Jazz '34: Final Battle | Kansas City Band "Yeah Man"

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Robert Altman's Jazz '34: Remembrances of Kansas City Swing Kansas City Band "Yeah Man" Credits: Joshua Redman as Lester Young - tenor sax Craig Handy as Coleman Hawkins - tenor sax James Carter as Ben Webster - tenor sax Dadid Murray - tenor sax Jesse Davis - alto sax David "Fathead" Newman Jr. - alto sax Don Byron - clarinet/baritone sax Olu Dara - cornet Nicholas Payton - trumpet James Zollar - trumpet Curtis Fowlkes - trombone Clark Gayton - trombone Victor Lewis as Joe Jones - drums Geri Allen as Mary Lou Williams - piano Cyrus Chestnut as Count Basie - piano Ron Carter - bass Christian McBride - bass Tyron Clarke - bass Russell Malone - guitar Mark Whitefield - guitar Kevin Mahogany - vocal />

jazz 34 yeah man kansas city swing battle robert altman yt:stretch=4:3

Ian Boyter
This is filmed live, no overdubs, no edits.
Austin Casey
I promise you... if you played like these sax players in the video are playing in 1934 they would have kicked you off the stage. Lol They would have thought you were drunk or just trying to be funny. That being said, these guys are still swinging and sounding good for todays standards.
Raef Black
Damn , never knew they played Otto link Florida's with Selmer ligs and Mk6's in 1934. You learn something new every day !
Vino Tinto
Improvisations sounds way too modern. It doesn't fit the era at all.
Rich Ramik
Yesterday, 10/6/15, I was listening to WBGO FM (USA, NY Metro area) driving home. This was one of the featured cuts that was aired. Absolutely fantastic. The classic battle between Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins, at least in the scene, is fabulous. In my opinion, this is the way it was meant to be. Talented musicians all, not the slop (modern music/rock or whatever the hell they call it) heard today. Guess I'm stuck in the swing era. Sitting traffic, windows open, volume up have a great ol' time. In the mid-30' musicians were reaching for different ways to express themselves. These are the guys who developed swing and classic improvisation. LOVE IT.
Deschanel Gordon
Redman took no prisoners. Only if James Carter joined in
Love it !!! The CD is the soundtrack of my commute. For the nitpickers: It's a fictional movie not a documentary
Go Peace
People can over-analyze this all they want, but the thing I like about it is that it represents jazz when I got into it during the 1990s. You've got Ron Carter on the bass, Joshua Redman, and others that I still admire greatly.
G Sutton
Reminds me of when I was about 16 years old, and saw Coltrane and Sonny Stitt "Battling" in Chicago on 63rd Street. Had to look thru the window.
The phrase of Joshua is too modern and is unsuitable for the concept of this movie.
Tony Gleeson
Best part of what was in general a pretty mediocre Altman movie. But the music was great, thanks to Hal WIllner.
Minnie Blues
I have the soundtrack CD from the film "Kansas City" and the tracks are all awesome.
Robert Huang
Ron Carter on bass!
jeesus! cant find this movie anywhere! :(
Alex Neuman
JAZZ IS FENOMENAL MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruud Bergamin
Great! The way of playing in the tenorbattle (Redman/Handy) is magnificent. They create together with the band and the audience a picture of great jam sessions in the Swing Era. The most famous of them: Lester Young / Coleman Hawkins december 8 1933. That session was not only about musical personalities (or who is the boss or whatever), but also and in retro perspective about future styles in jazzimprovisation. The Hawkins approach / the Young approach.
Wesley Prado
Ai sim
Ivan Meyer Explicasax
Ирина Мугунова
@johnonorgan I've actually uploaded that version of solitude too. :)
@jbenzon1 Exactly. By the way the Tickle Toe is much better in the movie cut than in the soundtrack album.
Tyler Cassidy Music
Lol poor guy.
haha, I would not want to stand up with Redman on that
Jude F.
Victor Lewis on drums.
Carlos Arlindo
sensacional batalha entre dois saxes tenores.... que loucura!!! um dos melhores momentos do jazz!!!
john darmiento
i watch this movie every time it's on just to watch this and the ending with the two double bass players playing In my solidude just great
Hanshi Stephen Kaufman
Good jazz, 'Nuff said.
Miguel Campos
Is that Eddy Murphy sitting down? ;~) Whether this was done yesterday or in 1934 it swings! I wonder what's the objection of those that voted it down.
Jacob Peer
they both play the same mouthpiece! which one is it friends, common Help me out here!
craig handy
craig handy
Del Stanley
Who is the trumpet player at about 1:09-? He looks like Eddie Murphy in "Harlem Nights."
Very nice but strong saxo tenor battle between Craig Handy and Joshua Redman !!!
Paul Maggiore
They must have given James Carter some Midazolam to stop him from getting up.
Dale Proctor
What a blast!
Fantastic!! I had been looking for this clip many years ago and gave up. I'm thankful to have finally found it!
They won't find anybody, able to play like him.
Philipp Küderli
eddie murphy on the trumpet?
Seth Pittham
Knock yourself out. Very good
Garrett Milich
@dancingwithfrogs I believe she is gesticulating as if playing the tenor saxophone. After all, this is a tenor battle.
Alexandre Time
Muiiito booooom
Rich Ramik
By the way, I believe Yeah Man is a Fletcher Henderson composition. Check it out. "Fletcher Henderson - Yeah Man". Hawk in the Henderson's band.
Rich Ramik
Lastly, the are several "takes" of Yeah Man of Tube.
@dancingwithfrogs she's playing double bass
Alvaro Murcia
what is the name of the saxophone player in the right?
its funny how i could easily imagine james carter on his bari just standing up and and tellin them both to shut up and then playing some crazy complex solo lol
Maria Gonzalez
WAO, Lastima no tener la pelicula completa, ESE MOMENTO DE LA HISTORIA seria MEMORABLE IR A VISITARLO, SI PUDIERA VIAJAR EN EL TIEMPO SERIA UNO DE LOS LUGARES QUE VISITARIA........................................
Lucas Quinamo
Man! That's amazing!!!
Alexandre Kuzmanovic
I love Russell Malone face at 5:32 :)
Redman is the KING!
This is real swing !!!
Yiğit Soner
Kenny G sucks.
The two tenor players should have learned more about Lester Young and Coleman Hawlkins! There is no difference in style between them unlike real Lester and hawk. Not interesting at all musically.
Aaron McCoy
Minnie Blues
Best thing about the film was the soundtrack. I love every song and play them all the time.
Cole Parker
cant beat Redman
sempre que vc ler os comentários eu estarei lá aws
eu tenho esse filme :0
Joshua Redman @ 5:30 ... my god :o
I like this video, but they shouldn't pretend to be Lester Young or Coleman Hawkins as they DO NOT AT ALL play like them. They just should have been random jazzmen.
Dan Cingwith-Frogs
(5:59) Air guitar in 1934??? Don´t believe that...
Dan Cingwith-Frogs
Is there any evidence for girls playing air sax in 1934? :-)
It still sounds like the fifties, though.
Redman is raw
Mike W
Kenny G wasn't invited to play in this movie?
james carter on baritone ?
These guys are all great but had the privilege to play with James who is awesome. He knows this music like no one else. Also love Joshua Redman  for his amazing passion and fire!