Deadpool 2 Trailer - Deadpool Holds X-Force Auditions Breakdown

Emergency Awesome
Here's my new *Deadpool 2 Trailer* video. New Footage from the Walking Dead too. Let me know how crazy you want them to get with X-Force X-Factor Marvel Comics stories. Posting my Walking Dead Finale video next today!
Ty GuyFlyyy
Guy : I just saw the Ad DP: your in.! 😢😂😂😂😂
With all the infinity wars hype, I almost forgot about this one!
Enjoy the walking Deadpool👌🏾🙌🏾
"I just saw the add" If only it was that easy to be on Deadpools team. Also my names Russell, so that's cool to hear DP say it haha
Chicago Critic Gerald
You've heard about T.J Miller's arrest?
David Babilon
"Don´t you just love it when two of your favourite things come togheter?". Well, there are 3 in this video The Walking Dead , Deadpool and Charlie. :D
dai kirai
black domino ruined the film,
TJ Miller just cant stay out of trouble. I hope his idiocy doesn't screw with Deadpool's success too much.
How am I just now noticing that that’s Zazie Beetz playing Domino 😱🤯
Mathian Riendeau
You're quicker than the flash with these videos Charlie, props!
Boa Boy
You are on point Charlie ✌️😀🖖
Hey Jay
i love the auditions, this movie looks GOOD.
Bobby Vee
Tickets are on sale? I've got to go!
Kjoker1 007
Dont you know who i am charlie ? IM THE JUGGERNAUT BIIITCH!!!😎😡
Bryan Landron
Deadpool is gonna be good
Terry Bradford
we are in a comic movie buffet
Jonas Hopkins
Plot twist: deadpool is part wakandan
Jack Thornberry
I can’t wait for this movie!!!!!!
Deadpool - "Do you have powers?" Man - "No, I just saw the ad" Deadpool - "Your in"
Steampunk Pumpkin
Literally was watching another of your videos when this popped up, keep up the good work man!
Taste The Diff'rence
Millennial Mullett
Jordan Dreher
Did u do twd video
Great video @emergency awesome
RAJ singh 1234
Hey charlie
So is Wolverine Deadpool team up completely ruled out or is it still possible in future?
Dino Godinho
I am so hyped to watch deadpool 2- Keep up the great work Charlie 👍👍
Husain Badat
This year has gone so fast
Wade Wilson
0:16# Is colossus hitting JUGGERNAUT😵???
If you guys pause it , you can see Colossus hitting Juggernaut!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my my my!!!!!!! So excited.🎉🎊
Muhammad Elnagar
Is that Juggernaut 0:16
Biman Ghosh
I do not know about Cable and looking at the trailers it seems he is faster and stronger than Deadpool. How strong is Cable? 1 more month to go.
To your questions at the end I say neither. There's plenty of fun in the unexpected and I would not want to have everything figured out in advance.
after watching atlanta, i like zazie beetz even more now
I saw a deadpool trailer before this video😅😅😅
Lyndi Wittmann
Gosh, Charlie, do you even sleep? Loving all this content! xo
Blue Nidalee
Idk how you know all of this, YOU really are AWESOME!!
Zil Agon
Notifacton squad
Reniel Ramos
thoughts on MCU phase 4 lineup
Dominique Edwards
#Walkingdeadpool lmaoooo wat a troll yo lol
k0bra 3eak
When the Deadpool 2 trailer plays before the trailer breakdown video
Tennis addict 21
I truly hope Marvel will find a way to absorb Ryan's Deadpool without having to welcome the other Fox actors.
Shrey Vaghela
Hey Charlie do you think deadpool tv series would be on marvel streaming service.
Soham Talekar
X force, sounds like a Condom company
Fernando Ferreira
*Colossus punching Juggernaut in that trailer! :D*
Raghu Seetharaman
The mention of Russell was great. I wonder if he could be the messiah like the first one that Cable is trying to save.
