How to Harvest & Use Dandelion Root for Best Health Benefits

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John from shares with you how he harvests and uses his dandelion roots for the best health benefits. In this episode, John will harvest his 1-year-old dandelion roots and demonstrate how he gets the maximum amount of beneficial phytonutrients out of them along with other synergistic root vegetables to make one healthy drink. After watching this episode, you will learn one of the best ways to extract the nutrients from your dandelion roots as well as other roots that you may be growing in your garden. Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos like this: Follow John on Instagram at: Watch all 1250+ Episodes from GrowingYourGreens at /> Buy Seeds that John Grew at: /> Talk to John for 10 Minutes for Just $5 /> Related Links: Find the Best Juicer for You: /> Support John and buy your Juicer at

E Nicholson
why am i seeing roundup commercials attached to all your videos? is ther a way to veto that? because i know you dont support that company.
Dylan T
someones poop'n purple tonight.
without a juicer, I just broil them roots, leaves and flowers with a few slice of ginger and drink the water - it helps with my cold and during flu seasons.
The Plant-Based Homestead
I really liked this video John. I also have to say that my husband was watching The Vegan Zombie from our local area of Syracuse, NY and it made my night because he found you at the Expo and you said hello! If we ever get to your area, the first person I'd like to meet is you John. You started my adventure to a plant-based lifestyle just by helping us grow more ourselves. We keep chickens for permaculture and my daughter sells all the eggs for her education. I came across the first person to tell me I should do what most farmers do once the older girls stopped laying...process them. MY chickens, MY rules! They are there to till the garden soil which all of the older girls do well. They have treated us well and made us laugh, so we in turn keep them happy and healthy no matter their age. So thank you for your generous videos educating people on sicknesses, how plant based diets can save our lives, and also kindness to animals. I'm not vegan per sey...I take more of the plant-based approach, but we do love our animals too. Best regards!
Hey man, good video as always! I think you should do a video on more exotic fruits like palm fruits, blue flax lilies, fruiting cactus/succulents, corydline fruits, blue or red/pink bananas, pepino, dwarf fruit trees, fruiting bromeliads (pineapples), gingers, rose apples, coloured veggies (silverbeet, rhubarb, chard, purple potatoes), red/pink finger limes, glass gem corn, hybrid fruits, pandanus fruits (hala tree, etc), y star summer squash..
Edward Hawkins
I juiced a dandelion root the other day. It tasted like I crushed a prednisone into my juice. Sooooo bitter. Not giving up though. Just gotta refine the recipe.
Gobi Grey
I just love shoving my hand in the dirt and getting sliced by broken glass. Makes me wonder what the heck the previous owners had in the yard! I find some every year.
Chopped, dried and roasted dandelion, chicory and burdock root makes a tasty beverage similar to a coffee... I also put this into my homemade herbal bitters to give liver support and give the concoction a deep, brown color similar to brandy.
DIY- Cheap Healthy Cooking
Bitter = anti cancer. Man up powder puffs.
Josie Lee
I would love to see more videos like this John. Thanks for sharing!
Silvia Andrade
I was thinking about harvesting dandelions and drying them up! Thanks for making this video!
Thirty Two
I really love the Roundup ad for dandelions right before your dandelion episode
blu juju
dandelion is an important herb in asian medicine. it is great for all of the things you mentioned and i think for preventing prostate and urinary issues. plus its safe and natural. i even used to give dandelion to my squirrel, tak-tak, because they get damp heat in the lower jiao from eating so many nuts. he was a bit prone to bladder issues. but dandelion helped and in the wild squirrels eat a lot of roots including dandelion. we can learn a lot from watching animals and what works for them. however your carrot sexy talk gave me flashbacks to the 'alien invasion' in lexx! haalp!
ApacheRobotics 2016
you need more compost videos! please!
those emo carrots look like they've been listening to some Thursday
Babeen Loved
The flower is awesome too not just the greens and the roots boiled down into a tea is amazing for the liver
killuminate peacefulness
im gonna plant some weed(; organic though
Hey john! Took a break from YouTube for a while so I haven't kept up on all your ideas about veg. What do you and your gf think about Whole Foods? I live in Vancouver and I have a limited balcony space for growing. I like to go to buy things at WFoods that are on sale but it is super expensive. I also hear from a little bird that WFoods is under the Monsanto umbrella. Thoughts?
Chancellor Merkelisms
Things are growing great, except for your hair. WTF bro. John's rockin those bangs.
Vertigo Studios
I was hoping to see you juice nothing but the Dandelion rhizome to see how much juice it produced.. it didnt seem to make any juice when you threw that first one in. Id like to see how many it took to get a quarter cup of juice.
Elizabeth Long
˚◔◔ ..great
Rob Heals
thats terrible that miracle grow ads on this lol
Reed Finkleton
Plant hemp everywhere - George Washington and Jefferson said, hemp is of FIRST necessity to the wealth and protection of the country. Sounds like dumb pot heads to me.
Mark Spain
John, I watch the news and then I watch your channel. I need something to let me know I'm not insane. I love ya like a brother, thanks for what you do.
