Thirty Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge

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Thirty Seconds To Mars Closer The Edge EMI Alternative

Audi Lynn
playing mine and my husband's favorite band while he's in a coma. waiting for him to wake up. 😢 just letting him listen to our band maybe I'm crazy but maybe it'll help him wake up? we both love music and listen to music when we're happy,sad,mad etc. we always had each other and music to help us out! UPDATE!! 3/1/17 He's awake has been for a few months now. We are in a rehab center the last two months and two days and he's making amazing progress ! Thank you everyone for there kind words he loved all of them😀  UPDATE!! 3/6/17 WE'RE FINALLY GOING HOME!!😍😍
Arkham Gaming TM
2018 still one of my favorite songs
Sapphire The Rain-Wing
Can't we all agree how perfect that Mohawk is. 👌
Wahyu Dwicahyo
Who is listen in 2018?
The Truth
david leca
Hes the right kind of insanity its amazing.
Шикарный трек, как и сам клип! Я так понимаю фанатам благодарность за него!
irlanda sánchez
7 years ago this song saved my life, if it wasnt because of Mars I wouldnt be around these days 7 years since I first listened to it and I still cry every damn time
Lulu on the sky
Viciante essa música. De tempos em tempos necessito ouvi-la por aqui. Congratulations Jared Letto. Your voice is so sexy. Welcome to Brazil every time when you want to come here.
Who listen in 2015? ;D edit: and 2016? :D and 2017? :p and 2018? xD
Sally May
I can feel his energy. Imagine if I was there.
Favuel Urbina
Like si estas viendo this vídeo at 2018
Cyril Sebadelha
I don't remember the moment I tried to forget I lost myself, is it better not said Now I'm closer to the edge It was a thousand to one and a million to two Time to go down in flames and I'm taking you Closer to the edge [Chorus:] No I'm not saying I'm sorry One day maybe we'll meet again No I'm not saying I'm sorry One day maybe we'll meet again No no no no (Can you, can you, can you) Can you imagine a time when the truth ran free? The birth of a song, the death of a dream Closer to the edge This never ending story Paid for with pride and fate We all fall short of glory Lost in our fate [Chorus] [2x] No no no no I will never forget No no I will never regret No no I will live my life [Chorus] Closer to the edge Closer to the edge No no no no Closer to the edge Closer to the edge No no no no Closer to the edge source :
Anderson Dbs
Brasil 🇧🇷 ? 2018 🇧🇷
Who was a fan of 30STM before Suicide Squad?!
Rhondda Riders
This song gives me so much motivation to never give up on what I love doing even if it all goes wrong. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS AND I HOPE YOU ALL AGREE WITH ME ❤️❤️
This song literally saved my life....thank you
Ruffy OP
I will see them tomorow, exciting as hell 😱😎🤗😬 #echelon
Damien Rice
came here after their new album. miss old 30stM
I'm crying cause this song brings memories of when everything was easy
Ana Paula Souza
2018 🇧🇷❤🎶
Ricardo Giovanni
Meu Deus ouvi demais saudade 2010, saudade top MTV ❤️
1:42 "I just wish, there's no such thing as ..farting"
Kit Walker
The Girl by 1:43 looks like a young Britney Spears 😮
their songs make me feel alive
Anyone else got goosebumps from this song?
Keiji Arostegui
Saul Garcia
Like 2018!😎
Julianne Costa
Não canso de ouvir, pode se passar anos e anos essa música sempre me trará paz!
floydeen apodaca
Jared Leto was a bad ass long before suicide squad...He was an actor in the 90s and has been in this band since 98. Hes always been cool! and does not age! LOL SS Fans are just noticing him..
Toby Gunn
The teens talking is so cringy, like they know what life is about? lmfao.... but the song is awesome!
this still my favorite song and music video ever it will always give me the chills
Hey Anna
Lindsey Hinsch
Just got done watching Artifact.. these dudes just know how to make you feel some type of way. You guys are so uplifting and make me feel good inside.. it's truly amazing what you do. #30seconds
R Owens
"Some people believe in God, I believe in music. Some people pray, I turn up the radio." Well said, you beautiful human being
Jojo K
this is my favorite song. Always #4everechelon
Suchay Tamang
Anyone 2018 This song beat my depression Thank you
Vinicius Sous
BRASIL 12/08/2018
December 2017 anyone ?
Betty Darling
Looks like I just found my cult!
David Parrott
Growing up in the 80s we were blessed with great music thank god for quality like TSTM to get us through the dross of the 2000s. Just an old farts opinion folks.
