Speed Queen - Fly High (Live at Wacken Open Air 2017)

Recordings by ICS Festival Service GmbH ________________________________ FACEBOOK: />BANDCAMP: />ITUNES: />SPOTIFY: />AMAZON: />________________________________ SPEED QUEEN is: Thomas Kenis - Vocals Andreas Stieglitz - Guitars Tom Neeskens - Guitars Lander Savelkoul - Bass Toon Driezen - Drums

nv 9323
whats wrong with you audience? this band deserve more headbang
Great performance,but damn Muddy mix! Drums and Vocal volume are overhelming massively the guitar and bass. Overall the mix feels muddy. The Skullfist show was mixed even worse, where Jack seems to play airguitar with no sound lol.
Epic. And that Luzifer t shirt!!
Skulldiamond 94
Really awesome show you guys! \m/