JB Kelley
Hi John, I just recently discovered your videos. I was looking for a video on how to make your own garden and how your videos. Your videos are VERY helpful. AWESOME! Thank You!!!
Tyrone Harshaw
great show 😀
Ria Coleman
John, what do you do with the pulp?
15:13 It looks like red wine lol
rod mcleod
who sells those purple carrot seeds ?
John has garden bed head
tam Le
your hair look funny wih
Atul K
lots of talking and advertising. less information as always..
Britney Beautiful
Do you know I think your hotter then normal and is because are healthy muaww! Thanks!
Dave Davies
~thanks for sharing, as always, John,...we appreciate you sharing the knowledge & #GrowersLove! ☝️😉💚 ps.-purple carrots rock,...try the purple potatoes, too!
Rush Yahr
The juicer concept, I kinda like that. I try to eat mostly paleo, but I have tried experimenting with pure vegan foods. I like to use garlic, I think it makes up for the fact that their is no meat. What exactly are you suppose to do with an eggplant? The thing looks like it should be cut like a steak and fried or something.
Something Different
Don't let Lauren know that your more excited by purple carrots then her lol. I think there was hardly any juice that came out of the dandelion roots.
Arthur Ponson
What is the best way to extract the nutrients out of the maca root?
Spirit Path
will unsubscribe.... serious lack of quality information ... waste of time...
David Bethel
Great video. I'll look into your juicers.
John is so funny! "SEXY Carrots!" Lmao!
Master Bait Tour
I'm already growing purple carrots.
Unique Fashion Jewelry Boutique
Great as usual. Thank you
Jason Bean
I needs me a juicer!:)
What's a good website to order a juicer in the eu?
Jacqueline Ovens
Where can I get seeds to grow the purple carrotts
Cmdr Swainky
John I know this is about dandelions and Im not sure if you've touched on this, but what do you know about wild lettuce and its benefits? Im asking because my wife has been a victim of back surgery since she was 23 and synthetic meds only work so far and the system is always shorting her or making her wait and the withdraws are terrible. We were doing some research about natural remedies and it came up. I find it funny she would rather take something that some organization says is fine over trying something in the yard after research and years and years of applied practice. Id rather know what im putting in my food. Thanks!
If you don't already know from looking in the mirror...(I haven't looked at your video's since last year when you helped me so much as i learned from you about planting my first garden and you sold me a vitamix and juicer, thank you so much) anyway, back to how you actually look younger by at least 5 years, maybe it's your girlfriend? I'm not getting personal, just kidding, I know it must be your clean vegan diet (the healthy version), just thought you should know. Have a nice day!
I can't believe people eat those things, every spring I have thousands of those growing in my yard. (Dandelions)
Robert Thornton
How about those dark red fingertips by the end. Is that mostly from the beet or do those purple carrots do this too?
Steve Finch
I will do a D lion juice blend . . i do alot of root juicing and herbs for my i love the wild edibles that people aren't talking about. except John! thanks for your info..! lol peace to you buddy!
Ahmad Wahib
Cara untuk jual dandilion dimana?
Doogie N.D.
any recommended site to order some purple sun carrot seeds?
Lydia Eddins
What do you use the fiberous bits for? Do you just compost them?
Hi John. Great. video! Are your dandelions volunteers, or did you plant them? Just wondering if I could use the volunteers that are growing in my yard?
I notice you stopped juicing with the kuvings wide shoot. Did it start jamming more or anything?
nice video....I am going to try this...I need more juicing recipes...I feed the fiber to my worms...thanks
Anthony James
I watched one of your old videos on readying your beds for fall and winter . just wanted to say I Love Your Red Car. Heheh lol.
I wish you would show the entire juicing process. You cut off the best part.
Vee Mack
thanks man I didn't know that about the colored veges!!
c sand
"I thought my girlfriend was sexy, but these carrots are sexy!" John 2017
c sand
Can you make the videos shorter? Like if you want him to see this!
50 shades of green
full of information, as well as flavor
juice looks refreshing:')
Kevin Martinez
hell yea they are sexy
Stanley. Watson
Where can I get those carrot seeds from. Thanks for the great videos
Emily BH
John, is that a flower vase you are drinking the juice out of? That is the largest, tallest highball glass I've ever seen!
my whole front yard is straight dandelions my landlord has not cut em lol
I purchased 1000 dandelion seeds, I planted them in my garden in early March in TX, it's already May 1st and not one dandelion came out :( why do you think this is???
Charles Jacques
How's that vertical juicer compared to your green star?
Ed Yost
I would love to hear/see what kind of bread you make out of that pulp
Jane Castillo
do you sell purple carrot seeds?
Lol watch some one mistake that mix for blood.
Free the dirt, man <3
Your carrots are getting me excited too. Gunna need some alone time.
Porkchop's Papi
"For best health benefits". If this guy was Asian he would say "For best penis strength". I'm waiting for someone to tell people they need to eat grass to be healthy and strong like steers.
Bethany's World
that stuff makes me sneeze and cough all summer. why would I then want to put it in my body?