Paul George vs LeBron James Full Duel Highlights 2013 ECF G1 - EPIC Battle, Game-Winner For LBJ!.

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NASTY Duel between the two, LeBron with 30 Pts, 10 Rebs, 10 Dimes and a Game-Winner, PG with 27 Pts and some amazing shots to counter LBJ. #DawkinsLeBRON Got a Request? Wonder what i'm uploading next? Follow me on Twitter - />**Rare NBA/NCAA Games Collection on DVDs - />Download EVERY Game in HD Quality 10 minutes after the game ends: />Got a request? Drop a comment here - />Like me on Facebook - />Boxscore - /> __

Bob Parker
These two going head to head was the most entertaining thing to watch in the East.
Mark Rubin
back when Hibbert wasnt garbage lol
Christopher Law
Paul George vs. four all stars...
John Dough
A healthy PG vs LBJ is always so fun to watch.
Achutha Srinivasan
Let's hope Paul George returns to his original form, because it was amazing to see him and Lebron duel it out in the conference finals. Plus, no one deserves to go through a horrendous injury like that.
Khan Hossain
I miss this year of basketball lol
Damn this was back when the eastern conference wasn't a joke. I miss these and the 2014 playoffs lowkey
other than the bucks series, that run to the chip for miami that year was one for the ages. decent challenge in chicago, 7 epic games with the pacers and then finished off with the immortal series with the spurs that opened up a spot for LeBron in the top 10 players all time
The LeBron James DickRiding Association ~Dick Station
the pacers were always a tough team for miami. since Bosh wasn't really a center. getting 5 rebounds
Baller Baby
This will go down as the year LeBron James SHOULD'VE won MVP + DPoY + NBA Championship & Fmvp. instead only 3 of 4.
Austin Rose
One of my favorite playoff series of all-time...PG13 was ICE COLD back then. I miss the 2012-13 season.
sid bans
Did any1 else notice when lebron injured his right hand from attempting the block. He started using only his left hand majority of the time. Just another testimony to his greatness.
2013 was a very good season
King Dami
Basketball was so much better back then. When my heat were the best and dominated the league. #Heatnation
when the heat were good and when the nba was interesting
Back when the east actually had a chance of defeating him.
luke lowder
Wish I could make a wide open layup and act like a bad ass.
The east has changed a lot since PG has been gone. It's gonna be fun seeing that team next out for them.
Jun Igan
only kahwai can beat lebron. it was already proven and tested.
Darion I
Back when PG24 was tryna grab LeBron’s throne. I’m sad af watching this now😭😭
Everybody is so quick to crown Anthony Davis the best young player but I think a healthy PG is he.
Daniel Khan
paul george 2:29 was the quietest poster dunk i have ever seen
Miami LeBron was tough
Ryan Dupont
pacers are going to be back next year i just know it
Andrew B
Damn this was a good game
I miss these days
Jj Jordan
this year was better than the next year
Jamis Mirs
LeBlouse time has ended by the 2017 - 18 Golden State Warriors
champagne kevin
Miss this year. Most of the games today is like a three point shoot out for the ten players on the court
Game winning layup woww
So many fouls didn't call on Lebron.
The Best Pacer Team ever assembled Period!
Mega M
Great video! Really, the highlight clips are so well put together! Start to end!
Hunter Nixon
This rivalry was fire in 2013!! And PG was giving LeBron all he could handle. Back when I considered George the 3rd best player in the NBA
Jordan Hovind
Lebron is the best small forward however Paul George isn't. Far behind at third
Im better than LeBron #YOUNGTRECE13
Khoi Le
Wow Vogul made the same mistake on back to back possessions?
That was so clutch of PG not to miss those 3 free throws. A lot of guys would choke under that pressure.
Hope Cavs-Pacers is the ECF next season.  That would be as epic, if not more epic, than this series was.
#pacersnation  still where the bandwagons at doe? obviously cavs atleast we have legit fans
Forgot this was a duel until around the two minute mark lol
Original Hebrew
Man oh man, look at #6 king James jerseys out there. Probably smell like flame residue
The birth of P.G
Deven Johnson
LMFAOOO who saw Haslem fall at 2:50
anyone else here think it's possible for pg13 to be better than Lebron in a couple years considering he's only 25 now?
