Chris Byrd vs Vitali Klitschko

1st of April, 2000..........Berlin, Germany WBO Heavyweight World Championship

Don't take anything away from Byrd.  He fought a good fight with a lot of heart.  What is he supposed to do when the other guy quits?  But don't shit on Vitali either.  He had a bad injury that he had to have repaired... his career might've been much shorter if he fought on.  In later fights we saw how much heart he has.
Double M
Byrd shouldn't be happy he was losing this fight and got lucky
Gitfiddle 7766
I like Byrd jabbing and throwing the left to the chest. That's a lost art form. The power shot to the chest. Boxers now a days don't know how effective the shot to the chest is. It takes your breath away.
Larry Merchant was NEVER more wrong in his life when he said "Vitali doesn't have what it takes to be a champion!" Had he kept fighting and permanently injured his shoulder, we would have been denied years and years of his performances.
Chris Byrd took this fight on ten days notice, originally Vitali was going to fight Donovan Ruddock.
Wario's Gold Coin
[2000-04-01] Vitali Klitschko vs. Chris Byrd - WBO world heavyweight championship. [Berlin, Germany] Chris Byrd of the U.S.A was a very late replacement opponent instead of original title challanger Donovan "Razor" Ruddock of Canada. During the last week of March 2000, Byrd was offered the chance to be fighting for the WBO world heavyweight title as the replacement (for Donovan Ruddock) against undefeated champion Vitali Klitschko in Berlin, Germany. He therefore had only seven days to prepare for the big fight. You have to give Chris "Rappid Fire" Byrd a lot of credit for his heavyweight career. Originaly a middleweight fighter in his amature days (won Silver in the Olympic games 1992), but then decided he wanted to go on and fight as a small heavyweight in the PRO's. Chris Byrd fought his best career as a heavyweight and fought men MUCH bigger, much stronger, heavier, longer reaches etc. Despite all physical dissadvantages, Byrd was like a fast moving rock with a great defence combined with a smooth counter punching work that made it most difficult to deal with for any heavyweight. Look at Vitali Klitschko in this fight for example. He have ALL physical advantages but couldent fully get to Byrd and was uncertain how he should properly attack his smaller challanger. His younger brother Wladimir did a better job afterwards but also only could point defeat Byrd. (Yeah the 2nd fight froim 2006 is another story). Chris Byrd was a well schooled boxer with a lot of heart and a GREAT person outside the ring as well, just a nice guy. Thumbs up for Chris Byrd!!!
Stephen Ireland
Chris was totally unready for this fight with only 7days training so JESUS stepped in.
Good for Chris Byrd. He seems to be a respectable guy. I think this is near the top of his best achievements.
Jon M
Byrd's defense was excellent. I feel that he deserved better on the scorecards.
Cesar Flores
Tho Vitali lost alot of respect from fans in this fight, he gained immeasurable respect in his effort vs Lewis.
Shaun Butler
dude did a great job of quickly getting in, taking advantage of the recovery time of those lanky klitscho arms
Personally if I was Vitali I would of just tried to hold onto Byrd for most of the remainder of the fight and just get it over with but it's easier said than done also I have a feeling that if Klitschko was American there's no way he would of been slandered so much for quitting by HBO.
Rhyce Turner
I jad it 5-3-1 for klitschko at the timr of the stoppage. Byrd was coming on strong though so I think he woukd have ended up stopping klitschko in the 12th anyways
Vitali very courageous in defeat to Lewis... after the fight was stopped...  Lil' Chris proved  a point here.. Vitali a little shy under the left  tit..
fish fingers
Byrd fought a great fight, I dont now what Merchant was drinking..!
Emma Deeba
Let’s give Byrd the credit he deserves, started off a middleweight and ended up defeating an 6ft8 giant Ukrainian. Took the fight at short notice as well! He rolled the dice and the hard work payed off! Well done
Tore his rotator cuff, couldn't continue. Vitali was way ahead on the scorecard.
Daniel Garcia
Larry acting like he could last 2 rounds with a decent heavyweight champion I bet he can't even last one round with Byrd having one eye and having one arm behind his back. Well maybe if Larry was 50 years younger I think he'd be able to kick his ass
Flat out chris Byrd fought a good courageous fight against a wounded champion. Klit 100 healthy may have got a stopage. But you have to give Byrd credit for standing up to that right hand I wish more American heavyweights had Byrds heart.
Chevy 4x4
Byrd won, period. Byrd is a legend. Amazing hands. I love the klitschos but Byrd walked through hell to win
Ikechi Anya
what was the word the commentator used? ostrophorous or something like that?
Jim Kay
''He doesn't have the mentality of a champion".....Perfect character assessment Larry Merchant.
Lisa Schneider
Byrd´s boxing style remembers me on Jimmy Young.
Jeff Boxing
good fight. Byrd was doing some good things, catching the jab, using the ring, slipping, changing levels trying to setup inside, Vitali parried shots doubled up his jab to set up combinations, cut off the ring, was able to land his right hand hit the body. Shame it ended like it did, Vitali is highly skilled he was outboxing Byrd through the majority of the fight.
