SWEET SPOT - Battlefield 1 Sniper One Hit Kill Guide

Battlefield 1 Sniper One Hit Kill guide. Get better at Sniping in Battlefield 1 by learning the one hit kill sweet spot ranges for the Scout rifles. "Sponsored by EA Ronku" Battlefield site: Gun Stats: Sponsored by Scan: Thumbnail: /> Connect with me: /> />

2:20 Martini-Henry Infantry 3:11 SMLE MKIII 4:15 Russian 1895 5:02 Gewehr 98 6:24 M1903
Thanks for the support on this video guys, glad you enjoyed it, took a while to put together :) MOAR BF1!
Sethi Harjinder
Video had 99 dislikes so i just hit the sweet spot
Kyle Engel
How in the hell do you see any of your targets?! Maybe I'm just blind
Jose Rendon
Martini Henry - 30m to 50m SMLE MKIII - 40m to 75m Russian Sniper - 60m to 100m Gewehr 98 - 80m to 120m M1903 Sniper - 100m to 150m Level Model 1896 - 50m to 85m
sam scholey
Can't wait to start wrecking people coming over from cod
this whole sweet spot mechanic should be removed from the game imo
Anthony Sanchez
as a first time battlefield player, it's definitely a system that through me off coming from COD (please don't hate. roast is fine but hate, no). I'm slowly but surely getting used to distance and bullet drop, and the latter is one that took a hell of a lot of time to get used to. BF1 is so much more simulating, that I'm surprised they didn't add wind effect to bullets while they were at it too.
Can you please just post a one hour + multiplayer gameplay? Just you messing around doing whatever. Thumbs up so he can see
Ivan Herrera
Kinda wish the scout binoculars would have some kind of aid for gauging distance, w/o relying on an objective all the time. :p
hey Jack i play I with the 95 gewehr and get the sweet spot pretty often why wasn't that rifle mentioned?
what does PTFO mean?
Bought BF1 on xb1 because i don't have my PC with me at uni.. How playing Console makes me appreciate PC Movements even more
what about the lawrence of arabia rifle?
Not really needed to make snipers better. They are bloody every where on the open maps
Can anyone confirm which scopes have glint ? Is it like BF4 were low magnification scopes like ACOG x4 don't have glint give away showing to your enemy ?
Chris Garcia
is it me or who else loves running with iron sights?
Viktor György
Fun fact: "Gewehr" means "Rifle" in German! And no! I'm not German! :D
Dragon Scale Gaming
can you do a Vid like this on thr Medics DMRs please 👌
Please mention what causes glare too!
What gun in the world has less power at the muzzle then it does at 50 -100M out? Weapons I.E. Firearms have the most velocity and foot pounds of energy at the muzzle Take a look at the .50 BMG ( This was invented in WWI) This round can produce between 10,000 and 15,000 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle (between 14 and 18 kilojoules), depending on its powder and bullet type, as well as the weapon it was fired from, but this Firearm and all other Firearms will never do more damage or hit harder after it leaves the muzzle. I don't know why Dice would produce weapons class with these attributes to do the most damage at a certain distance, non of the other weapons have this same feature, nor has any other battlefield as far as I know.
Carlos Alberto
Jack, do you mind helping me with this doubt, the lawrence of Arabia SMLE Counts towards your SMLE total kills for display in your SMLE 100+ kills dog tag? Example: i have 120 SMLE marksman kills but i have 450 lawrence of arabia SMLE kills? does it shows on my dog tag 670 kills or 450 or 120? its confusing with all the same weapon variants understanding medals and stuff! Plus i find it weird that if i want to use a marksman SMLE Cause of the situation i will only have displaying 1 service star, rather than all the SMLE kills without diving them in variants!
the sweet spot is the most retarded thing to be implemented into any Battlefield game, like there weren't snipers enough in the previous Battlefield games... Well done DICE.
ima give a way a copy of bf 1 on ps4 when my first video on youtube drops 😍😍😍😍 i will get like 5 views but hey better chance of winning ☺
Busa Bro
This sweet spot mechanic is overpowered. Matchmaking is filled with tons of snipers who just sit back and don't PTFO.
