The Hardest Punch in Boxing History - David Tua

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Put your like and write your comments, if you liked this video! Instagram: ► /> If you are a fond of boxing to at least some extent, then surely you’ve heard about David Tua, the Samoan heavyweight who had an incredibly powerful punch and impressive muscle mass. Of the 59 fights, 43 David won by knockouts. Today we will discuss his long and difficult path... SEE MORE▼ ► Lennox Lewis - The Farewell Fight - /> ► 3 Fights That Will Never Be Forgotten - Pt4 - /> ► Mike Tyson - Scandalous Trash Talk - /> #DavidTua #Boxing #Punch

This is interesting!
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Pip Puanaki
Tua vs Tyson would of been the best fight ever
Cry Harder
back when boxers had calfs.
Globalizmas - Keiksmažodis
David Tua vs Mark Hunt for the "Super Samoan" title
Abel rodrigues
David Tua vs Mike Tyson the dream fight 🤔 who wins?
geoff beyer
Great to see tua getting a lot of love and respect.
One of the best fighters to never win a world title. Tough era.
Angel Garcia
watch Ike Ibeabuchi vs Tua,
Definitely the hardest puncher to ever live 💯 TUAMAN
Patrick Shelley
4,200 lbs of force? Way to just throw that out there like it's a real possibility. That's more than twice the world record. No way Tua hit anywhere near 4,200 lbs of force. Even kicks don't come near 4,200 lbs.
Gillybop Adoodle
I remember watching the Ruiz fight. That was a scary KO.
Moses Martinez
Bohodir Ilhomjanov
Жалко что не было боя Туа и Тайсона
Lennox Lewis schooled him.
Mark Wood
Load of crap, Ernie shavers takes that victory and Julian Jackson best pound for pound,top 10 is more in order for this guy.
Creative Schmuck
Ike Ibeabuchi could of been a legend. Sad we didnt get to see the best of him.
Why is it only now I'm learning he exists
Its hard to narrow down hardest puncher but he is certainly one of them, I think top 10 is fair.
mr fantastic
This dude is in the top 5 of hardest punchers in boxing for sure
U.S. Postol
Пиздеж... Самый сильный удар был у ДЖОРДЖА ФОРМЕНА...почти все бои НОКАУТОМ...
Earnie Shavers. George Foreman. David Tua. Ron Lyle.
Bande de malade mentaux , mais c'est juste mon avis , tarés...
Йожыкъ ХЗ
На данный момент может быть, но не за всю историю бокса!!! Джордж Форман бил куда более сильнее и об этом говорил даже сам Мухаммад Али!!!
Elmo de la Muerte
He could throw so much weight behind his hooks, its strange that he didnt develop a huge uppercut that could have found a place against his taller opponents
Faisal Hajaya
1,000,000 like for my my favorite channel... Thx for your awosem videos.. ♥️
Tom Glorius
This wouldn't be boxing this I'd be who lands heaviest shot first could go either way 😁
Os W
He was very good. But needed more and better traineding
jack strop
great left hook but truth is whenever tua stepped up he got beat bit like iron mike really!
Hardest punch? For who?
Tom Glorius
Yeh Tia would've took him
Elmo de la Muerte
Hooks like Shavers, chin like McCall
Brian Ssemondo
Whoever the most powerful puncher is; I think this guy has some space up there to enjoy. Wow! What a puncher!
Sandwich Spread
Ernie Shavers was the hardest Heavyweight puncher!
bueno que peleara con taison
Garry Taylor
Tyson waz a puncher foreman waz a big clubber shavers said he's glad he didn't have to fight mike,tua waz a puncher like t,Morrison Tyson hits hardest as he's so much faster
Sean Larkin
David Tua the Best Puncher!
Duarua Tolu
Plz, watch any of Tyson's prime time events ... those of us who watched his fights on TV know that he had both force and speed with both his fists.
Great punch power !😀
павел кавун
Тактику ведения боя против Туа показал Крис Бёрд после этого все его побеждали или почти все,Туа оказался одноруким примитивом
Thetruthwill Setyoufree
Prime Tua vs prime tyson is probably my favorite fantasy fight, what a amazing 2 minutes that would of been!!
Mayhem Alldae
I miss the bro tua got to meet the man a couple of times here at home........yep although he is from samoa he lived in new zealand and done great things. His last fight i have of his was shane cameron i have left tua to rest along side 3 other boxers whom i deem the greatest of all time. I wont watch another vid ever...........thanks tua your a legend........and thanks for this awesome piece of footage
Hugo Boss
Very exiting to watch
Jonathan Martinez
Talofa David Tua my Uce
Michael Donnelly
Julian Jackson
Tony Camacho
David tua was a beast
He did so well
The big George is the best Not Tua or Tyson
Manfred Lujang
Tyson knocks bigger people with only one punch, tua need to throw some combo to knock his opponents, see the difference!!
Hate when refs allow unnecessary shots!
Jeff Davidson
No the scripture says what it says. It is not out of context. Be not a brawler or a striker. It says what it says again
ws 2019
Jesus, just destroyed dudes.
Andjelo P
The hardest punch in boxing history was when Marquez caught Pacquiao and sent him down snoring.
midnight rider
Narrator is creepy computer voice.
Troy Marchant
New zealands best heavyweight
Derek Foster
Idk i heard Ernie Shavers
Brian Hickey
He was a beast
slojoegt Stang
Amazing power. Great vid. Thank you.
Callum AlfieBee
That's from all the Taro and Pork back in the islands...malo Te Tua, what a deadly guy.
