System of a Down - Toxicity Full Album HQ

one of the greatest rock/metal albums of all time,also one of my favorites. I also added the sorta "hidden" outro at the end of aerials. Enjoy :D Track list - 1. Prison song - 0:00 2. Needles - 3:18 3. Deer dance - 9:28 4. Jet pilot - 9:28 5. X - 11:35 6. Chop suey! - 13:34 7. Bounce - 17:03 8. Forest - 18:53 9. ATWA - 22:57 10. Science - 25:53 11. Shimmy - 28:36 12. Toxicity - 30:27 13. Psycho - 34:06 14. Aerials - 37:50 ***

Zoran Taylor
This album is completely unique. It makes being angry sound fun, being fun sound revolutionary, and being revolutionary sound practical. It's timeless.
single best album of the last decade. challenge me on it if you have to.
412 III
This should be the toxicity vid with 2M views on, no adverts, the uploader used their head!
One of the pillars of modern rock. Deserves it's place in history books!
A Few Niccals
Thank you for making Prison System transition right into Needles. Doing god's work
With today's BS running rampant, we need SoaD more than ever!! Give us another one guys, for the people!! Great upload, any chance of STEAL THIS ALBUM coming to your channel??
Justin Tucker
Outro is called Arto by some fans because it's performed by Arto Tuncboyaciyan. The song that he is performing is called Der Voghormia. It's an Armenian hymn.
Dante Parnor
My favourite album!!
leoni ward
Love this album!!
mlody ak-47
Good music
MarcTheBeast34 Official
Now this is music to go to sleep to!
Their first two albums are straight up legendary! This takes me back.
Mason B
Thanks for the HQ upload
memes are liti
Fred France
ThatBoredGuy YT
Tronald Dump
Whoever put those ads in there got too greedy. Too many damn ads. Looking for a different video.
Yanina2019 sotelo
nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia!!! que álbum! !!
Juan Feik