with the bloody smiley? (6:23)
Scott West
I found the movie just okay, but the pool scene was pretty fantastic.
Baghead is my favorite character dont @ me
Jack F
2nd time watching just got that Friday the 13th game reference
“Oh there she go” I freaking love your commentary
Am I the only one who wants a cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart by James A. Janisse? Really? I'm the only one?
Jac 7248
7:00 watch it’s a jump scare if your intrested
How was kinzie out of everyone able to survive this
Bladen Ferrier
"That is the easiest way to win as a counselor after all" Nice f13th reference
It's super subtle, and I think only real true Dead Meat fans might pick up on it, but I think James might have a bit of a thing for Christina Hendricks.
BrookeLynn Wilson
Watching this while I’m home alone and I’m young bro
SavagePhantoms 9000
I just wish that Pin-Up girl had more screentime than 3 minutes
Axel Nilsson
Wait a minute wasn’t there another Mike in the original heh kinda funny that in both movies there’s a dude named Mike that you give golden chainsaw to
aaron Sandoval
Hello so official hinjust in felipines Islas they killing civil women for prostitution and them are deep in additions too in forniquetion too but quickly and quickly and quickly salvation no pay taxes for sinners
Pretty much based on true events could mean that it was just one murderer in a trailer park
Ben Cherry
сука блять
Bag head chasing Kensi in the flaming truck reminds me of Christine running down Buddy Reperton.
Nobody's gonna bring up that Lemon Demon reference?
no name productions
oMg U WerSoo WrOnG JamES hE WaS StIL AliVE KJBKEFJBEKFJBK.HVDHKHyuUCughvGCJG (this was a joke XD)
S. White
If I wanna watch a movie, I watch this first.
Water Sheep
After watching this I didn’t answer the door for a month
Raven Carter
The pickup truck that's on fire is dating Christine.
NSA- NightShadeArmy
I love how he foreshadowed the end of the movie “last time they could spend as a family”
Dolphin HQ
9 year olds be like after watching the sequel: "Bagface is still alive, you bubble-nugget stinky poopoo man"
Toga LeBlanc
The actor who played the mom is my favorite actor ( I forgot her name)
Ohio Against The World
damn, "Dollface Stranger" was hot....
TTV.JosephIsBest -Fortnite
The Strangers:Pray in The Day
Elite Hedgehog
I remember the trailer and I was like YEET NAW
Kai Prince
Is nobody gonna mention the fact that the Strangers are not wearing gloves? How they weren't identified for 10 years is beyond me...
Master Ben
But James...I'm a Jehovah witness 😈
Josh G
didn't your mom ever tell you not to talk to STRANGERS?
Did you know that the strangers is based on a true event just not the second one
Ephraim Anike
Please do Texas chainsaw kill count
"walking away like action movie hero girl", can't believe he made a lemon demon reference
It was different this time they all died well at least two it's there is a big chance bag head died but there is that small sliever that he could have servied but I dought
Madam Blade
I'm cracking up at the jahovas witness joke.....I can't 😩😂
Im rewatching this kill count and thought what if there are more than just the three masked people, it would answer how the masked man could throw the cinder block then automatically appear to kinsey
Mike XxIcePlayz
You know this is based on a murder in the 70s in california check out Shane Dawson's unsolved murders and it's in it
Kile C
I think "The First Purge" is out on blue-ray. Like if you you know too and so James can see this. EDIT:I see you find my typo (you you) i too have realised. And HOLY CRUD,i have over 400 likes!!!
Camryn Cromedy
that movie scared the living crap out of me 😂😂😂
Why do i always watch the sequel first instead of the first film