[Full PV] ScReW - Ancient Rain

This is 1st PV of Mine again... Hope you guys like this like me (: Enjoy with ScReW!!

super great this song.... i love japan..
Luna Alchemy
Waking up with this song , is the best thing you can do to wake up xD. At first the wonderfull soft voice of him and then the wonderfull hard guitarr sound from kazuki and manabu.. yeah heartattack xD But , i Love you byou <3 This song is probably one of the best from Screw. ♥
May Ventura
omg.. Hearing this song of them made me cry because Im going to missed them when they already disband..😖
White Winter
this song make me think in she ... i love this song is very magic when i listen it at night
patty perez
this song makes me feel very sad, I love you byo-sama
So going to miss them..
*aus ._.
Wenn alle Visual Kei Bands nebeneinander stehen würden könnte ich die nicht unterscheiden weil alle Member gleich aussehen ._. Ja ich weiss, die sehen nicht gleich auch ._.
Kisha Shindo
Does hot work?
Kazuki and Manabu <3 <3
tyler w
Kawaii desde colombia :3
No they don't...if you actually listen to many J-rock bands you'll see that a lot of them have this type of look, the Gazette didn't invent it. The intro does remind of Guren though to be honest.
tayuyya uchiha
Byou looks so damn sexy in this video *o*
mei kagura
domodunny rumi
its byou
domodunny rumi
me... byou got lots of similarities with ruki... both born on febuary..on the same year.. not to mention he really looked like him in vanquish and wailing wall
Anthony Cole
Why are you so stupid!? How are they going to look happy and kinda agresive when they're trying to make you understand the feelings of the song? That's why they look so down or annoyed-bored...
I hate the comments about comparing ScReW with TG... stop it GAZEBELIEBERS -.-'
It's written ancient rain in English with a font that looks like Arabic. I think it's because they think that it looks ancient this way :)
Byou :)
D. TheBee
or just tired ;/
domodunny rumi
they look like the GazettE who agrees with me?
Jayleen Del Valle
whats the guy whos singing name?
dzyn dzyn dzyn
Beautiful song *-*
Lembra um pouco o The GazettE
regina aurora von lux
they were all just acting, sweetheart. lol
it says ancient rain. They have just used a font that makes it look a bit like arabic letters.
it says ancient rain. They have just used a font that makes it look a bit like arabic letters but if you take a good look at it you should be able to read it :D
andres aranzazu
buena musica japones
Tra J
hey plzzz someone tell me what that word under screw log meaning 0:08 ????
Ok, I really wanna understand what the arabic words at the beginning mean. I know arabic but there's no way I can read this...the letters are not even connected with each other and some are upside down (sana yamasootha'sa????) o.O
anjyu asanao
Love ScRew~<3 <3
Mami Black
Kazuki :)
septiyan liverpudlian
masih bagus The GazettE sih bagi gw
!!!! Oh babe you didn't?!?!?! Well, it sounded like they enjoyed touring and Jin has given us hope of another tour, keep ya chin up ^.< totally worth seeing live, meeting them is a bonus ^^' If you get the chance, meet them, you seriously won't regret it.
Taylor Bender
Taylor Bender
Why am I only finding this band now?! Better late than never though. Beautiful
Kairi Thorne
ToRuSan Lee
Sexy voice >///////////////<
Anni Choudhury
missed the chance to see them in london - totally regrettin it nw :(
Jacob Ritchey
a guy I know is VK, but doesnt listen to screw, and he saw them in the town after one of their shows and waved at them because they were VK. They waved back. I'm so jelly.
ikr, they need to come to america. It doesn't have to be a big tour, but it would damn sure be a great one.
Saw them 2 days ago, was in the middle almost in the front! It was awesome!
Jerry Axelsson
About 24 hrs untill i see them :-D
4 days left until i see them live! ^^ <3
saw them in london! was AMAZING!
Kazuki & Rui <3 <3 <3
Byou ermoxoOOOoooooooooo<3<3<3<3<3
Anne Faure
Hahahahaha ok ok :D
Byou looks very beautiful in this video
Regina Schleicher
Running through the rain listening to that song is so badass <3 xD
Regina Schleicher
Oh, wow... So good x3
i am totally in love at 4:12!
