SWEET SPOT - Battlefield 1 Sniper One Hit Kill Guide

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Battlefield 1 Sniper One Hit Kill guide. Get better at Sniping in Battlefield 1 by learning the one hit kill sweet spot ranges for the Scout rifles. "Sponsored by EA Ronku" Battlefield site: Gun Stats: Sponsored by Scan: Thumbnail: /> Connect with me: /> />

Chris Garcia
is it me or who else loves running with iron sights?
Sethi Harjinder
Video had 99 dislikes so i just hit the sweet spot
2:20 Martini-Henry Infantry 3:11 SMLE MKIII 4:15 Russian 1895 5:02 Gewehr 98 6:24 M1903
Kyle Engel
How in the hell do you see any of your targets?! Maybe I'm just blind
I use nothing but the SMLE and gewehr iron sights only just cause it makes me feel like an actual WW1 soldier
Can you please just post a one hour + multiplayer gameplay? Just you messing around doing whatever. Thumbs up so he can see
Jose Rendon
Martini Henry - 30m to 50m SMLE MKIII - 40m to 75m Russian Sniper - 60m to 100m Gewehr 98 - 80m to 120m M1903 Sniper - 100m to 150m Level Model 1896 - 50m to 85m
Anthony Sanchez
as a first time battlefield player, it's definitely a system that through me off coming from COD (please don't hate. roast is fine but hate, no). I'm slowly but surely getting used to distance and bullet drop, and the latter is one that took a hell of a lot of time to get used to. BF1 is so much more simulating, that I'm surprised they didn't add wind effect to bullets while they were at it too.
Thanks for the support on this video guys, glad you enjoyed it, took a while to put together :) MOAR BF1!
sam scholey
Can't wait to start wrecking people coming over from cod
Recon may be OP in gun fights now. This sweet spot mechanic is iffy to me
Ivan Herrera
Bought BF1 on xb1 because i don't have my PC with me at uni.. How playing Console makes me appreciate PC Movements even more
Loxodon Gaming
can you do a Vid like this on thr Medics DMRs please 👌
Kinda wish the scout binoculars would have some kind of aid for gauging distance, w/o relying on an objective all the time. :p
hey Jack i play I with the 95 gewehr and get the sweet spot pretty often why wasn't that rifle mentioned?
Can anyone confirm which scopes have glint ? Is it like BF4 were low magnification scopes like ACOG x4 don't have glint give away showing to your enemy ?
Jake Lee
I love you, Jack, but... *Makes video on sweet spots" *Hits headshots half the time*
John Lynch
I can't stop playing this game I thinks it's the best battlefield.
Busa Bro
This sweet spot mechanic is overpowered. Matchmaking is filled with tons of snipers who just sit back and don't PTFO.
Viktor György
Fun fact: "Gewehr" means "Rifle" in German! And no! I'm not German! :D
I dont know how you manage to find so many people who are standing still, in a ll the games i play everyone is running around
Please mention what causes glare too!
Silent Moab
Bunch of cod refugees on this game, never reviving or dropping health and ammo. Just camp at an objective instead of pushing into the others.
i never play games. only cod. since iv play bf1 u cant stop playing
I like what you said, the M1908 could be the counter-sniping weapon actually. That really shows how each of them best serves a different purpose ! ^^
Andrew Morgan
WOW THAT SNIPER IS GOOD! - said no one ever In battlefield 1
you make me sad that I'm such a terrible shot. pls make a video of you missing and dying a lot so I can feel better about myself.
