Coby White's dynamic scoring ability will translate to the NBA | 2019 NBA Draft Scouting Report

ESPN NBA draft analyst Mike Schmitz analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of former North Carolina Tar Heels guard Coby White. Schmitz compares White's physical attributes to the Boston Celtics' Kyrie Irving and the Philadelphia 76ers' JJ Redick. Schmitz says White's electric style of play makes him a probable top-10 pick in the 2019 NBA draft, but questions White's ability to be a lead guard on an NBA roster. ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: />✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: />✔ Watch Latest Episodes on WatchESPN: />✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: /> Get more ESPN Shows on YouTube: ► First Take: />► SportsCenter with SVP: /> ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: />► Like on Facebook: />► Follow on Instagram: /> Visit NBA on ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute NBA coverage, scores, highlights and commentary. More on

Alessandro Ursic
6'5'' if you count his hair, you mean
I see no one here has actually watched him play
Ehab Ibrahim
Imagine this guy in the backcourt with Booker
Kevin Crater
I like Kevin Porter's upside better.
93rd percentile in catch & shoot jumpers. 8th in ESPN's Top 100 in 3s made per 40 min. 27th percentile on pull up jumpers. Transition 31% of his offense. 18 And-1s. Turned it over on 19.1% of his transition possessions. 4-17 on floaters. 46.9% on 2 point shots against teams over .500. I like White & I think many of his weaknesses can be improved upon, such as learning when to slow down & being more disciplined overall. He reminds me a little of Donovan Mitchell (not that it's a certainty he reaches his height as soon) but he'd be better off starting his career playing alongside an established point guard who knows how to initiate an offense. Often it seemed he didn't settle UNC down late in games trying to close teams out. I think he playmakes better than a typical 'combo guard' does & really believe he can be special the way he can score & push in transition either himself or find guys. Once he slows down & adds more nuance to his game he can be a problem but he's got most of the athletic/shooting tools you'd want.
Polycarp Ihesiaba
6'5 that can't be right just look at him no way lol
James Matthews
A guard willing to defend? Sounds like a perfect fit for the Miami Heat
Anyone else think that last years version of these were better?
cmon man, yall are busting him up on some plays in the biggest most adrenaline filled games of the year. he's a kid, he's clearly going to get way better. What he needs to work on are not things that are difficult fixes. Slowing down and being patient. he's gonna be great in my opinion. He's got a ridiculous stepback, very nice footwork, and is a PURE SCORER.
ar el
Why does this sound like a hero spotlight
He reminds me of a mix of Colin Sexton and Jamal Murray
suns new pg
Future all star💯
Alwyn Louis
best pg in the draft
Should be a top 5 player in this draft - someone is going to get a steal if he goes after 5.
abraham yeager
Kinda like kyle lowry
Kevin Crater
I can see the Cavs picking him. They will run and gun with Beilein. I still say Reddish is going to surprise many
Charles Kevin Lique
I'd take him over Darius
Trevor Rapp
he reminds me of jamal murray
Isaac Graham
Do Tremont Waters
The ManDragon
Draft bust
Katlego Mabilane
his inside-outside game will make this kid stay in the NBA for more than 10 yrs. Coby White needs to go to DC Washington
Jerome Crockett
He's underrated
Merlin Calo
Game reminds of Steve Nash a little bit with his pace. Seems like a great spot up shooter, rely’s on his speed a lot. His defense & pull-ups appear to have room for improvement.
Jerry Kwerve
Bulls for sure
Booker D
I’m a sun fan and after watching this video i change my mind about him
Ashkih Oscar
Going 6th to the suns!!
Best Case:Gilbert Arenas Worst Case: Flip Murray
not taller than kyrie by much, he is actually 6'3 in the nba draft combine measurement
Bulls need a playmaker hopefully PHX take him so we get Garland who is way better
Anyone remember Brandon Knight?
BullsNation 4life
The bulls need to draft this dude frfr dont be stupid chicago understand history repeats itself MJ North Carolina drafted by chicago CW North Carolina Chicago and he broke jordan record
Trence Kinney
What’s up Bulls
Toby Lee
Collin Sexton 2.0
Tyler Graham
I think the pelicans should pick him up with the 4th pick
Jonathon Odum
Looks like Jamal Murray.
bro need a cut - he doesn't need that shit no more he's on the radar big time
hes like a better and bigger collin sexton lol
Lu Ci
@9:15 Williams was facing away from the basket and was going to the same point as White's direction. Given those facts, ballhandlers would read that as a screen. However, Williams had other thoughts in mind as he didn't give White enough space to drive by the sideline and practically trapped him.
SMH... *_9:12_* I love *Kenny Williams* , but, my guy was not One of *_UNC's_* best shooters this past season #TarHeelNation #CarolinaFamily
Malcolm X
I hope the Pistons see this young man
Vitaliy Wolf
Hope Suns will take him (Bulls fan)
Rw Chitown
My Bulls
Joshua Sabater
It’s so crazy watching scouting videos compared to actually watching these players play. White is also very unselfish and looks to get his guys involved and is a skilled playmaker creating other opportunities for his guys to score
Jacob Paniagua
dude needs a haircut, someone fade this boy up
jpin0002 jpin0002
He's the most NBA ready PG in the draft. Ja "might" have more potential but this guys got a complete game for a teenager.
Juzby Official Online
Gilbert Arenas
Walking BUCKET
If John wall and Damian Lillard had a Baby This is it like a combination of both
Reminds me of Raymond Felton
David Jackson
I love his game he's one of the ones i hope falls to my pistons
Troy Fleming
This guy gonna be a bust idk why hes top 10
that baller kobe
He's not actually 6'5, he's Chris Paul's height but the hair makes him look taller
Jay D.
He gonna be an average player👌🏽
Lucky Luciano
Celtics will trade up for him ...Kyrie is staying in Boston and Smart will probably be our 2 guard but he will get a lot of mins and get a chance to play ..he will go to a good team and get to run the offense on the second unit ...he will probably take smarts starting job at some point I think he will be a good 2 guard in the nba
Dumb Dumber
Late 2nd round pick
rondo 11
He aint getting drafted with that hair
He's got Harden potential..IF on the right team.
Rusty Hustler
That's a...That's quite a haircut. Ima call it right now. Bust. On account of that terrible 'fro.
Kvyat or Maldonado
Jeff teague 2.0 which isn't a bad thing