The sweet spot thing kinda pisses me off a bit. If I nail a dude in the chest from 3 feet away he should go down.
Silent Moab
Bunch of cod refugees on this game, never reviving or dropping health and ammo. Just camp at an objective instead of pushing into the others.
TheThurston13 Gaming
I hate this sweet spot thing. Cater to one class and forget the rest. I've put two headshots in a guy with the sweeper and didn't get the kill. Game still needs some balancing. I do love it though. If people don't believe me i can post the video I captured.
1-shot torso kills but I can get 5 head shots when I use a LMG and the person still doesn't die :(
Jake Lee
I love you, Jack, but... *Makes video on sweet spots" *Hits headshots half the time*
I use nothing but the SMLE and gewehr iron sights only just cause it makes me feel like an actual WW1 soldier
Do you always play against bots?
Can i ask what sensitivity you use in options? i know it will depend also on your mouse options but, to have a closer opinion anyway :)
J Stone
Mad gameplay dude.
Can you go into zeroing distance in another video? All these ranges are great but a lot of us don't know when to zero our rifles for what
Horse Man
I can't stop playing this game I thinks it's the best battlefield.
Jack plz make video about how to play medic pleeeeeeeeease these cod kids are pissing me off
i never play games. only cod. since iv play bf1 u cant stop playing
Gamedude Pc
Martini Henry straight cheeses everything
Burner Finger One
I love sniping in this game, just find a good spot to snipe, 1 hand on my mouse and the other holding a cup of tea
kita lrv
como estalar isso no celular
I dont know how you manage to find so many people who are standing still, in a ll the games i play everyone is running around
Anonymous BOSS
Cod kids gonna be pissed off when they find out u cant have thermal scopes in the snipers XD
Internet Driller's Step Dad
So basically... aim and shoot
you make me sad that I'm such a terrible shot. pls make a video of you missing and dying a lot so I can feel better about myself.
Recon may be OP in gun fights now. This sweet spot mechanic is iffy to me
Diego Tr
I have a question, why do the snipers shine in the distance like a star, is it because the sun reflects in the optics, please explain
kita lrv
eu quero jogar isso
Did he just bayonet a tank?
*Echo* *Echo*
thumbs up evry  one good video
Mel D.
Im sorry, but that 3rd shot. How in the hell did you do that? I didn't even see anything then you just got points. On top of that it was a HEADSHOT omg.
Do the snipers without scopes still have bullet drop? It looks like you're aiming directly on the enemy and still getting a hit.
Otaku Extraordinare
I really appreciate the fact that you said "Gewehr" properly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
difference between a "Marksman" and a "Sniper" rifle?
Aimi Geη
I love using the Gewehr 98, but I don't use it like it's intended xD I play more aggressively, taking objectives, and I find the 98 the best one for pulling off lucky shots. I had to adapt a bit to a smarter play style, and be more stealthy, so I kind of go inbetween stealthy and aggressive. It works really well because my highest rank is in scout, even though I play best on Assault and Support. I'm horrible as a medic though, because I don't have the patience for Semi-Auto rifles xD
Can someone please give me some tips on playing scout? I have good aim so that's not the problem, just have to get used to the bullet travel time and drop but.. I have huge problems with knowing where enemies come form and where to position myself. I very rarely get the opportunity to actually shoot at someone i always get seen by other snipers before i see them and very often just die to other classes or tanks or whatever.. I get extremely negative scores in all my games and im starting to think about just dropping this game, but i dont want to since it cost quite alot to buy it :(
mungo 99
Infinite warfare before this vid starts.. Really?
A 380
sweet spot, sweet spot, sweet spot, something that doesn't exist in BF4...
Karl P.
Wow, wish I knew it sooner. Always was wondering why I got 1 shot without head shot from long distances so often
Adam Northey
theres also an awesome glitch using the martini in that if you load a k bullet, hit or miss a shot but the enemy isnt dead, then switching to back to primary bullets using triangle... (i play ps4) it seems to negate the reload... effective when im getting shot at by enemy's in the latter distance of the one shot sweet spot... k bullets still seem to be lethal at this range.
Tim b
hello, i would like to know if there's a way to see the scoreboard while playing the game, i'm new to bf1..
