How Roasted Seaweed Snacks Are Made

GimMe Seaweed's founders Annie Chun and Steve Broad created a line of organic roasted seaweed snacks that taste good and are healthy for families. We took a look at how they harvest and create their roasted seaweed snacks. See more from gimMe Seaweed here: /> ------------------------------------------------------ #SeaweedSnacks #GimMeSeaweed INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: />INSIDER on Facebook: />INSIDER on Instagram: />INSIDER on Twitter: />INSIDER on Snapchat: /> How Roasted Seaweed Snacks Are Made

Moxie Beast ASMR
My favorite snack!!!!
Jacob Venevongsoth
I've been craving seaweed lately. I don't understand y'all in the comments saying seaweed is expensive. Just go to an authentic Asian market and they will have some for $2.
I LOOOOOOOVVVEEEE roasted seaweed!!! It is so delicious and addicting.
Star Butterfly
Love it, but it disappears too quickly, lol!
_Bob McCoy
*damn that seaweed just got roasted!*
Chada U
Not only is it healthy, but it is a substitute to when there is no more room to farm on land
It isn't just a snack in Korea. It is one of the most-eaten side dishes here. You can finish a bowl of steamed rice with pieces of seaweed which are salted and roasted with sesame oil.
Sasaki Umiquema
Note: *weed from sea is legal*
ImFury _YT
Who else was eating seaweed as they’re watching the video
Hey guys, remember that one time where you ask your friend to try seaweed but they rant about it being disgusting, and then you start screaming at them and arguing why seaweed is the best snack? Me too.
Reaper 9491
Who else was eating seaweed while watching?
Falisha Rohizat
I eat this almost every week. Yet this is the first time I watch how it is made. 😌
Why do they give you only like 5?!
Jia En Heng
Gosh I have some of these in my pantry, gotta get them NOW
If you sub to me you will gain absolutely nothing
I actually kind of wanna try one... Who else?
Miyavi Nanananari
Its so damn addicting. Delicious to be eat with rice or just like that. But quite expensive here where i live.
Jeffrey Koelewijn
If these seaweed snacks would be available in a store, in or near my town I'd buy some
Its one of them foods that when you eat it you feel your body thanking you :)
vexonica 02
It's contains 50% weed 50% sea
Seaweed is just weed for fish
Am i the only one here thats never had Seaweed?
Kate Davies
i love seaweed more now
Lush Palms
A small pack of gimMe Seaweed at the Natural Foods Co-Op is $2😲
derp coconutz
Salty squid seaweed is my favorite!
I been eat it since a kid and never how it I just know after 20 years😅
-Oscar YT-
Someone roasted them so it's called a roasted seaweed and they make it into snacks
Ray Mak
Looks so delicious
Laura Melgoza
Eating this as we speak just curious how it’s made so here I am lol 😂
Anson Hu
They taste amazing when fresh, but when left out for about an hour you’re left with a sight mess, but I mean who can go an hour without finishing this mine are gone within a few seconds
No U
AHH I LOVE KIM SO MUCH especially kimbap🤤
When people eat this... They're starting to ROAST someone Ok roast seaweed are my fav too
Oni Giru
anyone eat seaweed and got cut in the mouth multiple times cus is so sharp ? painful but still eating it ;-;
Rain Chan
Watching this while eating some XD 🤤💕
My favorite snack but I wish they had some with less sodium (seasoning).
salad ass
What's the name of the backround music? It's so relaxing
Sriracha Almond, Toasted Coconut, Almond Sesame, Teriyaki flavouring? Seaweed is delicious and healthful as is, why all these added flavours and sweeteners.
Curious as to whether these taste good. Maybe I'll try some
Renedy Naoroibam
And it is one of the source of natural MSG. Which is good for health proven by many prominent scientists
Alana Brooks
Love these snacks. Rather not gave seen it being made but ill continue to eat them😊
It still made me Cough- Wheeze.
Tom Tommy
2:07 no gloves, carried n leaned the seaweed onto her purple clothes.. wow
Sarah Loves
I just recently tried roasted seaweed as a snack and I’m hooked!! I absolutely love it lol can’t get enough! ❤️❤️❤️
anonymous hacker
Basically it just weed from sea
さくらSakura Sea
Non GMO doesn't mean anything lol
gardens disney
i looooooveeeee flavoured seaweed. especially spicyyyy!! itsss soo tasty and addicting! 😍😍
Thelegend 27
No wonder they're so goddamn expensive
An Army 4 life
I bought 1 pack of triyaki flavoured seaweed today, it was only 10 grams for almost 2 euros, so it's quite expensive but tbh i would buy more
ChocoBleach TV
I wish these were available where I live, it's soo tasty... - w -
Lmaoo Limfaoo
My favorite snack! Especially the costco brand😀❤️not bias
Mike Trieu
Seriously, roasted seaweed with a hint of sesame oil is my crack.
