GTA IV Epic Ragdolls Episode 6 (Euphoria Showcase)

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Unknown Vapor
5:15 when she home alone
GTA 4 physics. *smashes into wall at 100 mph and survives* *falls to ground 2 feet after at full health and dies*
Delusional Niggerfaggot
2:30 Police, get down!! *tHaNk yOu, oFfiCeR* [gets up, and shot himself in the head]
mateo sou
0:27 Oh, sorry I need to stand up for die
Alex Ortiz
1:42 HowToBasic Escape a prison
Czajsom PL
0:40 how you do this???
The Gamer craft
.0:59 how to go in high building
Water Sheep
1:07 dat flip tho
Gta 4 is better than physics gta 5
2:32 Cop:Let me see your hands! Niko:Thank you,officer. (shots himself in head)
Carter Colson
1:00 up to the roof Niko Belic goes
Ålex Gämbïnø
9:14 9/11 Reference?
Greg Johnson
7:19 dat death dab
2:11 listen closely when the guy said "damn this is like some vuideops game shut." But sir,you are in a video game...
Viru_ 95
0:33 How can you grab your face in pain when you got headshot? 😂🤣
Jai Patkar
judiel atienza
Gta iv still better than gta v
I just love the random bits where he shoots himself in the head. Great work!
7:25 Cool dudes don't look at explosions. Cooler dudes don't walk far away enough and get caught in it.
oktay karaboyun
oktay karaboyun
4:59 pOOOgooo
We want Gta 4 physics in gta6
Miss Tiacht
To this day this game is so realistic in the way it feels that 50% of the time I'm laughing but 50% of the time I naturally feel bad and guilty for making niko experience pain. That's how you know you made a good game, when it gets you in the feels.
Captain Ranky
2:33 he shoots himself and then the officer starts to shoot him
Smoke The Gamer
So much better than GTA 5.
2:28 POLICE, GET DOWN!!! Thank you officer :3 *suicide*
jacob_ films
3:06 My favourite
oof guy YT
Kacper Michalczuk
0:40 Paradox. I didn't know that Niko must have suicide
efren Chavez
5.31 when you already completed a stunt jump but you forgot and do it again XD
1:08-1:10=Nice flip on there bro!;))) I aprecciate! Who like this leave a like so? Like=?
Deán Manuel Jardón López
The dead krillin:v Las muertes de krillin:v
Train Tomas
John Marston
Really excited to see Euphoria back in Red Dead Redemption 2, later this year!
customgrow 710
R.i.p Roman belec and niko belic
Kewen HD
Amazing video. I need more!!!
Enmanuel Romero
1:07 front flip you fall and dont get any damage... THUG LIFE or BUG LIFE
10:03 Before he's about to take fatal IMPACT! God gave him mercy and putted him out of his Misery :)
*Kicks swing pole* *Lands on roof* Seems legit :D
Arman Singh Bhati
8:45 now that my friend is what I call a trickshot
Diego El papa :v
Epic moment 1:06
Elon Musk
0:02 That is the best purposely placed glitch in a game I've ever seen. Me and my friends use to play with that glitch for hours 😂
Men of Action 2.0
7:22 "I used to live for knockin' dudes out!" "Yo, I ain't lookin' for new artists right now, aight?" *BOOM*
I just realized that gta 4 lets you see your entire death. Gta 5 does slow motion and respawns you a few seconds later. That's one more reason I should start playing gta 4. Also the car physics are a million times better.
FreddyAnimate's Dc2
1:09 nail it
gta 4 > gta v
miklos lepey
Nice keep up the good work need more like this 👍
Walter Clements
1:07 *T H U G L I F E*
NothingXD ___
Gta 4 physics: roll off a building somehow survive Gta 5 physics:slide 3 feet down a hill dead
Shalom A. Esparza
8:57 ouffff!
02:31 Thank you offıcer 02:32 Niko is dead
do u know da wei?
can u tell me mods that u used in the vid?
DressedToKill YT
Mods used?
Black XXKnight
Man I love GTA 4 it was my favourite game on PS3
10:07 saving private Ryan flamethrower scene
Daniel Whittle
St. Beter
8:15 He trying to sell you patties 🤣🤣🤣🤣 then explodes
Uncle With lumbago
0:41 when you see players death in the ending
Mister Twister
0:01 The NPC: *What have you done...*
Meme Corporations
I'm not putting my kids on those swings
1:08 Thug Life
si saitama
Happy Days
You're a Swizard, Harry
All-Star Music
5:30 - Hello, Kiki. I'm Home (GTA IV Girlfriend)
Nerijus Kitkovskis
3:07 bla bla bla bla
Mario Boy Productions
9:05 why you never play fake guns
2008 physics and AI are better than 2013. lol
Grey Pillow
Weird life of a maniac in GTA 4
Grey Pillow
8:50 that police died when he go out of his car LOL
Lauti Miranda
Good video ! 👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
0:02 RockStar don't fix this bug in steam version
Emre Oyunda
3:45 -where is this my hot dog heyy! what's going on ım flying
Matthew Brookman
You should do more rdr1 video
Roland A DroidGamer
How to suicide this character??
Mario Boy Productions
0:32 "My legs are innocent"
Ayron Jose Hernandez Lopez
gta iv should fix that playground
Miguel Todyy
1:06 Parkour Nico Bellic
Alejo YT
RealRaynex _
01:10 lol
Do u use a mod to point the gun at the player?
Pandzia 010
5:15 When you home alone, but she come to house for a second because she forget to get her truck Keys.
gta iv is better than.... nevermind
FREE F1R3 YT2019
0:00 ooo god !!!! Aaaah ah my reaction what is your problem !!!!
IPlayRoBloxXD YT
LOL when I just click it I liked the beginning was funny
IPlayRoBloxXD YT
Perfect timing when the cop was there lol
carlyle ward
not only are the physics better in this game than gta V but even the fucking gun sounds, the m4 and the glock sound awesome in gta 4
KyanPepperLOL 2.0
Remember when we had better Fire effects in the 2000s?
Slice Of inBread
Why do I remember this game looking better?
Just A Doge Nothing Special
7:23 When you try to look cool
Gaming Apple/TheGamerHacker Gamer Wolf
2:36 Thats Why You Never Be Blind Driveing...
Sandvich Collector #TF2 for life
0:34 How did he survive the headshot?
x v
Hey don't hurt my cousin
Earrape Central
*No mods were used in the making of this video.*
Kirill Litvinenko
More gta 4!!!!
lego mcrazy
А откуда он взял моды для спавна
elite cat324
man iv helicopter physics where so much better now he have 5 physics where u tap a pole and ur helicopter blows up 😔😔
Greasejunky8 TV
1:07 the most shocking moment of all rag doll moments
Anthony Hendryx
This is awesome
Fernando Emanuel Perez
For Niko Bellic, there are NO stairs.
korn turds
This guy has a real good looking color mod on.