I just play bf1 for the atmosphere and immersion it gives tbh......
Mark Davis
Whats with the video quality? Your videos are usually 10/10. Maybe its just me be there is a lot of stutter and downscaling.
TLDR: Martini best gun in game
caint wait for hardcore😀
Existence Gaming
I'm pretty good accuracy wise but my problem is I don't "take the shot" I feel that it will miss or it's not good enough or some shit, any name for that or a solution??
Elie Rizk
Is anyone else getting serious resolution drops on consoles, specially ps4?
Mark Trotter
San Pietro
Jason Gledhill
this is a terrible no skill mechanic for the sniper rifle, a 1 hit kill should always and only be a headshot
You aren't a true Scout player if you haven't unlocked the Kolibri and gotten a service star with it.
Nathalia Alves
sparda Hellkin
This is the best battlefield game
Gewher M.95 Infantry FTW
Jamie Towner
i hate close range snipers....
adar winter
is there a realistic explanation on why a rifle would do MORE damage over a certain distance?! this seems more like some game mechanic to nerf the bolt action rifles so they don't do 100 damage up close and not based on anything ballistic....
This game is very flawed on multiplayer, everything happens in slow motion I played it for a hour then played hardline which felt so much better in every way, also on bf1 sometimes my gun won't aim and I can only hip fire very frustrating.
Jackie boi I wanna bust nuts all over yo BF1
alexander amelinckx
Nice fake views
Usmaan Abdul
How do you know how far away you are from an enemy
altoids eater 47
Thank Christ. Finally a sniper that kills in one hit.
Video DSLR Tutorial
Till Level 5  SMLE MK iii infantry is the best! 10 shot and low distance sweet spot is just amazing.
I just can't wait til hardcore where none of this matters
Diles46 - AIRSOFT
nepolyen bonehead
Every scout gun has a sweet spot
What About Tankgewehr?
AceBoogz Gaming
well he was right I don't need the video cause I bang out headshots left and right haha
Does anyone have a problem with ping on bf1? in the beta and every other game i play i have <30 ping which is good but on bf1 even on EU severs i have 60-100 ping usually staying at 98 and it doesn't affect it a lot but on certain times its really noticeable. on the server list i look through and join servers with least ping but it still doesnt help. Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks
AceBoogz Gaming
Top 1% right here.
Grammar Nazi0
I wish Cavalry, Tank, And Pilot were all normal guaranteed classes instead of limited special classes
Iro Nie
that sweetspot crap doesnt work it all, i got enough situations where i killed a enemy, another guy who was next to him get only 80 damage... pls dice make it like in bf 3/4 sniper shots at very close range one shot kill so i can play aggressive recon style
so I just redownloaded Battlefield one because I had the urge to play it. The first game I joined into, i ran 10 ft forward got sniped I then proceeded to equip smoke grenades and spawn on an objective. immediately i was suppressed by a sniper, I threw my smoke grenades towards the sniper then got shot by another sniper to the other side of me. I respawned yet again on the far side of the map trying to flank towards an uncontested objective halfway there I was sniped by someone all the way at the end of the map by the enemy Spawn sitting on a hill behind a bush. I respawned on one of my squad mates that was about to enter a fight, the gunfight was pretty crazy it was probably three of us and three of them and then more of our teammates ran to help and the same with their side and once there was only about 4 of us left and 1 of them, two snipers on the other side of the map killed all of my teammates that were there including me. I then proceeded to exit the game and delete Battlefield 1 for the same reason I deleted it in the first place
Its kind of funny because literally every youtuber ive seen videos in which they say the martini henry sounds amazing they always drown out the gunshot with their voice so i guess im just gonna have to grind to hear it myself lol
Two Angry Gamers TV
Why doesn't the gewehr m95 have a sweet spot? Sick of it.
pure lit
Im a team player so my dislike got upto 799 # sweetspot
I haven't played since Battlefield 3. I really wish that they just got rid of sniper rifles for this game. The way most players play it, it's a selfish playstyle that isn't fun to get killed by and isn't useful if on your team. At least, make it so only headshots kill in one shot.
ZANA radawy
This pc4 or xbox one?