Vytautė T.
You mean the best thing in the world?!?
Rose Storming
YUM! I am actually eating GimMe roasted seaweed as I am watching this! ^-^
Saba Mansoor
Not Neo
gimMe is high rate robbery for the cost of their seaweed, and they don't line them left to right, they stack them up which is around 20 sheets for 75 cents to a dollar per box.
I buy my seaweed from this brand ;-;
good boii
Lol I lived in korea until I was 8 (born in us) and when I first came to us (not as baby) I was so shooked that americans called seaweed paper "snacks" I never ate them as snacks or without rice. It was actually first time seeing seaweed paper having such veriaties in flavors and ingredients :D
Hot Cheetos
oml i loveeeeee seaweed like i would have seaweed soup for my birthday and only my birthday which is dissapointing but i get to have dried seaweed anytime 😂👌❤
Now if only the packaging could be more environmentally friendly.
Mimi's World
Pee Machine
I can live off this and rice. Always been my go-to especially being a broke college student
Jlw 'S
At first i thought it was weed snacks then i looked back i saw sea weed snacks THANK GOD
Milk Mango
The sides of my mouth would be red from me trying to eat these _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
Adnan Jainal
Is that tofu?!
Electa Cal
Do you contribute to World Food Banks or anything? Seaweed is pretty Prolific... Helping Starving Nations might be a good idea
Weirdbug2471 FCA
whos eating seaweed while watching?
JonnNotJohn Santamaria
Whats with the Non-GMO thing?
Sir Pai
Well.... a new era for my craving has started now with seaweeds 😍😍
nope nope
This video just popped up as I started eating a new package of roasted seaweed 😂
Yuki Yoshida
YESSS THIS STUFF TASTES ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I don’t even eat it for the health part, I just love the flavor! Hehehe yummy
More Locations
I ❤ Roasted Seaweed
dahyun Love
Seaweed is mu fav🤪🤪
Therese Delos reyes
I want some(seaweed has flavors!)
12 12
I want to go there and work part-time so I can eat as much seaweed as I can. I want to get so sick and tired of seaweed 🤤
Sarrha Bayani
The flavors of seaweed I'll definitely get is Teriyaki and Wasabi. Can I just have a big box of seaweed in my room plz.
The Asian store where I go to has sirracha flavored seaweed snack and YUMMM ITS SO GOOD AND CRUNCHY
_ Pufferfish _
Walmart has something like this, it’s called Ocean’s Halo and it’s really good
Tiffany Russell
I can eat this every single day. MY FAVORITE SNACK IN THE WORLD.
Panda Babes
So should I eat these before track meets? I have a track meet tomorrow.
Megan Pham 6541
Omg i love seedweed 😍 sometimes i eat to many and the grease starts to hurt my stomach tho 😂
Natiya Sou
Ddaeng, my friends hate it but my whole family loves it. I wanna visit that place because it's like a dream Land but with seaweed.
Valkro 3
Seaweed, 50% Sea, 50% Weed.
Natural Harmonia Gropius
So.. Is it healthier to smoke seaweeds?
Agnessia Asian B.
Omg I love them!!! I even sometimes eat them with rice lol
I get these at the store! They are soooooooo goooooood ahhh! I love it with many things! My favorite is the Sea Salt Roasted Seaweed. I saw the packages and were like no way and got so happy!!
Tamtony Nguyen
Okay those flavors don't sound too appetizing.
This is my go to snack, my altime favorite is the Tao kae noi tempura strips😋
Jeong-a Shin
헐 장흥이요????? 여기서요?????????? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 겁나반갑넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Gift What
The Best Snack All Time when watching movie !!
Ryan Waasdorp
These are SO GOOD. Get 'em in Taiwan tho.
hana ji
I buy use to buy nori sheets but now I see these Prop 65 signs on the shelf everywhere. Does anyone know what chemical warrants that sign?
poptartdogs 1
Some people thinks it's nasty at my school im asain and my parents are from thai and laos I am asian/American I love seaweeds
super down for this! ❤️❤️❤️
Oh stop stop oh stop stop oh stop stop
Stop getting rid of seaweed!!! What about the fish that want to smoke it!
UnicornSwirl GamerGirl
GIMME SEAWEED GUYS😂I wanna taste one of those tbh it looks good😔😩🤤
Jiya S
But some companies salt them soooo much that it’s more unhealthy than healthy 🤦🏻‍♀️
Daryn Ikzir
They're crazy expensive tho.
Fiery Combustion
Who else was eating seaweed snack while watching this video?
I LOVEEEEEEE ROASTED SEAWEED. I dun understand why some ppl find it disgusting.
Kate Crimson
No wonder it’s so expensive !!!