hello hello- jang geun suk with english sub

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i do not own the video - a original soundtrack of marry me mary or mary stayed all night long.. Please on the CC for English translation of the song.. Thank you..

Sophie Biersack
2018 ????
Karen Austin
Jang Geun Suk's voice is amazing.  So soothing and beautiful.  I could listen to him sing and speak all day.
Jessica Angela
His long hair 😍 that smile 😍
Tempest Rider
2016 and I'm still watching this! Still the best confession everrr!!!
Faraa Ricci
2015 & still goosebumps when he said "merry christmas, i love you!"
rodelyn sismoan
i really like jang geun suk..he's so really handsome the way he sang.. ..i admire he;s  voice..<3
Flitz Mouhrin
I am a writer and I'm suffering from mental block a while ago... I remembered jang geun suk. I just randomly clicked this video. I already watched it long time ago but this song brought me smile. Now I know what I need to write romance novels. A guy to be an inspiration. DAEBAK!!!!
Georgia Ortiz Sandy
Creo que una escena así,es el sueño de toda mujer romántica,adoro este dorama y esta canción.
nanakris doggie
JANG KEUN SUK is the only Korean actor /singer that I truly love n support. He is totally unique, charismatic n talented ~♡♡~
Daphne Licu
"MAE RI CHRISTMAS SARANGHAE" omo fam it never gets old 😏 // 2k17
Yu Ki
Jang is so handsome 😍
Noelia Rojas
Podria ver esto mil veces y jamás cansarme ❤
Already 7 years? It was one of my first drama. Can't believe I watched drama for so long and still understand only few words in Korean... I should master it! wtf
szgem s
oct 2016.. jang geun suk.. saranghe..
imene algerianne
i love Jang Geun Suk
Indah Nova Niusi
Oppa Jang geun suk..Miss u so much.. Miss this movie "Mary Stayed Out All Night"
Diem Phuong
i love u.. i always support you..jks
mhae kdrama_fanatic
My favourite drama of all time.. JAng geun suk ur awesome..
Grace Grace
Im gonna die watching this hahaha
zenaida rodriguez
I love  this oppa Jang geun suk
Lizita M. M. Custodio
Me encanta Sukkie, pero la prota bien feita para él. Mejor es Yoona y Park Shin Hae. Sorry si alguien se siente aludido. :)
Tanzin Dormen
I Love you so so so so much JGS .... Biggest fan of yours <3
Cyona Velori
This voice is so sexy for some reason. Kyaaa~<3
Roby Rosmayanti
I love his voice 😊😊😊😊
Diana Campos
es hermoso este dorama <3 no me cansó de ver este dorama la amoooo me encanta jang jeun suk ese oppa me robo el corazón <3 *-* ^^~~ oppa saranghe yeong wonhi hamkke oppa <3
Ibtisam Amir
I love you so much special when he said marry Christmas I love you
unknown -
:) I love korean OST songs  
yhang29 solo
best ever,,, love it jks forever,,,
Rose Stine
2017 still watch. 😊
liliane liliane Bohlok
I love jang keun suk
roxana frias frias
este es mi personaje favorito kang moo kyul es demasiado hermoso tierno y sexy
Miriam Rojas
gharah 24
my favorite parts. :-) :-)
I can watch this over and over and over again ...
Samar Alobaidi
wow  I love this song
Juana Arboleda
Me encanta ese hombre, todo en el es hermoso
Miaka Yuki
My loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jang Keun Suk...so handsome😍
Walaa Abd Elati
how  someone can be so cute ... sexy annnnd cute <3 looooove JGS so much ... sarang hae oppa
Génesis PV
Daebak!! new drama of Jang Geun Suk prince of Asia :3
Greyz !
Y so hot JKS! This never,fails to give me chillss
jang keun sukiiii forever :D <3 <3 sanranghae oppa <3 <3
Olive rose Tactay
..,jang geun seuk is lav!he is a t0tal package!😉
Jina Haobam
😍😍😍😍😍all time favorite
Harija Saban
that scene.!!! oh my.. Make me jealous to Mary Huhuhu .saranhae jang geun suk. ♥♥♥
Sakura Haruno
I love him 😍😍😍
Jhaycee GuenSuk
Ang Cute Ng Voice Ni Bhaby Jang Guen Suk <3 <3
Wendy Fernandez
Mi príncipe es bello, me encanta!! ♡(∩o∩)♡
Lakkana Luckky
love jang geun suk ^^
mirian charri
I love You Jang Geun Suk ♥ 
He looks like a rockstar and sings like a ballad singer. Ugh. "My Precious" & "Bus" are the best songs.
maju Yñz 97
ame esta escena... de Mery.. wwaoooo aaa i love ( jang geun suk) :3
Isabel Silva
Me encanta este Drama, el principe es espectacular
childish sadbino
Bheng Salve Aguilos
jang keun suk I LOVE YOU😘😘😘
ملكة الاحزان
روِعٌهِ شٍګلَ وِحٌَّسأَّّس 😍😍
Sarah DO
Jang Geun Suk hello hello hello saranghaeeeeee
Hind Hanouda
Oh my god i love u jang geun suk
Laura Gabrielian
My Jean Geun Suk <3
Monica Julius
I love the way he sing
Noor Hussen
فديتك حبيبي شكد اعشقك جانغ سوك
BIGBANG YTfrezzingking
wacth jakpot just new drama
• Echizen ryoma
Hello Hello .
,,,WoWw So NICe VoiCE IloVe U My IdOl
hamdi hannechi
Riza TV
Urgh. Rewatching again! Still soo kilig 😍😍😍😍
esmerada izaguirre
Me encanta esa canción y el adorable!!!
james mensidor
jang geun suk nice music
Kiki Kiro
i love hello hello
jacqueline barrera diaz
me entanta jang geun suk y despues que  vi la serie mas me gusta besos desde chile ♥la amo
กนกวรรณ สนามเขต
Jawad Mohammadi
Hello hello
Rosa Pérez
asi pase el tiepo jks eres el mejor 2016
Mary Grace Beltran
haist! still, JKS my #1 korean crush. the eyes...the voice....the smile......
Maria Cristina ocampo zandoval
Lindo lindo simplemente lindo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sherihan Adel
I miss him it was a great drama😍😍
Micaela Luna
es muy hermosa la canción
Gloria Flores
Cielo estas súper divino muy BRILLANTE y ELEGANTE interesante excelentemente maravillosamente espectacular magnifico
nchimunya kabanze
The way he played the guitar so lovely
Zarina Isaeva
изумительный песня
Галина Винар
Сошик я тебя обожаю..
لايك اذا في ٢٠١٦
Noor Hussen
فديتك حبيبي شكد اعشقك جانغ سوك
Gvf Jhhj
انا احبك ايها المعتوه
Madina Ochilova
люблю эту песню и дораму Красавчик!!
waaa sukkiee :3 que me diga eso a mi tb :v
Htwe Aung
ishtar ishtar
awww varias quedamos asi...jks te amooo
I love his smile, and the way he performs. 😍😍
Mery Arr
Porque eres y seras el amor de mi vida 💗💗💗💗
Tiah Games
His voice is so pretty~
Rangsit Mano
Hello,hello..Jang Geun Suk..l always miss you .(17/12/10)
crystal csc
jks super like!
Julie Korir
My favourite song of JKS.
Vilma Gomez
amo a mi sukki
High Mamo
Jang Geun Suk hello love you
the drama where i preferred the other guy than the leading man XD
User User
Cristal Basilan
One last month B4 2018.and still watching this. Saranghamnida JGS💗💗💗