Black Sabbath - N.I.B. Guitar Cover | Noelle dos Anjos

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Noelle dos Anjos
Hey guys! It was so much fun to record this one standing up :) Sorry about being out of screen sometimes haha, I still need to get used to this new "recording space". Hope you enjoy it anyways :D ~ Follow my guitar journey here: Instagram - Facebook - ~ Help this channel to grow + have access to exclusive perks & rewards here: Patreon - Thank you all for the support! Much love, Noelle
Simply Zulu
I'm a Black sabbath fan.. especially Tony Iommi.. You just won my respect and love...
MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs
I don't know... 🤔 This music 🎶 will take you to hell, 😈 you know!? 😦 And this would be awesome! 😁
Bruce L.
Nice job! I haven't played this song in over 30 years lol
The Sun the moon the star all Bear My seal
I just started learning this song a week ago and you uploaded this. I l just started playing so I like how simple these black sabbath songs are.
Ed Brown
Well done! I love it!!!!! I've been jamming to that tune longer than you've been alive LOL 😄
Who’s hatin’ on this??
Luis Aldana
She is so pretty
Isac Martins
Rumo 60K
My favourite band of all time. Still sounds great even after all these years. More classic riffs than any band.Great job
X Yyz
I love your enthusiasm! Playing the main riff along w/the recording can seem a tad boring, but you stayed true to the song, even playing the 'Tony Iommi' power chords in the 12th position. Ozzy Osbourne has a knack for finding very special guitar players; how about a tune from the Randy Rhoads years? 'Mr. Crowley'? Or 'S.A.T.O.' from Diary of a Madman?
Freaking awesome!
Além de ser bonita, toca muito bem.
Alexander Cowell
I did a karaoke of this song
Himalayan Ragdoll Cat
Ricardo Hernandez
A great song. My favorite. Youre amazing Noelle.
Isac Martins
Robert robracket Carobene
Oy yeah Guitar Goddess Noelle plays Master Tony NIB and done so well IM sure he would be delighted and Black Sabbath my fav band now perhaps one day we will here Master Randy on this channel. Excellent playing here keep on !
Maurivan Telles
Parabéns pelo seu canal, vi pela primeira vez ontem e ja me tornei inscrito, sucesso
Bad Person
Scott Minium
totally awesome!
George Schaffino
I just woke up to see & hear you play N.I.B. and practically fell out of bed!! LOVE that song!! You play like you wrote it down! ;)
Travelbeer 40
sounded great
Terry's GG&G
Wow, great job on this Noelle & stunningly beautiful as always !!
leonardo vizinhani
Gostaria de ver wheels of confusion, teria como?
Eric Schneider
És brasileira?
leonardo vizinhani
Além de linda, manda bem
Rafael Freitas
Ficou muito foda Noelle!! 🤘🏽😁
Josep Salvadó Serra
Fabio Nani
Faz algum cover de Ghost Noelle hahaha
Vixen Vendetta
Great job!! =)
du zão
Linda Vc toca demais Um dia vou tocar assim tbem.
Monish TM
Excellent cover keep rocking, check my cover of iron man(guitar(solo)+vocals with ending solo) & paranoid(bass) you may like it
Falando a verdade o tempo todo
O diabo nessa música tá pedindo a sua mão!! Mais as mãos furadas também estão estendidas; a escolha é sua!!!
Ramon Amaro
Se garante muito,parabéns
Marcelo Freire
Gostei muito
João Lucas Proença
Maravilhosa interpretação. Amo demais essa banda e tudo que vejo sobre e/ou relacionado a ela dou uma sondada... parabéns pelo vídeo. Gostaria muito deixar um pedido: faz um vídeo com A National Acrobat, por favor!!! Sou professor de História e um amante da música... mai suma vez, obrigado por partilhar isso!
mando muito bem muito estudo ai
Goten Joestar #TropaDoCafé
Muito bom! Classicão do Metal #RUMO60K
Marcos Almeida
Muito bom
Ezequiel Delmondes
Linda,e juntando a música...
Yeh Haá
Dejad que las niñas se acerquen a mi...En especial las niñas gruexxxas
j.l_ vqtqv
Tocas de miedo 👏👏👏😎 podrías tocar alguna de nuclear assault saludos flor 😉🤘
Pablo VR
Mi favorita ! Eres increíble nena ! <3
Marcos Frederic
Pelo espírito de Djagha, que clássico. Show.
alessandro soreca
Assolutamente bravissima
Larry Alarcon
My favorite Sabbath tune and fav YouTube guitarist , thanks 😀
Michael Stone
Nice noel!!
