Everything Wrong With The Strangers In 10 Minutes Or Less

With The Strangers: Prey at Night coming soon, we thought it was a good time to take another look at the 2008 film, The Strangers. It has Liv Tyler, that guy from Underworld, masks, and of course... sins. Next week: A couple of action sins videos. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: />Sins Video Playlist: />Tweet us: />Reddit with us: />Tumble us: />Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book: Merch:

Saddest death in this movie? The Blue Bell Ice cream.
Amar Original
Scary because it's random; no reason for them doing it to them except for fun. This is the scariest element of the movie in my opinion, it could happen to anyone.
Kristen tripped over... darkness? 😂😂😂
Earth Is A Donut
Ever wondered what would happen if the killers entered a house full of red-necks or thugs...would love to see one of them sneak in and all their heads turn with shotguns and pistols
Voice of REASON
Literally, shoulda just sat there in the corner with the shotgun after they accidentally killed his friend. Would have sat there all night or until they smoked me out lol.
"Get out of the car?! GET OUT OF THE CAR?! Just drive around the truck dumbass!" - I felt that in my heart lool, like for real what were they thinking?
I get it's supposed to be scary, but when she said "Because you were home" I laughed my ass off. She said it so simply like it was obvious too! XD
Caleb Wilson
This movie is infuriating me by this video alone. You can all pretend the mask people have magical shoes on that muffles all of the sounds, but I cant!
The LMMC Program
Scott Cramer
2:59 Okay I’m pretty sure that’s why they picked it. It wasn’t just a “convenience”.
Dingle Barry
He even hired Michael J Fox to film the proposal.... very thoughtful for her, not so much so for the audience.
hobiismyhobi _
I went to go see The Strangers: Prey At Night yesterday. U SHOULD DO THAT ONE NEXT!
Lord Solaire
8:48 Once upon a time, they're was a ice cream that was never eaten, nor fallen, even in a horror movie. Ting.
Francis the Groovy Mule
1. Everything There, I just saved you all 10 minutes of your lives
Is it bad that I watch most of my movies through Cinemasins?
"Liv Tyler holds her beer like she's a cowboy at a saloon." How is that a bad thing?
“Because cops tend to show up when no one has called them.” - Sin 54 Movie logic in a nutshell.
JP Studios
The guy in the white mask should've easily been dead from the shot gun blast to the front door he was standing in front of
Me and my sister love watching bad horror movies, but this one had us rooting for the bad guys, the main characters of this movie are SO bad at defending themselves it starts to get funny.
You missed the most egregious sin! When the idiot couple has been captured and tied up, Liv Tyler is suddenly back in the dress she wore to the wedding at the beginning of the movie? When did that happen?! WHY did that happen?! Did the Strangers make her change her clothes before they tied her up. WHY??? I remember this specifically b/c I saw this movie in the theatre and I was SO convinced that the film must have skipped and cut out at least 10 minutes that I actually got a refund from the cinema. "You obviously had a technical glitch and now the movie makes no sense!"
Gallagher girl
“Get out of the car? GET OUT OF THE CAR?!?! Just drive around the truck, dumbass!!!” Okay this line has me dying😂 the way he said it was so perfect and totally explained how I was feeling while watching this
Stephanie P
Lol I remember how this movie pissed me tf off. So many lost opportunities.
Hush is similar but I think it did it better then The Strangers haha
6:02 best cinema sins moment ever
people who say "they could be mentally disabled" are just giving the killers an excuse. a mentally disabled person's actions arent held accounted for. because they have no concept of right and wrong because their brains are messed up. they dont act as an organised group. and those killers on the other hand had the "thought" to cover up their faces. meaning they know that revealing their faces would be dangerous for them. MEANING that they know danger "wrong" so they have concepts of right and wrong, something a mentally disabled person doesn't. so they know that killing is wrong but they do it anyway because they are evil psychopaths NOT because they are "mentally disabled" .
Mr. Devil 4304
So, did she survive? Was she taken to the ER? Did that kid punch her after getting jumpscared and she finally died? COME ON MOVIE
Pancouver venguins
If you questioned the amount of candles around the tub then I question you knowing girls at all 😂😂. All the girls I've dated have tons of candles, my last x had grocery bags full.
First dead meat then foundfix and then CinemaSins why is this movie so popular all the sudden
Alyssa Corrigan
"What you are about to see is inspired by true events" Me, watching this at night: okay yeah never mind
Battlefield Earth is a sci-fi sin fest ripe for the picking! Do it! :-)
Khasib McCray
No there should be way more sins more sins I want justice damnit
Chris johnson
I absolutely hate the fact they didnt drive around the truck thats the dumbest thing I've ever seen in a movie
The Greek Pianist
Liv Tyler was great in this movie, she was real cute :)
Speedruns for charity USA
3:44 (swings left) "Who are you?" (grabs a knife) "back away (Stranger advances) (a series of violent stabbings end with said intruder on the floor in a pool of blood, she then gets a gun and proceeds to hunt down the home invaders commando style.)
Joshua Schneider
At 9:00, I just thought of Obi-wan saying “hello there.” It worked, and it made this movie so much more stupid.
Leave the ice cream out.....do you want ants, because that is how you get ants
Rman Nayr
Leonardo Travinci
Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear
horror movies went from scary to unexplained endings, motives and story that'll always leave you pissed off
6:00 LMFAO I'm never heard him so genuinely mad
Sophia Wood
Swagmaster S4AN
I hope gor the next time you do a Cinemasins on a scary movie, You should do: *Everything Wrong With Final Destination (2000)*
Mars Bar
You should do CinemaSins on the second one so many things need sins in that movie lol
Lil Miss Silly
Is this shit the purge? if so *WHY? MY FAV MOVIE :'V*
Rodney Gutrick Jr
the first jumpscare made everybody jump ong xD
Ricky Barnes
Takes 1 semester of film class at the local community college, creates 8million+ sub YouTube channel. A true underdog story. <3
Jacob Rickayzen
Everything Wrong With Final destination!! Please!!