IT'S OFFICIAL!!! I am obsessed!!! XD
Anne Faure
Be careful. He's a terrifying pervert xD.
they are coming to finland they are coming to finland they r coming to finland ... argggg
Daniel John
watching in now while there is a hard rain here.....
I hate how everyone is commenting saying that they didn't enjoy this video, look up the lyrics! The video is going with the song, the lyrics are sad, so of course they're gonna look sad.. looove this band..!
pae chan
Kazukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
why are they so happy?
Adrian Ramirez
they dont look like theyre having a whole lot of fun with this song haha
it's a good song but...I just dislike the whole "I am going to play the instrument while looking bored and fully uninterested in what I am playing" attitude. great song though!
@LifeFirst nai yo! minna americajin...tokidoki chotto mukatsuku kedo :/
Byou is SOOO hot with his bangs pulled back~ The sexiest forehead EVER
*ç* <3
Andrew Noel
One of my favorite songs ^^ Byo is hot <33
He is Jin~ Byo(vo) Kazuki(git) Manabu(git) Rui(ba) Love them soooo much~♥
Edwards Daisuke
how is the drummer called? *__________* he's the prettiest one i like!
Sylvia Yip
Omg at 4:13 when he looks into the camera <333 sexy eyes
:** einfach wunderbar :D
Jin Secret
@prznt Well but you said shiz about Luna sea, solo's, Uruha. So I only said that y'know o; ah lool. could be~
@Barashojo not only him but Aoi as well (he had some photoshoots with Inoran btw!), and Reita's playing seems to be heavily inspired by J too!
Annalisa Sell
I use this song as a lullaby. It is so pretty.
Jin Secret
@prznt But isn't Uruha fan of Luna Sea ? so well maybe uruha likes that lol.
@ecakunimitsu It looks like Arabic, but it really just says "Ancient Rain" in English :) It's just cleverly stylized to look like Arabic.
One of my favorite songs from Screw ><
fujoshi fever
why there's arabic writing at the beginning???i mean..does it related to this song??
Before anyone calls them a Gazette - carbon copy band -> take a note that Gazette had much worse copycases (Luna sea anyone? Sugizo is calling and he wants his solos and looks back from Uruha)...just try to accept the fact that they are just trying to find their sound first...not a fan of them, but I LOVE this song...
@IOWAisSlipknot Promotional Video. It's basically the Japanese way of saying MV. (:
PV= Promotional Video.
Marc Javier
the rock is sooo asome
saned rivera
<3 ilove Jin hes so ute and hes hot with those shorts :3
Why is it that someone always decides to say "oh they're copying *insert band name* and are talentless" =_= first off, no, they're really not copying. second, even if they were, they would be able to pull it off and do it well. but they don't need to. there will be people with the same musical style in this world. im tired of these immature comments. leave the bands to how they want to be. support them or just leave.
Daniel John
i don't know why, when i watch this video, i feel sleepy.. but not in a negative manner
Daniel John
@xastrickxplusx Singer - Byou, gitar - Kazuki, gitar - Manabu, bass - Rui, drums - Jin
christian rubio
they remind me of vistlip, just their clothes :)
I just in love with Byou's voice!!! *-*
Sleazoid Starcraft
@jessicahongphan Watch the Death Door PV and tell me he is not trying to be like Kyo in the Obscure PV. Its okay, I will wait. xD It is damn near identical. Its cool, though all bands usually steal something or another in one or however many songs they have from other bands. Its just that ScReW are talentless hacks. xD
Sleazoid Starcraft
@jessicahongphan Diru isn't Visual Kei anymore and haven't been since 2005. :] Maybe you should research yeah? :] Also you stylized Dir en grey wrong, it is either Dir en grey or DIR EN GREY. Thanks come again. <3 Also you do realize you are arguing over the internet and nothing will ever be solved over this right? I love when people rage so please do some more. When you know nothing about what you are talking about, keep babbling on okay, I will be sure to not read it and just laugh. <3
intuch janthong
some side Byou look like keita tachibana
I just discovered them! WOW! This song is really good and soothing <3
Patty Perez
I love you byooooooooooooo
Miyo Mankanshoku
WOAH~ Byou and Kazuki!
Woe~, i had no idea his voice could be this relaxing O.O they rock ass