Emerson Ferreira
Manda muito bem! Um dia chego nesse nível... espero. Parabéns!
Pete Medina
Wow that was fabulous I love Black Sabbath too so keep on playing like you do and keeping the videos coming
BTW as Geezer Butler said this song is about how Satan felt in love and become a good guy! So love for all of you folks, and especially for you Noelle <3
Tim Cross
One of my personal favorites! Awesome cover, this young lady is truly a WUNDERKIND!
Ademir Alexandre
Adoro esse som
Boa noite olha só eu nunca toquei instrumento musical mas adimiro quem o faz parabéns
Deniz Ege Edige
ending song's riff is amazing also, thanks for sharing the name of the song :))
Gary Mills
1 Word..................AWESOME...........A Very Talented Guitarist
The Thrash Metal Guitarist
Awesome guitar cover and love the Epiphone Les Paul studio
The_ Wolf_64
Awesome song and great work Noelle :) One of my favorite songs from whole discography of Black Sabbath.
Wouaw Vince from belgium
Michael Parker
Well done. Sounds great ☺️
Thank you for that nice cover, Noelle!) That was pretty good, especially both solos) This is great song, Black Sabbath is my favourite band, and I'm glad to hear this song from you)) By the way, you have a beautiful hair) You rock, yeah \m/
Darko Pranjic
dark angel power off paradiseth thanx to rfidd tata tada taa taddadaaa tta dda tta daddaa
Joe Newman
Excellent cover of a great classic !!!!
Pamela Doyle
Роман Иванов
Boro s Man Cutelo
BKD Vickers
I never heard ANYONE playing this. There are a lot of other gems from that era that need to be played. I'm still waiting on some young brave soul to take on "Symptom Of The Universe" (the complete version).
Deez Nutz
im a drummer,,,lets married and start a sabbath tribute band.....oh wait im already. married.......dam it
Black sabah eterno
Baby, you amazing!
Memo Gallardo
You're so beautiful,I wanna a girlfriend like you 😭😭😭where I can find one
Ricardo Hernandez
My favorite guitarists have always been Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommy and Michael Schenker. Now Noelle Dos Anjos too.
Andy Leibrook
GREAT JOB!! The last time I ran through this one I doubt you were even born it up!!
Bud Man
Love singing Ozzy....especially Sabbath tunes! Would love to sing to your playing.
Ken Wheeler
I've been in a couple Sabbath cover bands and several other projects that did a few Sab tracks. If you could travel back in time I would have been quite happy have you in any or all of them.
Vince A
nothing like a hot dose of Sabbath! great job!
Speed Cola
I might have send u my Sg. For obvious reasons
Handlos Lima
H Haag
Talented and beautiful.. 🤟🏻
Maxwell Pepperoni boi
Perfection 🤘
Argentum Astrum
You are the Queen of Black Sabbath! 🖤👑†
timo ahola
Farouk Kane
Very cool cover, en France il y a de nombreux fans de Black Sabbath , merci pour le partage...
Eric Castro
According to what the guitar is telling me, she is very tiny like 4'7-9" maybe? Lol sounded good though
Orlando Queiroz
Incrível hehe
Lenin V1
Lov you!!!
Relic Reapers
I love hot girls playing good rock/metal guitar 💋
Best cover on the platform.
Steve Lobianco
Keep it up beautiful those looks and riffs like that u are going far!! Steve from Southern Maryland!!
Aethelwulf Freawine
Great performance from a competent and lovely performer. Cheers from michigan!
Andy Speakerman
Why is this ladie not world famous ?
Jerry Mann
I'm actually on a 2 week long school trip and I don't know what state I'm in, but good job (jib)
Au Revoir, Shoshanna!
Good job, sounds so good
Bump Of Death
Nice you are very talented keeping that guitar down low under belt Looks good move practice standing up you done a great job my video on my page and scribe please
Women who dig Metal are gonzo hot! Women who play and dig Metal are off the Ritchter Scale...I love you Noelle. I dig your playing and the tunes you choose to cover. Thank you!
Bass Covers
i can play the basss introooo heh
Leonardo Cruz da Mota
Parabéns toca demais vendo seu vídeo de bombtrack consegui tirar a música hahaha q é minha favorita do R.A.T.M ouça Project46 banda de metal brasileira muito foda se vc ainda não conhece vale a pena conhecer e fazer um vídeo de uma música deles 👊 muito sucesso pro canal ja sou fã abraço 🖖✌