Tom Tumata
Exciting boxer to watch cause we know what comes out of it #ko💯👊
IRON MIKE TYSON >>>>>> David Tua
R Campana
Go out of business vs. Lowering prices. Quick one time sale
Mark hunt would have had a successful career in boxing, probably on par with Tua
Aram Barxudaryan
В истории бокса самый сильный удар у Джорджа Формана и у Эрни Шейверса. Потом у Майка Тайсона и у Джо Фрейзера.
Franco Raineri
Non sa quando fermarsi. Foreman, ad esempio, ma anche Holmes, Alì, Lewis, Holifield erano pugili più intelligenti: non scagliavano un colpo in più di quanto fosse necessario e non infierivano inutilmente... Altra classe...
olimp cosmos
А Майка Тайсона Бог уберёг от Девида Туа. Любит Бог искренних людей.
Roger Z
Imagine: Tua vs Joe Frazier...
Георгий Черняев
С тайсоном не встречался он. Был бы супербой
Alfredo Berumen
Este boxeador si le hubiera dado en tuasumadre a mike Taison
Gino Salgado
La mayoría buenos KO, pero algunos que no deberían estar, quedé con gusto a poco.
Misa rest
KFC рыгота, никогда там не ем!!!
Zygmunt Rychter
Ramsauce Ramsey
I reckon David Tua had a good chance in beating Tyson due to timing. By the time Tua rose up in the ranks Tyson was either in Jail or just come out. Became champ again then had that first fight with Hollyfield in which Hollyfield called onto David Tua for sparring in his prep for Tyson. Imagine if Tyson decided to go another route for his title defence? imagine Tyson picking Tua over Hollyfield? Remember this a wild Tyson the same Iron Mike that got KO'd by Douglas. I'm willing to put my money on Tua winning via KO within the first 3 rounds. But I guest we'll never know huh what a shame...🤔
Bojan Jaklin Polić
You can see Tyson being slower after prison... but still ferocious... I would say it like this... If Tua fought Tyson in the mid-90s after Tyson came out of prison, Tua would have won, but it would have been a slugfest. If we compared impossible, and if both of those fighters would fight each other, each of them in their prime, then I would say that Tyson definitely wins, since he had faster hands, was faster and more agile on his feet, and he had best head movement. The only thing that Tua has over Tyson is his left hook, but I don't think you can compare it to Tysons right. They are both legendary fighters, and very similar in style and their top, creme de la creme quality, but I and many others would say that Tyson was great on a higher level than Tua, if you compare them at their best, in their prime.
Sterling Yap Soon Aik
Unfortunately he is too short to beat Lennox Lewis. His height and reach are his disadvantages.
Michelle Rowe
fkn hard hitting beast, he's awesome
Robson Araújo
É os caras botam pra dormir cedo 👍👍
Roberto Lopez
David Tua= Palooka
Knocked that white dude out for having the audacity to have Polynesian tats😆
Daniel Górecki
Tyson miał najsilniejszy...
Sicnarf Yhael
I’ll give people that he was a hard puncher...but don’t act like this guy is was a great fighter lol. Tough era??? Really, 2000-2010 heavyweight division?? Terrible. The top two guys during that era Lewis and Byrd schooled this m’fer. His best wins were against Moorer and rahman that’s it. The greatest list of tomato cans ever
Mark Breland
Tua would have beaten the brakes off Tyson. Douglas thoroughly beat a prime Tyson for 10 rounds and put him on his ass. Come on with the excuses for tyson.
skyson b pei
For the islandz!!🤙🏽
what weight class was he? he never fought Mike? or was Mike in prison..... what notable wins did he have?
Tua was a good fighter with an aggressive pleasing style...that said far from the hardest puncher in history. Lennox hit him with a right hand in the 3rd round that made Tua stop coming forward. If you really want to see a good fight check out Tua vs Ike Ibeabuchi. Ike would have been the heavyweight champ that would have continued the boxing mantle...but he was nutty and went to jail. Sad story.
So his punch was twice as strong as Ivan Dragos..
Skoric Darko
O all. Jimmy Harryson. How played to Rocky. R.I.P.
Shark 591
Butterbean would have destroyed Tua!
José Santiago
Estás peleas fueron en los 90s por qué el entrenador de Tua también fue de Meldrick Taylor
Mr. hrfister
I would have loved for him to have beat Lennox Lewis, but Lewis outboxed him well.
Ruslan Ykubov
Майк Тайсон лучший вышел бы Туа против Тайсона в его годы то я думаю Тайсон бы выиграл точно одно дело реализовать этот удар а другое дело просто быть такими ударами постоянно а Тайсон Это умеет
michael muro
Impossible to have that much punching power 4000 that is preposterous. I want to see facts behind that, no just probably, facts. Have you seen Rocky? Not even the Russian he fought had that much punching power in the movie.
Jeff Davidson
When a person rejects something JESUS died and she'd his blood for that is such a shame. Acts 2:38 if our gospel be hid it's hid to them that are LOST
I think I would still go with Ernie Shavers or Jerry Cooney as the hardest puncher ever, but I've never been hit by either, so what do I know...
John Birge
ali would have beat this guy. if he can punch harder than George Foreman that would be a hard punch. How hard a guy can punch can be measured.
Jimmy Jennings
Why didn't he fight Mike Tyson, he was a heavyweight right?
Race Hill Farms
I think George Foreman was the Hardest puncher ever. Shavers was also a hard puncher, as was Ron Lyle. George Clooney was a hard hitter as well.
Troy Collins
He's about 3/4 Mike Tyson. Both on power and speed. This is boxing not all MMA. David the Tank Abbott punched harder and was stronger.
Dee Boy
JAMES THUNDER was another he y hitter. Last I heard he was homeless in Las Vegas. Hope that's not true.