Megadeth - 99 Ways To Die (Live In Milan 1995)

Megadeth - 99 Ways To Die (Live) "Forum-Milandeiori" Milan (Italy) April 11, 1995

Fulvio Reinero
c'eroooooo cazzo siiiii !!!!!!! che serata !!!
Io c'ero!!!
Michele Milella
anyone has the gig in Rome Italy on the previous day in 1995 tour? That was a gig to remember for ages (lasted 50 minutes, Marty was high and Dave very angry ahahah he left stage
Shawn Langlois
Amazing song
Dave sounded so tired when he was talking normally, but then he sounded just fine when singing, haha.
Manuel Ozzy
bellissimi ricordi di questo concerto..22 anni fa...santo dIO...