HTC HD2 - A Closer Look

Take the big screen with you. The HTC HD2 features an unprecedented 4.3-inch high resolution capacitive touch display perfect for browsing the web, watching movies, reviewing documents or reading emails. It is also our first Windows phone to embody HTC Sense - a holistic experience based on putting people in the center by simply making things work simply the way they should. Don't miss any of our upcoming videos, subscribe now:

Macky Clemen
this is just a beast of a phone. it can run Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7 (and 8), Windows 8 RT (a Tablet OS), Windows 95, Windows 98, Android (from 2.3.x to even 5.1.1 — what the heck), MeeGo and Ubuntu for phones (as far as I know)
Legea Strazi
Fukk del mundooooo
Blastoise 3600YT
HTC can I sell the phone my dad old
Moosa Mahsoom
The large camera lens spoils the style
Thomas Smith
On the phone screen it says marketlace
Dennis Claros
@TheArod230 its 6.5 but u can upgrade it!
Isaac Collard
is it windows 7 or 6.5 software?
Sadman Ahmed
Wat about the buttons and the bottom? Wat does the windows button do when your on android?
@LUVJJ1 visit xda
Name of User
Best phone ever
Loukas Petrou
Listen man.. Tell me why do you see this video if you are a brainwashed Apple dude! Stick with your iPhone and learn some matters Apple boy.
Loukas Petrou
HTC HD2 FTW! Fuck Apple and there Fucking Marketing that Brainwash people! Now HD2 can successfully run Android, Ubuntu, Windows Phone 7 Os and the upcoming Meego! Can you avoid that? No!!!! Grab it while you can! Now that's Marketing! lol! :D
Its awesome. I own one xD
Lechuga phone to me :3 Also 666 comments WTF
BE WARNED: that flash WILL blind you. but the camera quality is kickass
The HTC HD2 can run multiple OS's like Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, Android, MeeGo, Linux and more.
Mergim Ramadani
You don't get the phone, the phone gets you :)
@rogerandre1995 omg :D i go to rusia for see it :D
@misa12348 Dream on...
i have a iphone 3GS right now, im so sick of this not working thing. 7 months till it runs out, im so gonna get a HTC!
anthony morrison
im suprised its not and android phone but i love it and i cant wait until i get mine in the mail!
Alberto R.F.
Where is Android?
Joe Alle
@veryconfused2 ~~~~ T-Mobile for $100,i been with them for almost 10 years now and was about to cancel my contract when they offered me this phone for a hundred bucks. I couldn't say no!
I can find them on criagslist for $180-200 bucks on average.
Nikolas Nakov
No, he says "HTC HD2" and we ll all die :D
Joe Alle
Just ordered mine today. Have to wait until around Monday for delivery but for $100.00 and free shipping....ahahaha
Brian Zinn
well,was gonna get an iphone, but after seeing this phone i dont think i will now,
Lass Es
If this guy says once again "HTC", I´ll die....
dhiraj dhawan
@MrWize23 hey jst let me dat hd2 s better dan iphone 3 gs..??? shd i buy it r nt
Ruddy Shelduck
I want that phone.
Makes the iphone look like a bitch
Ruturaaj Patki
@Trebor0930 Hmm, may be. But if Windows 7 shapes up well then the hardware power of HTC HD coupled with a well designed (and programmed) Win7 sounds like a fascinating combination. Important to note is that almost 85+% of Desktop share is Windows OS & with too many .Net coders, the App Store for Win7 + many talented Freelancers to have custom software dev can prove a bigger asset over iPhone business share in small/medium/enterprise business users sector. It's just a guess though; let's see.
Ruturaaj Patki
@Trebor0930 I was expecting to have a direct pre-sell Email support from HTC itself and so went to their website. But the Email Support form asks for the Device Serial number, which means it's not a Pre-Sell support and I just couldn't locate any other means on their website to get in touch with the company officials to get rid of this issue! Am I missing something here?! It's surprising to see HTC affording to leave such confusions unanswered, which is affecting the sell of their HD2 model. :-)
Ruturaaj Patki
@Trebor0930 There is so much confusion with this issue really. I called two HTC support centers here (one local support center and one regional support center). Guys from local support center said the same thing which you mentioned in your comment. However, Regional Support Center told me that HTC will provide Free upgrade to Win7. There are a few tech blogs which quoted a Russian HTC Engineer's tweet to confirm the upgrade support for 7 but authenticity is unverified. Better to wait for HD3!
Anthony Zotov
@fakedude33 no man. its a windows. im not dissing windows its just that i hate apple. i have the HTC Desire and i think that is the iPhone killer.
Xavier Woods
HTC is taking over. i wish this hone was on sprint. especially droid x and droid 2.
Ruturaaj Patki
Can someone please tell me if this phone is upgradable to Windows 7, the one expected to come from Microsoft in Dec. of this year or Jan of next year? Future of Windows 6.5 is blur and Microsoft is spending so much money on Windows 7 platform. Please confirm if this is upgradable to Windows 7. Thanks. -- Ruturaaj (mailme_frinds[at]
@archaicalbeast whatever, i get laid every fucking day and what bitch
@archaicalbeast there is countless touch screens that were supposed the be iphone "killers" haha...all i know is when bitches see my talking on my phone and they see that chrome apple on the back they KNOW what phone i have.. it goes without saying
@fakedude33 and then the iphone 4 came out
Colin Heshmat
@fakedude33 nope. 1 it's not on at&t, and 2 it's a behemoth compared to the iphone
@KienKong And it can run both Android and Windows Mobile 6.5! :D
Bradley Veljanovski
In soviet russia, you don't just get a phone, phone gets you!
i just won this phone!