I miss leheadband
Nick Tanaka
Lmao LeFlop at 4:15
The birth of P.G
johnpaul arnao
This lebron is so damn unstoppable
giampiero flaminio
James travelled
Kayn The Shadow Reaper
Back when there were no warriors bandwagons
Mike ruzzel Roda
Indiana pacers # Paul George.
candice marks
Paul George was a mf back then
Mike ruzzel Roda
The best team ever .
Francisco Orozco
So this miami team wasnt a super team?...was this fair for pg
MOISES Agramonte
LeBron James
Ryan Shane
PG vs LBJ battles was more fun to watch than Lebron and KD during this time. IMO
Ben Fabricius
There wasn’t even a touch between wade and George
Still the best Conference Game in the 2000s lol
Angry Dez
This paul George needs to come back
Cedric Opilan
Can you do a full highlight of Paul George 2013 vs miami?
2:38 Bron's form used to looked broken
9:27 lmaooo LeBron face
Matt Mulcahy
Flopping dominated this series. It was honestly the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in basketball
LeBrezzy James
Thunder fan but i miss heat lebron that boy cooked with gas not electricity lol
Allen Real
Man I hope PG comes back stronger. Cavs-Pacers ECF next year!
This was a brilliant game to watch.... I remember when that PG shot went in I couldn't believe it! Also that woman in white on the tv camera side courtside view who jumps up and almost runs on the court every basket really gets on your nerves haha
andrei atienza
why espn said pg is 0-15 in a clutch?
Jadiel Orriola
LeBron James
man what happened to Hibbert?
stl showtimelashaun
I remember this like it was yesterday classic
Yo Boi MTB
I love when LeBron was a villian
I swear everytime Lebron gets bumped and he falls to the ground he just sits there and complains instead of getting up and running back.
Brian Ruff
lol at the fan in all white and white hair @3:47 after Ray made a 3.
Julez Rulez
What was Paul George thinking?!
Claudio Fermani
somebody has to say it: amazing quality in the video man! thanks for uploading!
Danyelis Nicole
lebron tu maldita madre
I remember watching this game rooting for Pacers because it was cool to hate Miami then. The ending to this game was just like one of those 'Lebron Moments'. He is truly something special.
Khal Drogo23
man i remember watching this game at a buddys house. what a fucken roller coaster ride it was with the perfect ending
Eric T
excited for more LBJ-PG battles next season! Dawk can you do boobie gibson game 6 ECF 2007?
1 of the best duels in recent years
Fuckin Malvado
why take out hibbert????
Ludi DaVinci
Those were great series!! Very smart last play by Heat
Please post more of these two's duel please! I think they are a great rivalry =) Thanks for the vid Dawks!
Antonio Mata
Best games!! Miss it now we have GSW and the land.
28 year old Lebron James was huge
Carletta T.M
Paul George
Dindin Imao
I forget then this is best epic duel between two of them lebron james and Paul georges Im just thinking that paul george join Cleveland For the sake I WANT to watch whatever KD vs LJ or PG vs DG
Jacky Zhang
I still don't understand why they put Hibbert out of the game. I mean he was the only good rim protector on the team that had experienced clutch situations.
super bandwagon
Rhis was one of the most devastating days of my life i came back from svhool and sae lebron hit the game winner on the tv 😭😭
Zhou Yang
travel king
bruce lau
It's just sad now that PG got traded to OKC now .. but I'm gonna miss these vintage highlights .. LBJ against PG in east finals
JustBallinJR Iverson
I always look back at this game winner as the reason Paul George lost this series. why would u even go out to guard LeBron at the 3 with 2 seconds left. everyone knows you're supposed to sag off and live with the result...smh still makes me mad
Ballers Life
What a fascinating match-up this was.
Javian J
IDK why this brings back nostlagia
Richard Dorestyl
# spoiler alert
Neeko Stacks
hope he return this summer
thekids rcummin
back when it wasn't golden state and Cleveland constantly battling in The finals
Respect Greatness y'all
I came here after their duel yesterday where they both dropped 40