There it is, right at the beginning: "Klitschko was derailed by a last-minute drug test." Not only is he a quitter, but a drug cheat. He's probably still roiding today.
blind poet38
I'm from the USA, and good for Byrd, but who will be regarded as the best hvywght from 2000 to 2013? Wlad. He is the central hvywght boxer in the division. He makes the most money. And everyone wants to fight him.
Charlie Duran
Yeah, Chris Byrd was a real bomber
Jay Zee
What was the failed drug test about?
I am proud to come from the same country as Klitchko. You are jealous and ignorant. You can hate all day long, because there is nothing left in you but HATE. Sitting in front of the screen and trash talk is easy. Would love to see you in the ring.
Double M
no he isn't
Americans like you only hate him because he beats all American losers. That's why, be a man and admit it.
Micheal Ulner
LMFAO byrd got ROCKED by both brothers hah!!
Wlad destroyed Bryd you wigger jacakss.
simon bedford
ike was great, he punched byrds lights out with a terrific uppercut, and earlier beat david tua, if not for his out of the ring troubles he would have been a top contender for sure
Ike was good boxer. He was supposed to be great champion
James Hoffman
You're an idiot
A Christian
It makes perfect sense though......with an injured hand Vitali would find it difficult to wank before bedtime, LOL!
A Christian
simon bedford
if you forget rocky marciano, who never got beat by a soupcan like byrd, who got his ass kicked by ike ieabouchi
Iron Fist
Vitali is the best white heavyweight champion of all time....
I used to watch Chris fight on Tuesday Night Fights back in the day.
Dr Gay Fist
nico bustamante
Dr iron fist? my ass hee hee
What is not fair in that?
Klitschko's are fake!Weakest heavyweight era in history!
Daniel Fialka
I think you have not a brain!
Kit Yinn
So rude to stop a fight like that
Vitali Klitschko the best champion ever!
lol why is he cellebrating so hard... he didnt win fairly the other was injuried oO
This was the apex of Byrd's career and Klitschko's shoulder injury was a gift to Byrd -- who was behind badly on all three cards. Byrd's reflexes were beginning to wane, and the brother Vitali crushed Byrd 6 months later. After a defeat of a tired and old Hollyfield and a draw with Golota, Byrd coasted into obscurity -- with the customary laundry list of excuses that Bryd was well-known for.
Roman Szczawinski
Vitali is unbeating
Did i see a smile on Vitali's face at 54:38? What was that all about.
Sure, since quitting against Byrd, Vitali has fought on through injuries, and the reason for it was all the stick he got for quitting against Byrd. Vitali before that had the mindset that it was better to stop and avoid agravating an injury than it was to fight on, but when the media largely turned on him for doing so he decided never to do it again.
Holyfield also needed surgery after tearing his rotator cuff against Byrd and Moorer, so I hardly think you can say Vitali's was worse on the basis of him needing surgery for it as if Holyfield didn't. And Vitali didn't retire until five years after he fought Byrd and he cited a back injury as the reason, not a shoulder injury.
TKO 6!
"you can't fight if you tear your rotator cuff" Holyfield did. Holyfield suffered a torn rotator cuff in the 2nd round against Michael Moorer and he fought on through the rest of the 12 rounds, and he suffered anouther torn rotator cuff in the first round in his fight against Byrd and he went the full distance in that fight as well.
Bachagaloop Jones
True Tyson was injured and was beating Danny.
Yeah, reach is probably overrated. If you can get in position, you can hit someone. So footwork and positioning are far more important.
This wingspan thing is ridicolous.I think this is total incorrect sometimes(like the garbage tale of the tape about biceps etc.) .Typical lame boxing blah-blah about the nothing.
Another excuse thing about klitschko.Byrd destroyed him in his prime. What a nice decision!
vitali's carrier is garbage.His every opponent was fat and/or weak and/or unskilled etc.And vital has glass-chin also The 18 years old skinny.Reid destroyed this lanky loser in kickboxing easily.
Byrd is a great opponent for other boxers looking to put in a good performance, get some rounds of work, and inflate their record... except when bird puts in the same performance, lol. Seriously, I always liked Byrd, especially because in the bigger fights he's the underdog, and I love that he has some defensive flare. The guy actually keeps his guard up! I never saw his power develop, but I believe he's a total professional, gives promoters a quality fight.
Tyson fought with big knee problem against Williams.He didn't quit. Vitali is a fragile,coward FART fighter.
Please don' excuse the Vitali klitschko. Ibeabuchi destroyed byrd with TKO5 Povetkin destroyed Byrd with TKO11 Shaun George destroyed Byrd with TKO9 Byrd destroyed Vitali Klitschko. Byrd is not stronger than an average middleweigh fighter. He was a very fat weak heavyweight fighter.Vitali is a fragile,lanky FART fighter. The 18 years old Reid destroyed Vitali in kickboxing. V.Klitschko was a coward against Byrd.He quit.What a shame. I think this comes from an overrated, lanky loser.
Gian Palacio
Obviously you have never fought in your life.
Break your jaw and still fight , now thats a man !!! not a sore shoulder lmao
Heavyweightboxing Fan
The fight was scored 89-82 to Vitali when it was stopped, because of a detached shoulder. Chris Byrd would of had no chance against Vitali if he was healthy, as Wladimir proved.