Sami Shamroukh
Are you still gonna do a walking dead video
Shivam Pandey
Is it just me or is colossus less bulky than the first movie....
John Norris
Deadpool be X-Forcin'
Na Man
walking deadpool
Xforce should be crazy, full crazy time travel.
Manny Diaz
Are auditions still up??? I wanna fight along side with Deadpool.
Did you get that in slow motion?
So psyched! Thanks, Charlie!
Dont Worry
Mr Sinister
novic hader
I need a documentary on how you do all this. Honestly though, you're amazing and you do great work.
Cody Hall
This is about to be so good
Frédérik Lebrun
Awesome vids funny x force promo 😁 excited for x force movie
Kailyssia Pym
Embrace the crazy
Ashwin Kanatt
Do you think we will ever get Excalibur x-men?
Give me my Stryfe.  I know not everyone loves that original X-Force team, but I was full on original X-Force reader. Eventual X-Cutioner's song.
I know I’m gonna love this. But my hype for Infinity War dwarfs the hype for anything else
The walking deadpool season 1 episode 1
Mikey Ritchie
Cat Down The Road
goddamit Jian Yang!
RJ gomez
Hope they eventually bring in Wolverine.
i love you charlie 😂
Lucas Zamanillo
Embrace the comics
xilent zaid
Hey Charlie! Are you gonna do a Walking dead/Fear crossover.A great video by the way Charlie
what on earth is wrong with Colossus he looks sooo bad right der
Colin King
So after deadpool 2 is there going to be a 3rd or are they just making X-force movie instead?
Tim Buckey
Just call it X-Pool
Idiot Stick
So, no hope summers in deadpool 2? What was up with those teases?
Alex Kaplan
Wonder if cable will join X-force, after being forced to admit he was wrong?
I can't wait for this film!
Sadiha Brown
What if the x force gets a sequel or in the first movie deadpool and wolverine could were there grey suits like in the comics if hugh jackman was just messing with us.
Andrew Martin
If that random guy can get added to the X-Force team, then that means we all have a shot! Ha ha ha. Also cool to learn more about the characters they have and what other crazy things they can do after DP2.
Phantom Hunter
Where's The Walking Dead video, Charlie? Waiting for it!!
Vlogger 123
it would be so cool if shuri from black panther met catlin from the flash
Looks like you were right about that dark knight parody scene!
mehak S
Please do the walking dead now 😄☺️
Kenneth Swindell
Are you gonna do a video on the new Incredibles 2 trailer?
Angel Gonzalez
Hopefully they have more money so the studio can buy more xmen characters (heh) and talking dead with Deadpool?! sweet..!
Tyler Huss
Ah Deadpool this is gonna be good!
Anime Chronicles
does anybody know what comics that scene with cable calling cyclops his father is from??????????
Miller there too?
Robotnik Eggman
Did you hear the rumors of juggernaut in deadpool 2?
Xavier Wolfe
And there’s been rumors that juggernaut is in the movie,I saw a very small clip people having been making fuss about,Could you look into it
wingman g
Good movies this year to go see
Amol Soni
Do antman and wasp prelude comics breakdown
Dunk Master
Connor Magatogia
Gender neutral name for x force than x men! Hahaha! 😂😂😂
Luis Luin
Great video Charlie
Minho Cho
It’s about to be lit with all these Summer movies. RIP wallet XP
Josh Margolis
Not gonna talk about Colossus punching what looks like Jugernaughts helmet?
junior ruiz
Anybody know who makes up xforce?
Marty Cook
How about - 'Deadpool 3 - The X-tinction Agenda'. It sounds like a good pretense for Deadpool to openly mock thru the movie. They don't have to use any actual plot from the X-tinction Agenda storyline.
lolmaster xD
I,pretty sure there is going to be time travel in infinity war because I'm the Antman and the wasp they had that dialog where the they weren't talking about infinity war at all and there was no damage to the city. So doctor strange goes back in time and using the reality stone to make thanos go away.