Best of Melodic Dubstep Gaming Mix 2016

More of the best melodic dubstep music from 2016, it makes for a perfect gaming mix! ⇩⇩⇩ Like me on Facebook - />Follow me on Twitter - />Follow my Soundcloud - /> Picture by Yuumei - />♫ Tracklist; ► 0:00 - Illenium - With You (ft. Quinn XCII) (Crystal Skies Remix) ► 4:38 - Mendum - Elysium (ft. EDEN) (Miro Remix) ► 8:13 - Arrient - Fall Into Me (ft. Evoke) (Last Heroes x Biscoln Remix) ► 13:06 - Atlas & Floatinurboat - Broken ► 20:28 - Holly Drummond - Stronger (Ether Remix) ► 25:14 - Color Source - Terms & Conditions (ft. Ashley Apollodor) (Crystal Skies Remix) ► 28:49 - Illenium - Without You (ft. SKYLR) (Ryan Exley Remix) ► 34:57 - DM Galaxy - Our Weapons (ft. Q Aila) (Abandoned Remix) ► 38:34 - Crystal Skies - Our Journey (ft. Ashley Apollodor) ► 43:45 - Ether - Remember Me (ft. Progley) ► 47:50 - Said The Sky - Nostalgia (ft. Missio) (Arrient Remix) ► 51:46 - Misael Gauna - I Miss You (ft. Noctilucent) ► 56:21 - Manu Lei - Take My Hand (ft. Noctilucent & Tiffany Wiemken) (Vorsa Remix) [Export Elite) Share it around if you enjoyed it, leave a like and a comment, also, if you want to hear more, hit subscribe to stay up to date!

Melodic dubstep has a special place in my heart. There's something about it that's just unparalleled. It's its own thing. Nothing can come close. Just the atmospheres, the synths, the vocals, the surging bass, all of it comes together better than any other genre in my opinion.
thank you for putting me and ether in this!!! <3
Hope you enjoy this new melodic dubstep mix, all vocal tracks in this one! ♥
Can Kerem
i was dying while waiting for the drop
do u want some hascisc?
Fisheye placebo <3
Jack Rutledge Goembel
God, this is so good. I'm glad this genre's been going strong for so long. :D
Majestic Spoxxi
Yaaaassss. Melo Dubstep❤️❤️
top 5, go:
Shanell Cyrus
I don't usually comment but I had to because I'm really really happy I found this mix! I absolutely love it! Definitely my study mix.
Nice Ваня:3
Хорошая подборка!
Marisa Lee
Earned a new subscriber ٩(^ᴗ^)۶
Igaming byyt
Well this is the Best melodic dubstep in my life😍
Leones Sapientia
Dirty Dena
goodstuff =]
You should link Part 1 in the desc. Good mix!
3nergizing •
I really like the first one and second song nice job
That Last Heroes x Biscoln remix is just epic
freaking amazing mix <3
White Eagle Music Network
Beautiful mix Love it !!! <3
Ethan Taylor
best vocal mix yet 10 out of 10
illegal Feels
Part 2 aye!! I waiting this dope since so much time <3 Thanks again MH for your work!
James Armes
I could sleepdance to this.
Derp Shimpletin
Absolutely amazing job this mix was awesome! Keep it up MixHound we are counting on you.
Manuel C
Good mix, love it.
Aleksandr Usanov
I KNEW IT WAS 60fps! lol this is a good mix for studying
Aqua Deep
Amazing Mix .. love this dubstep vibes
Alex Sanchez
el mejor dubstep man te FELICITO
Alex L
Thanks for this mix! Really boosted my mood! :)
I love to dreaming while listen to this mix. BEAUTIFUL, also this reminding me about one person who is very important for me ever before!
Alex Sanchez
el mejor dubstep man, te FELICITO 😁✌
Alex Sanchez
el mejor dubstep man, te FELICITO 😁✌
Minechat Raids
MixHound is bae!
Alex Sanchez
el mejor dubstep man te FELICITO 😁✌
Brayan Perezluna
i love dubstep.