Shirlee Bostrom
I love all these you guys do! Its Nine O clock on a Saturday!😂
You should start doing a "No service" cliche sin
The Riddle Man 7235
Man Cinemasins is the #1 best YouTube Channel I’ve seen! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Why do you not have 8 mile!!! WHY CINEMASINS!!!
Matt Dobson
I hated this movie so much. I've seen some people call it their scariest movie they've ever seen, and that is just a terrible opinion. It's such a shit movie lol
Kenneth Ford
GOnna start from now...... Any video i watch untill it happens... I want EVERYTHING WRONG ABOUT US!!!!!! fUCKIN HATE THAT MOVIE!
Sarvesh Subramanian
6:25 Lost every bit of respect for this movie when they dared to shoot the golden god. He’s a FIVE STAR MAN
“More Speedman than you can handle”?? *CORRECTION I’ve got a fever... and the only prescription is MORE SPEEDMAN
Gears Starting
The narrator at the beginning of the movie sounds like the person that does the intro for Law & Order: SVU.
Rman Nayr
Plus 1 More sin because we don't know if She Lived or Not!
This man exudes sex
honestly not gonna lie that 1st jump-scare scared the hell out of me even in this video
R Navs
The stupidest part was when he ran out to the barn and TOOK THE GUN WITH HIM!!!
Soil Bound
Why make a sequel 10 years later? *ding*
The Ghostbusters edit killed me, like *MY GOD IT FITS SO WELL-*
elle hilliard
I respect you even more now that I know you understand Blue Bell! Peace, El
Miku chan
This movie isn't scary to me personally, its more of a phycological horror. The home is suppised ti be safe but no.
Sin 51 (starts @ 6:01) cracks me up. The intensity in his voice is just hysterical
Couch T.
Thought the title said “Stranger Things” for a sec
Woosh Bait
Dumdum, wow I like saying that.
Hiddenkill 2520
Liv cryler! that made me laugh so hard (i get the whole liv tyler joke)
Zion's World!
In the new one she says; WHY NOT?
Keyser Sozie
The only good thing about this flick was Liv.... Other then that,,,, completely idiotic. Another great review. Well done.
Chantal Alecia
Cinemasins has ruined my movie watching experience. Now I am just way too critical. Dings everywhere 😭
Jutta Maier
Brilliant. And amuzing. Thanks!
Tate Indvik
forst of all fyck you brody/jabroni >:(
3:50 that's the first time ever a jump scare made me jump when it was in a CinemaSins video
Steve Lazzarus
Should have been plus 20 for leaving blue Bell out
bennett white
anyone else watch the dead meat kill count for this yesterday
Tomáš Bastl
"This is not opening on any of her records" ...now this was old school sin! Nicely done :)
Timber The Wolf
'the thumbnail' Me: Dr. Gaster.... Is that u?
getting the new strangers ad on this... my life makes sense now
Dinosaur Spy
Wow! Puncture a "classic". :-)
Jesus Valadez
Tbh the only scary part for me was when they said “because you were home”
Tanner Simpson
It doesn't have Billy Joel's "The Stranger" in it. *Ding
5:06 "Went full-on Carrie Underwood on James' car" 😂😂
Lord of Bagels
Lol, I love the EWW horror movies, since ALL OF THEM make very stupid mistakes. And no, lampshading them DOESN'T make it ok when you still go through with them. Just once, I'd like to see a horror movie where the horror villains try to pull all that clichè shit and it utterly fails and the heroes kick their asses. Or, better yet, you actively see the people try to do the sensible things (flee, call the cops, arm themselves, stick together, etc.) But the villains keep thwarting their efforts by having sabotaged everything nearby, including the radio towers, cars, phone lines, power lines, etc., which we are shown. And then they get their asses kicked anyways. Also, no jump scare bullshit. Now THAT would be a cool horror movie worth watching, no? Discuss.
Nao Tomori
is A N Y O N E notice my comment ITS SOUNDS LIKE A STRANGE 2018?
Venom King
Cenima sins will unwittingly cause a new pirates of the Caribbean theory to arise Ding!
Mike G
I always LMFAO at your videos, but most of the movies are good and then you come along and destroy my happy memories.
The Ice
The pronoun game is our favorite game right CinemaSins?
General Irons
Y'all know CinemaSins can't do a movie on Black Panther. They'll Lose their subs, be demonetized, sued, called racist, flamed, and eventually lynched
When you read through the comments so the vid scares you less
Chip Johnson
"with NO visible affect." *effect
Lord Solaire
In "the strangers" universe, "death" is not a "concept". Ting.
How to properly poison an ant
At first, it showed an add for “strangers” and I though “Wow, this got rebooted!”
Have a Nice day
2:49 CinemaSins mada a mistake. It was the opening song to her greatest hits album
The Chromosome Thief
I got an ad preview for the strangers on this lol
Thanks for the laughs! I really like your commentary!
"José and Jose-B"?? What is that quote from? I laugh my heart out!
The thumbnail, the girl on the left, her mask looks photoshopped
Ben Brown
This movie was never based on any events. The director once had someone knock on his door when he was a kid and ask for someone who didn't live there. That's it.
Fares Toumi
*see stranger things for a second *clicks on it *realizes it's the strangers * mega face palm
17 Windham
Did you actually sin Liv Tyler just because Liv Tyler?