"Drake" and Nicki Minaj Get Freaky On Stage

Nicki Minaj live at The Staples Center performing "Anaconda" with one of her dancers.

Savage momma
That Aint no drake
you could tell this guy wish it was happenig for real
Lenka Bush
He had a boner
Koharu Hinata
Nicki Minaj is Cute and Adorable! NOT DRAKE btw. He had a Boner grinding on her though which was Hot😂
Khushi Kapoor
first time im seeing nicki wearing *some* clothing!!
Her backup dancers must have to be gay to not get boners 😂😂😂
Kris Joseph
I'm not mad it ain't Drake...but I'm just dying that they forced to wear Nike Compression pants to cover they boners out here lmao
TheKiwiBirdie With No Channel
Dats not drake duh
Shania Wright
that is not drake
thinking bout life
He was hard lol
He isn't even touching her. He seems to be humping air.
Mr McSalad
Kids actually think of her as a role model...
jennifer andrea espinosa flores
Donde esta drake?
Sinan Ekrem
İn modern world no Need to be sing, i guess porn stars will be artist of the communitys
alora rodriguez
This is so sexy 😝🤗💯🎧😍
he sexier than Drake anyway no homo
Zoolu Soolg
girls should not behave this way
Katey Hesse
nickis face is like wtf
Karl_ The_Gamer
thats not drake dummy
Maria Luiza
O famoso pirocudo
Dejanea Mays
Thats not drake
wowwwe😍he's so hot af.who is he?
Xïmënä Perez Ramirez
ese no es drake
Lee Jenne
Before u say anything about that not being drake, the YouTuber never technically said it’s drake, the word drake is in quotes
he got horny
she can hardly move of all that plastic
TEX - تيكس
should've gotten channing tatum in there.
Cristal Delatorre
which jordans are those???
yasmin sara
Gostosaaaa! <3
Vanessa schehe
Cj Gardner
wow im dead whoever made this video if u think drake can grind u must not know him at all
Polina T.
Renny Black
thats not even drake
Jordan Marcial
You guys in the comments are mad dumb. Of coarse it's not drake that why they put quoted around "drake" in the title
Astrid FA
she can't sing and that isn't drake
ayat o
Stop saying it's not Drake. Yeah. It's not. There's quotation marks in the title for a reason.
wav.yliving 波打つ
Never knew she was so thick
YouCanCallMe Anonima
WTF =)))
Whos_Diego Mancillas
He has a BONER
Not drake and just trash on stage...yuck!
Crackhead RALPH
He’s better looking than drake
Ccffvv V. Vhhbb
That ain’t drake dum dum
retro king
you know he prob caught a boner hell I would
Badgirl525ist jj
Wtf you mean STRANGER cause that's not drake
This does not bode well
Divas Live
This is the type of music, songs, and dance styles that most of the youth today's are copying... wow so much class, respect and dignity... 😎🤨😏 (sarcasm).
That is not drake
D Fritz
There is kids at these shows. Thank God I don't have a daughter!
Stephanie Deighan
That ain't Drake
Shikshan Hindi
Drake can actually dance
Rainbowz and sparkles
that last part giving me nightmares about who music I listen to
Bdot Qani
That's drake wtf
Lil Uzi Goat
Elizabeth Olivares
What part did he have a boner lol
know it
only talent she knows .....crap Savage waste .....worst singer ever
she is sooooo fine Lucky guy i think imma learn how to dance now
Mario Cortez
drake wishes
xanarchy gang xan
that's not drake
Y on stage? That's my only question someone could have poured water on them air humping each other
0:28 uh wtf nicki minaj
Angel Cruz
Pinche drake
i died laughing
Reggie Chen
lets dance please LOL 🤣😂😃😅😋
Samirah Bowman
That’s not drake
the lost journal of mystifying things
i gotta admit, that was funny and entertaining . i like the expression on nikki's face lol . i dunno if it was planned but she looks surprised
ices over time crab
thats not drake
EllieVibes Msp
That ain't drake
Laila Preston
first of all That not drake and second he will never grind on niki
so this is suppose to be music?
How do you know thats Drake?
Corey Hayes
that is not drake
Vilde Dreemurr
it's not drake it's "drake" like it says in the title
Alain Edward Tunguia
This made me check pornhub. XD
Sasha Constant
That's not even drake I know drake HES BLACK!
Ruth vaquedano
q putilla.pero la.kiero
Jordan Washington
she still doing lil Kim moves
KellyOneilia Lawrence
this isn't Drake dafuq
Kurdo Doski
😂😂😂😂 you are crazy
crazy StUfY
not drake
Emma Ghee
that's bit Drake
Guss Deso
if I were there I'd Hit that people with rotten eggs hahahah
Katy Sanders
that's not Drake lol
Brenda Lane
What's up
seif zeghic
that wasn't drake and this is PORN
Tahje Nelson
Not drake
Samantha Barton
That not drake
Tuba Kaya
Tomas V.
corrupted world
Jatara Jenkins
That's not drake tf...
Eli Ellington
How did he not get a boner, I would've been rock hard
St* Lucifer •
no talent at all!
DJ Belle
I have NO words
Kameron Brathwaite
She cheating on meek mill
Brenda Lane
Sure ain't
Dirty boy
RoMia 1978
mucky buggers.
Benjamin Chong