Anonymous BOSS
Cod kids gonna be pissed off when they find out u cant have thermal scopes in the snipers XD
so I just redownloaded Battlefield one because I had the urge to play it. The first game I joined into, i ran 10 ft forward got sniped I then proceeded to equip smoke grenades and spawn on an objective. immediately i was suppressed by a sniper, I threw my smoke grenades towards the sniper then got shot by another sniper to the other side of me. I respawned yet again on the far side of the map trying to flank towards an uncontested objective halfway there I was sniped by someone all the way at the end of the map by the enemy Spawn sitting on a hill behind a bush. I respawned on one of my squad mates that was about to enter a fight, the gunfight was pretty crazy it was probably three of us and three of them and then more of our teammates ran to help and the same with their side and once there was only about 4 of us left and 1 of them, two snipers on the other side of the map killed all of my teammates that were there including me. I then proceeded to exit the game and delete Battlefield 1 for the same reason I deleted it in the first place
Can you go into zeroing distance in another video? All these ranges are great but a lot of us don't know when to zero our rifles for what
Dael Cruz
In my first battlepack i got a legendary gild skin. I love you DICE and EA 🎲 <33
They should make the Henry Martini full-auto, ain't got taim 4 reloading.
Gamedude Pc
Martini Henry straight cheeses everything
Step 1 at getting better at sniping: Be actually able to play the game at 60 fps feelsbadman
Rui Olavo
Damn, i usually watch videos giving Tips to learn faster and usually who is giving the tips has the knowledge but lower skill. But you, damn you are a great player. Hope i find you on the other side in a game
Got couple days ago I'm now hooked, brilliant game👍🏽 you should buy if you not got it
g. .g
The Russian 1895 gave me pure sniper heaven attacking on the Iron Wall operation. On that hill the defenders always snipe on, I was directly opposite and sat prone with occasional support classes tossing me some ammo. KD: 7.5
ida-hawaii 208
I definetly agree on the Martini and Russian 1895
I sniper shot a guy square in the chest from 20 feet away. He lived and then killed me and ran away.
Edward De Haven
The 1895 IS a cowboy gun. Its a Winchester 1895 exported to Russia.
so the martini needsto be nerfed into the ground basically. Now I know why, i knew it was op just didnt know why.
Joseph Glover
I've been really enjoying your BF1 series of videos, could you share your mouse DPI and in game sensitivity settings please? Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next video. J.
Home Grown
Dang Jack, you're shooting at little specs-bam!
TLDR: Martini best gun in game
yung ddlr
Holy u rock! can u tell me your system and settings? the video look so damn sharp. do u play on 120hz+ ?
Playd 4935
Thx frags looking ford 2 playing with these guns👍
Video DSLR Tutorial
Till Level 5  SMLE MK iii infantry is the best! 10 shot and low distance sweet spot is just amazing.
Jon Bradley
ok so call me a noob if you like... but what is PTFO? what is zeroing cycling distance?
So this weapon is better than all bf4 's sniper rifles or bf4's soldiers are overpowered. Lol
Vonny Dee
hey DEADshot i like your channel you are the best sniper i've seen so far
I only playing sniper, and loving your video. Thanks for the tips.
Kristoffer Gillis Arbo de Besche
+ Lawrence of Arabia also has a sweet spot ;)
Otaku Extraordinare
I really appreciate the fact that you said "Gewehr" properly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
What gun in the world has less power at the muzzle then it does at 50 -100M out? Weapons I.E. Firearms have the most velocity and foot pounds of energy at the muzzle Take a look at the .50 BMG ( This was invented in WWI) This round can produce between 10,000 and 15,000 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle (between 14 and 18 kilojoules), depending on its powder and bullet type, as well as the weapon it was fired from, but this Firearm and all other Firearms will never do more damage or hit harder after it leaves the muzzle. I don't know why Dice would produce weapons class with these attributes to do the most damage at a certain distance, non of the other weapons have this same feature, nor has any other battlefield as far as I know.
I really love the SMLE Infantry for Close to Medium Range and the M1903 for the cross-map sniping. I just unlocked the Martini Henry but I don't really like it that much tbh.
"1 hit kill guide" - play hardcore, the way it was meant to be played. GG
Thijs pol
Any other gewehr 98 fans here?
Garrett Glenn
" And of course you can get the Laurence of Arabia skin which is balling out of control"
don't worry, dice will patch this soon enough for fear of reprisal from the "so op!" cod crowd.