Dalisson Figueiredo
The bugs will keep me off this phone, I was searching the web and all around theres people complaining about the freezing problem on this phone, some phones have it, some doesnt, but if you cant return the phone and you were unluck enough to get one that has the freezing issues? That would kill me, iphone 3gs or 4g ftw.
The HD2 is all about the little details...bravo!
@smvc1533 iPhone is gay, fuck the iphone 4 bull shit phone i had one before i switched to this and it sucks. Your just a fanboy so shut up.
Brittany Goodson
For all you iphone people the iphone 4 want be recommended by most people because if you touch a certain place on the screen it would freeze up and you'll lose connection and a whole bunch of other stuff. bummer huh!
@smvc1533 this phones better than the iphone 4
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6:22 "or make an appointment with you cheek." How would that sound in the phone agenda? "Appointment with cheek.12:30" :))
Jazmine Simpson
@sinaloanwa smh before marketplaces were even heard of people have been making and distributing apps for windows mobile devices. now with that being said google .cab files and behold the millions of app/games for windows
@MacOSX1998 It comes with a 16gb sd card and it can still hold more. I think its max is 32gb.
Did the MicroSD in HD2 is only to 2 GB? The MicroSD in Nokia 5530XM is to 16 GB!
ii gott itt <3<3 !! much better then iphone!!
@mtmjr90 mmmm.....i dont know wt 2 do now....& f i waited for the next phone it will be so expensive n my country ,the HD2 itself still expensive ....& the newer will be more expensive..... :S now i hate microsoft :(
Michael McNeeley
@midomansour1 I wouldn't if I were you simply because you'll be tied to a phone for 2 years that will not ever get a software update (since MS has stated that NO WinMo devices will be upgraded to Windows Phone 7) and while it's hardware specs are impressive, remember that the mobile phone industry is advancing at a lightning pace and better phones are just around the corner. If you want to stay with a Windows phone, I'd wait a bit. If not, I'd suggest Android (but that's a personal preference)
Robert Helm
Does anyone elses thumbs hurt when they try to compose a text message? Accu-Text (TM) textaccessory.Kom
@midomansour1 Windows Mobile 6.5 is known for it's lag, and Windows Marketplace is not going to support Windows Mobile 6.5, they're going on to Windows Phone 7.
@PinkMirrorKirby "runs on Android"u really dont like WM 6.5??cause i want 2 buy HD2?
@midomansour1 HTC EVO 4G can surf at 4G Speeds, AMOLED Screen, runs on Android, 8 megapixel Autofocus with Flash.
@AnatomyofPaparazzi why, is 4G available in your area? they charge customers with the EVO for 4G yet it is only available in certain cities.
Mario Mason
I love my HD2 a few bugs but you get use to them.
@AnatomyofPaparazzi why??wt does the evo do the hd2 cant?!
Todd W
i have a HD2 with t-mobile, really wish I got the EVO 4g
its not worth it switching to horrible sprint for the evo. HTC HD2 is the real shit
the phone that "gets YOU"
Mr mysterious
@yumyumluckycharms Ehhhh, well i thought.... since you came up with such a dumb comment, not thinking how much iphone already made and STILL selling, I commented :) sherlock sounds good :) i consider my self a detective sometimes.
this phone absoultly kills the iphone hard
@john5246 hahaha, yeah hes ok ;)
wong chee kong
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how do you download movies to it
Julie Sand
I just ordered mine. I get it tomorrow!!!!
Got mine 3 weeks ago, I have to reset it a few times a day by removing the battery, Aggravating, but the plus factor outweighs the negatives. Also it does not support flash, forget browsing sites with need to download SkyFire until this unit supports flash... Enjoy the monster, it rawks!
Mr woody
i am so fucking getting a hd2 !
@jeroenN93 Your phone connects to 3G networks, and your laptop recognizes your phone as a modem and uses its internet to go on the web. o.o
Josh Lastname
i just came here for the kickass theme music. Where is it?
The guys voice reminds me of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.
Cameron Risse
@yumyumluckycharms This isnt even close to the iphone killer. Windows mobile will never have anything that can compete with the iphone. Does it have a app store? No it doesnt do anything the iphone cant do and the iphone can do everything better. The only thing that will be able to compete with the iphone is a android based phone, like the HTC Evo4g coming out this summer
getting mine today ;P
Does this have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like HTC Touch Pro 2?
let america make the software, and taiwan and china will make the hardware - sucks for our economy but at least some great phones emerge
JC Ortíz
I was going to buy the I phone, after finishing my contract in May with T-Mobile, but was waiting for the HD2 htc few months ago and when I learned that T-Mobile would have the htc HD2 did not think twice to renew the contract for two years but I already did! I think he has a lot of things even I q phone does not offer! Ahhh! Has Windows 6.5 wow! Indeed ate!
@Bluewhile why ? whats wrong with HD2?
nice phone ~ what's the price in states ?
jamie anderson
@Bluewhile exactly.
jamie anderson
Windows operating system = useless. There's no point even switching to HTC android. Until they launch with a Linux OS, there's no comparison with iPhone.
I hate my HD2 - i want android -.-
1 to 10 ..... 10 totally recommend it!.. awesome PHONE!
@fcstiluk on a scale of 1-10?
i so would :D
anyone who would reccomend it?
poor jenny the guy makes her sound like a freak...all your interactions with her..lmao!!!
@assassin7290 facts don't lie.. iphone isnt the best anymore.. face it.. its old news and everyone has one or wanted one.. i think they are great but personally i would never touch any product from apple.. hate em..
Lee QQ
taiwans product always good
Luis Ramos
I love this phone, the only thing that sucks about it is the carrier, why us it that that good phones came out only for the crapy networks
@xxsandrayxx me 2
Michael Rivas
holy shit that huge ... but still i like it
No, 3,5G....