A champion with no heart...quit because he had a sore shoulder!! Gimme a break lmao
Vitla is a quitter and a coward period lmao
ended his career? lmao he was a typical wimp lmao
Bachagaloop Jones
James Toney fought with a torn bicep as did Shannon Briggs. Frazier fought much of his career with only won good eye. Vitali is a big stiff Euro pussy
I seen Vitali much better than this.  It was a close fight; I thought Vitali got the edge in a lot of early rounds but Byrd kept it close.  Byrd is a very crafty fighter with a solid skill set.  He doesn't have big power but he knows how to fight. At Vitali's size the advantage can go both ways.  Positive is obviously when he can use his size to his advantage and keep boxers on the outside but disadvantage is his speed, especially as the fight progresses Vitali slows down.  I've seen Vitali deal with this and get really good at pacing himself. Without great speed there's no way Vitali can consistently beat some of the old legends.  Without speed a huge fighter is just a bigger target.
Ali fought with a broken jaw! That is a man ...Not your soft hero klit lmao
Jesus Menera
Did you know Chris Byrd has his own youtube channel now at CHRISBYRDBOXING. Check it out he has some good interviews.
1. Kliczko's translator SUCKS! He didn't do it well... Kliczko explained that the pain in his arm was getting stronger all the time & he understood that he is not able to any fight at the moment. And that's why he decided to stop now, but get healed & come back for a title. Second thing... I'll never understand that ignorance of experts & others who say "...I have a bad arm, SO WHAT?!" It's just stupid. I know that Kliczko's decision was simply smart! And look now: He did what he planned :o)
That announcer is a butt mongus. He reminds me of Howard Cosell. "Yeah, he doesn't have the heart of a champion." Really? That's why he's held the title longer than anyone since Larry Holmes? Duh......
Vitali should have taken a leaf from Ali..fight on even if injured, Ali had a broken jaw and he fought to the end. Vitali had a sore shoulder and quit!! what a wimp lmao
wie lächerlich das war als er sich so gefreuthat und feiern lassen hat...
i saw the KLITSCHKO documentury. he said in the 2nd or 3rd round or whatever when he threw a punch or something he injured himself and from then on his eys was burning etc..the doc. told him had he not quit he would have ended his career
carlito boxing
Don't get fooled by the injury, it must have hurt obviously but the key factor in the choice of quitting is FRUSTRATION guys! First of all, byrd won rounds 3 and 5 making 8 and 9 very close so this was much closer than HBO commentators were saying. Plus realize how frustating it must be to miss all the punches byrd made klitschko miss. It's damn tiring for a big man. Vitali was breathing heavily with his mouth open since 2 or 3 rounds before the stoppage.
Zanzibar Breeze
Larry knows nothing about sports. He only got a PhD in twaddling. Larry, HBO and the whole boxing world should be glad that Vitali has this PhD in sports science so he knew that fighting three more rounds could've end his carrer. Quitting though being the better man might even require more balls.
carlito boxing
the klitschko interpreter sucks, you have the feeling he isn't even asking the same questions larry is
Klitschko doesn't have a huge wingspan considering his size. Thomas Hearns' reach was 78", only one inch less than Vitali, despite the fact he was seven inches shorter.
peter iu
Byrd made Klitchko quit 🙎‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Ingemar Kenyatta
If a Black heavyweight gave up on the stool in this fashion, Merchant would have been MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more hostile and confrontational in the interview. This is the bias that is in the blood of American boxing.
Vitali was exposed here! TKO'd by a featherfisted nobody!
duke em
bird man i like u man. alsum to watch,.
Kianoosh Ebrahimi
boxing is like polityc
Michal LU
Vitali was tied after round 9. Byrd was better technical defense skills, than Vitali. He blocked and hitting down knocks. Vitali has weak stomach.
Bill Patrick Jones
Chris Byrd seriously impressed me in this fight. He's fighting a guy who's practically a whole division bigger than him. He was tough, skillful and clever. If he had the power of David Haye he could have been a brilliant heavyweight champion. In fact the way Byrd fought here puts Haye's performance against Wladimir to shame.
I O.L.
Byrd looks like a MR. SMITH of MATRIX
Cory Anthony
Peek a boo would be a style to fight the Klitschkos with
big b
wow , may be byrd is best defensive boxer . even he was smaller, the way he fought against holyfield and vitali is amazing. they was looking like amateur against him.
Carl Newhouse
Byrd seemed like a very OK guy in the interview. Props to both fighters.
Larry Merchant said something interesting. Vitali has a PHD and Chris Byrd does not have any degree. Vitali understood the risks and decided not to take it and he's college educated. Had his boxing career not worked out, he wouldn't go hungry. Fighting with a dislocated (as we later found out) shoulder is a lot to expect from a man who has other means of supporting himself AND is fighting a guy he will get no credit for beating. WHY RISK IT?
Ric Macphedear
Byrd a real fighter???? A pretty boy, my asss a fighter, what a damn joke
August Wind
He suddenly had English amnesia.