The Omega's
Tom DeLonge
One day, maybe we'll mate again. ;)
Medina's Choice
i feel bad for u who heard of him from suicide squad
Gena Nuñez
Vanessa Cristinq
Um musicão desse só com isso d visualização.Povo não sabe o q é música boa
Edu games
Minha irmã foi no show deles eu queria i mais só tenho 7 anos😖😖
Zulfi Zulfikar
i still cry right here 2018
Jared Leto performed fantastically in Suicide Squad. I don't care if it was rated as a bad a movie. The man is a multi-talented legend.
Roy Graddick
Nadia Bertone
I wanted to be in one of these concerts! Energy!!!!!
Brandon Jenkinson
Hearing this for the first time in 2018... And loving it.
Jack Brown
I have just arrived home from seeing 30 Seconds To Mars live, they closed with this song and it is the greatest live performance I have ever seen. Other amazing songs live are- This Is War, Dangerous Night, Walk On Water 29.03.2018 my 17th birthday
Mademoiselle Gel Fabicon
So many people are flocking here because of suicide squad 😆
Andrea Gallegos
I heard thi song when I was really young and hearing it again brings me to life
Marcus vinicius
2018? cade os br?
Prad Ee
Wtf its 7years ..damn im old
Любимая песня
jade curtis
People are addicted to drug and stuff but I am addicted to MUSIC! the power of music is everywhere
seeyouagain2h 2h
Y aquí sigo, volviendo y volviendo aunque pasen los años, siempre vuelvo, ¿porqué será?
Jean Daniel Johns
29 de Setembro de 2018... VIVENCIAR ESSA SONG E ESSE MOMENTO INCRÍVEL!!! Vamoooo !!!
AdamTyler Martins
I love this song! Your not a true fan if you dislike THIS song.
It doesn't matter if you guys are here after watching Suicide squad. All that matters is that you guys are here now and you're part of the family. Enjoy the music :')
Imre Kiss
2:54 ARe U ready ??? No, no, no, no I will never forget... !!!!!!
Hendrikletsplay 0511
One of the best songs ever. I love this song😍😢❤
Jessica Algeciras
Don't ever regret cause in the end it makes you who you are
Rafi Ansi
Yesss, Finally I found this song!!!!!!!
snoopi kinnaird
As much as I liked suicide squad, it's annoying how all the comments on a 30STM video are about the joker instead of how good the music is
purple ice
fick dich! fick ihn! fick alle! dieses lied ist nicht tod zu kriegen!!!
Danny Devito
The kids in this video were so cringy. I wanted to punch each of them in the face.
Suzanna Amanda Daniel the Grey
Killed IT in Dallas Buyers Club, bravo Jared, JOB well done.. Blessings
um monte de estrelas
Manooo meu sonho é ouvir eles tocando essa música ao vivo 😣😣
Molo the little Rolo
When you've never watched suicide squad and just love this music :)
Aldy Widiarman Aldy
Yasmin Gabrielly Paz
que paixao 😍
T. Soprano
Excellent Band! Way beyond their years!💪👍😉👊
Jaime Gutierrez
Full synthesized Metol Baby-Moids...
Natalie Green
Did anyone else cry?
sofi vic
I met you for the first time with this song, amazing! Greetings from Italy ❤
Bernard Herman
I’m 51 and really in joy Thirty Seconds.
Jitter Bug
lol.. they're the best band in the world..
Gulhan Gzl
The best period for 30 STM 💜😍😍😍
How come now that he is the Joker everyone thinks he's so hot and the best thing to ever walked the earth and back in 2009 when he had a pink mohawk and I loved him everyone thought I was crazy? Not fair.
December 2017 ? 🤘
Giorgi DuMBaDze
my fav song ♥
rocky Mobayden
Weird to see The Joker singing.
Chichik Msp
1:42 I wish we could all be like that to
Scope Galaxy 234
My song ever my life!#!♡♡♡♡♡°360☆☆☆☆☆ no,no,no!#!
Kyra Boldt
Today he lost his rock voice.. now he sounds like a Popstar
Filippo Stoppa
amazing group great video 1 of the best frontman
Patricia M'Bondji
I'm reading the comments and it's so funny to see some people hallucinating because Jared Leto is the Joker in Suicide Squad. Yes bitches he had a career before Suicide Squad! Can't wait for 30 Seconds to Mars new album!!!
Ahlan Riwahyu
August 2018
Scope Galaxy 234
I know the all word!#! Move forward in my life!#!♡♡♡♡♡°360☆☆☆☆☆
Lindsay R
"Some people pray, I turn up the radio."
Milki Udovicic
My personal soundtrack of my LIFE😍
VarvarKrasnodar VARVARKRD
The most favourite song of this group. Children you are the best. Good luck to you in everything. Hi to you from Russia.
Ändie Biersack
the new album is a little bit like shit so hear some good songs again lol