Chronic Gamer Flippy
And now, Martini-Henry dedicated guide, please? ^^ kkthxbb
Halle Balle
i'll just headshot everyone instead...XD nice video btw!
The sweet spot thing kinda pisses me off a bit. If I nail a dude in the chest from 3 feet away he should go down.
Chester Hojnicki
"quite simply balling out of control" XD
M50's and S55's
Thank you, you saved maybe 15 mins of my life. Very informative video, keep it up
adrian humby
Very well explained video, of the damage outputs.
Damn, that game stutters like a mofo on the XBone... Nice video like always, thanks for helping us become better players.
sparda Hellkin
This is the best battlefield game
Loving these informative videos. How bout one covering the melee weapons?
What about the sniper version of the mondragon for the medic?
Hardy P
Great Video! Exactly what I was looking for! thank you!!!!
"quite simply, balling out of control."
Steven Wilson
very helpful video thanks im jus starting battlefield
Chris T
Jackfrags, what are your sensitivity specs you play on ??
قرايات حماسيه
Nice vid..jack😂✌i remembered the lagged teammate...(zompie dude)..when you revived him.. Did you hurt his ass😂???
Maraak .Nor
"...and of course you can get the gold Lawrence of Arabia skin for it which is, quite simply, balling out of control." *hurries to press like-button*
Jackie boi I wanna bust nuts all over yo BF1
Turning down the sensitivity for sniping is also a must, great guide though - Russian 1895 is my personal favorite!
Niko 02 02
I only use the M1903 since the beginning. Most of the time I headshot anyway and on a capture the flag I get around 30-40 kills xD As secondary I have the Mars Automatic and it kills in 3 shots if the enemy has full live :)
I just play in hardcore mode, bolt-action rifles are much more viable there given the 200% bullet damage modifier which means OHKO at pretty much any range.
TheThurston13 Gaming
I hate this sweet spot thing. Cater to one class and forget the rest. I've put two headshots in a guy with the sweeper and didn't get the kill. Game still needs some balancing. I do love it though. If people don't believe me i can post the video I captured.
The Winking Peanut
Thanks mate! I was struggling to understand the "sweet spot" - now just to figure out the map scale :D
Vogel Strauss
@jackfrags could you pls test for us how the scope glint works in bf1? Does it show up in shadows? How big is the angle of it? Does the marksman variant still give scope glint? I am very curious about those questions! Best regards
Just a Quad
Why would the rifles damage go up after a certain distance? Surely it should be 100 damage from 0m-whatever the drop off distance is. Illogical surely
xXMHL2600Xx xXlangvadXx
WTF!!!!!He is f#cking awesome😎
I just can't wait til hardcore where none of this matters
Tyrel Tyrone II
I love sniping in this game, just find a good spot to snipe, 1 hand on my mouse and the other holding a cup of tea
why would damage be less below a certain distance? in theory, the maximum damage a bullet can have is as soon as it leaves the barrel.
thanks so much for this video. It really helped me out as I was struggling a bit to comprehend what I was doing with different rifles.
Anyone solved the problem of Flickering Crossfire on BF1 and mind tell me how you solved it ?
Ghost Ghost
This game reminds me of the Original Cod on Pc but on a much bigger scale and better graphics.
I use the scout class as it was intended.. Long range kills and spotting
João Amorim
Nice realism , they should call this game Battlefront 1.
The Saphyroth
6:11 That movement Jack.. made their heads spin for sure. Outplayed and outclassed**
Krazy Potato
So hyped for BF1! I'm buying it today!
spite filled lungs
the sound quality and meatyness(sounds and feel of the weapons action) is perfect on the scout rifles
Adam Andrewjeski
Alternate title for this video: Martini-Henry Epitaph
went 14 and 3 starting half way done game, because of this video. love your work, really does help, thank you for your work and videos !!
Ben Ali
Jack your great man keep up the amazing work!!
I cannot explain how incredibly useful I found this video! Thank you SO much!