Thomas Shelton
Awesome! whenever im going to bed i always listen to this type of music its amazing
I often get mixed up whether a track is melodic dubstep or future bass
ll lMIRRORl ll KVN
so good and nice voice!
Soldado Raso peloton 2
Larisa Theory Zeus
Absolutely wonderful Mix(Hound), large quantities of support and mamma mia's from my little unicorner! Hope everyone is floating forward in a wonderful mood this beautiful evening <3
great job on the EQ visualization - really pops at the right times
Настя Философ
I know that redhead girl! Shi is from "eyefish placebo" manga. :000 i know this, cause I read it 2 min ago
Cole Lynch
Will you make a part 3 hound?🐶 all your chillstep mixes are the best!
Oscar Jesus Martínez
Pretty good, but dude Illenium )is so f*** awesome
¿I love you this songs, are great. I can study and dream every day and every where. !Congratulation!
pilinever shutsup
this all sounds the same to me.... i really can´t understand it to me good dubstep or electro (or whatever) mixes are like savant- the alchemist he/she is such a creative dj, he showed me, what electronic music can really do instead of one simple beat played over and over again
Das Oschi
56:10 sounds much better in 1.25 speed =^-^=
Alex D. Campbell
Placebo Awesome wallpaper for the wonderful music.
dance radical.miusic
caramba que som massa ❤❤❤🎶😗
por fin un mix de dubstep con nombres, muy bueno :D
Heather Fox
Another amazing mix. Thanks! :-)
Aceyo Studios
Alright a new dub mix!!
William Saulala
Your the man bro. This made my day.
Marco Floriano
Epic set, really epic buddy, good picks!
Wrolph Bane
hey can I have a link to this background I love it!! :D
Princess Frezno
This is amazing please make more!!! ❤️❤️
mige esmok Girldo
Fluffy bunny 123
Its soo beautiful, its make me very relaxed after every stress day!
BlackLight Firefly
I actually pressed this vid cause of Yuumei's art Fisheye Placebo Robin Soloviev. The music is really good doe.
Cuadrat 3v
Me encanta esta música sigue así hermosa canción del principio me encanto
Tasos Panopoulos
the best dubstep harambe is alive <3
Perfect to my philosophic thinks.
You are so AMAZING :) :)
Javier Gonzalez
4.40 arkadata, unbelivable
Only if you could comment on this...Hmmm.
The Warrior
drops like a nuke , so awesome <3
hey, your voice is amazing <3 wanna make a track together?
Mr. WeebyGamer
I want 16:00 as my outro. Or 19:03. Either way, it's lit.
Mikus Kluga
not bad 8.5/10
Lil Pearless
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Adolfo Orellana
thanks for the music is very relaxed but is awesome
Yolo Crayolo
día 1 (escuela) -(0-0)-
Yolo Crayolo
día 1 (escuela) -(0-0)-
Manuel Alejandro
the best remixes for my in the fuc&ng world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fartboarder hypixel
this is my fave mix of all time
La reine des Pandas
I love you Mix Hound <3
Yolo Crayolo
mira abajo mira arriba
Dope mix!
Franncys matos
nice mix great work
Andrew Rodef
Without you. Wow. I love this sound. Thank you. Like
NyanGamer YT
my friend said: this is what you call Dubstep. and i was like: No DIP Sherlock
KxR Joey
keeps it up u give so much inspiration
CR PlayzMC
can i use this for my yt intro? i will put links in description
Great mix! +1
Geneviève Gervais
i was listening to this mix while reading divergent and now im having intense flashback ;-;
invincible - deaf kev 10h
Ulises Murillo
I love it <3 Ö
Noopig Noopig12345
nice music i Just hear this All time i like it soo Muth ty dir this mix<3
teddy waweru
Oh My Freaking God!!
Jesse Lee
Obrigado =]
Agressiver Habara
thank you<3
I love this mix V_X
Hugeee mix
Alex gaming c
nice dubstep is very cool \\\\\
Tom Tom
beste music ever :3
Rodjer Dewitt
i love this music ))) were is dowlad file ??
andrew salter
That's a beautiful picture
Gelb Baum
nice mix bro