20 INSANE Details in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Part 1)

Here are 20 Small Details in Red Dead Redemption 2, I'm pretty sure this is the most detailed game of all time and boy is the it good! I've barely scratched the surface so expect some more detail videos soon along with various other videos, enjoy! Check out More Videos Here: 25 Red Dead Redemption Details: /> 20 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Details Part 1: /> Another 20 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Details Part 2: /> 20 Spider-Man Details: /> 7 More Spider-Man Details: /> 18 GTA: San Andreas Details: /> 20 GTA IV Details: /> 17 God of War Details: /> Subscribe and Hit the Notification Bell to Keep up to Date with When I Upload! ►Subscribe to me here!: />►Follow me on Twitter: /> Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Western-themed action-adventure video game developed and published by Rockstar Games. The game is a prequel to the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption, and the third entry in the Red Dead series. Set in 1899, it follows the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang. After a botched ferry heist, Dutch van der Linde and his gang, which includes Arthur Morgan and a young John Marston, are forced to flee their hideout in Blackwater and attempt to cross the mountains west to evade law enforcement. In order to fund their escape, Dutch has the gang rob a train belonging to the wealthy oil magnate Leviticus Cornwall. A furious and vengeful Cornwall then hires the Pinkerton Detective Agency, who send Agents Milton and Ross to apprehend the gang. As a result, the gang is forced to be constantly on the move to stay one step ahead them. All the while, Morgan and the rest of the gang continually have to perform numerous jobs and heists to keep the gang funded as Dutch continually promises one last, big heist that will secure their freedom. Music: Red Dead Redemption 2 Theme #RedDeadRedemption2 #RDR2 #Details

Date night Man: I work for rockstar Woman:oh what do you do Man: I work on the horse testicles
Scott Deieso
This game has set the bar sooo high,
Omz Crisp
When you have been playing RDR2 for a solid 4 Months and log back onto GTA and expect a car to listen to a whistle.
Muhd Fahmi
I greet everyone in camp except micah
Ptah Adam
Horse testicles is the new standard for game detail
Bump Jhonson
I remember reading in a magazine that GTA Vice City was gonna let you shoot car tires out and thought that was an insane detail in a game and you kids these days are impressed by horse nuts boy times have changed LMFAO
I honestly believe this is the most realistic game ever made so far.
jules schoenefuhs
I love how if you antagonize Abigail specifically, John marston will punch you. It's a nice callback to rdr1
"Horse testicles expand & contract due to the weather". The future is now, old man.
The whole game is probably an insane detail
8:14 - Me vs the downloading time lol
I played the entire story not knowing about the double tap holster. There were so many opportunities to do that.
Adalard Richter
Damn imagine if Rockstar makes a war game, with such physics, blood and gore... They should really give it a try
Fun detail I found; if your on your horse near your camp and if you accidentally ride Into something near the camp, the person who is observing the area with notice it and say something like “Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.”
Red Dead 2 graphics are equivalent to the Ubisoft pre-launch trailers
Asqon Morgan
No Arthur's we're harmed during the making of this video
Cool Dood98
I wish people who got there arm or leg shot off could live afterwards
Raihanzo Ardian
Arthur? Tuberculosis Dutch? Plan Uncle? Lumbago Hotel? Tahiti
Joe Bennett
1:47 Bystander: Why the hell are you carrying that gun around here? *shoots guy's head off* Does that answer your question?
The Rockstar Gamer
All of my owned horses are female, so I can’t experience the horse testicle physics.
Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece.
Galactica Schuyler
Detail level: RDR — Horse testicles/10 Fallout 76 — 76% off/10
Bob Bob
Ad for TikTok before this video. Ad for TikTok during this video. Ad for TikTok before the three videos I watched before this one. Every time I get a TikTok ad, I ask YouTube to stop showing me that ad and it says it will, yet I'll get another TikTok ad when I watch another video. TikTok is ruining YouTube for me. Someone help. EDIT: I got another TikTok ad in this video about a minute after I wrote the above comment. Looks like there's another two ads to go in this video. I'll report back if they're for TikTok. Yep. Next ad was for TikTok. That's three TikTok ads so far while watching this one video, alone, so far. One more ad to go. Money is on another TikTok ad. Yellow box at the very end of the video didn't trigger an ad. Still, three ads, for the same thing, in one 13 minute video, is absolutely ridiculous.
Jonas Kopstad
20 INSANE Details. *Horses Poop*
Jake DeGeare
for some reason i always help out strangers and then IMMEDIATELY kill them after ive helped them
I just noticed how when you carry someone and have a weapon on your back, the gun hangs lower because the person's weight is on the barrel...damn rockstar! EDIT: also just discovered that shooting a water trough will cause it to leak and eventually dry out... the details are endless!!
Nix Da
1:23 Minecraft have this Feature too xD
Jamie Rose
Naughty dog and rockstar are my favorites.
charles gee
Whoa! I didn't know you could double tap to holster like that! After all this time! Lol
Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl
#21: trees have horse magnets. #22: world physics don't apply to northern ambarino.
Meena Oej
Detail 21: Arthur can sometimes say "Old baern".
Stevie Wonder
Just imagine how gta 6 will be Update . . . . . . . I failed no nut november this morning... anybody else still winning?
Gian Martinez
I wouldn't be surprised if GTA 6 has this level of details... Maybe even more detailed than RDR 2.
Jei Chrile
Detail Idea: NPCs will know your name when you're max honor. Arthur: Hey, mister! NPC: Howdy, Arthur!
Sebastian Mones
1:53 please don’t pull that trigger P U L L S T R I G G E R
Hey I saw the black coyote during the stirrup one
Faiz Khalifa
Every fish I caught in that small pond in Saint Denis has been poisoned most like due to the amount of factories nearby pumping out smoke and polluting water. Great detail!
12:40 Man, I hate the Rockstar's NPC logic... 😡😡 They get pissed so easily and tried to fight me for dumb reason. It's a damn wild western, I was just chillin but these fools come to me and said, "what's your problem?" and I was like WTF?
Michael Joe
This game is worth! Insane details! I cant wait for GTA 6.
This game is the best.
If horses poop...do Dogs poop too? Also, * SPOILERS* Arthur was captured by Colm and was tortured, when he takes a bath shouldn't he have dem scars on his left shoulder? 🤔 did they include that too?
Coco Bird Remastered
*Horse testicles* Really, now?
Valiant Gaming
This is the Greatest game in history till now..
Sanket Phule
I want Rockstar to make a full The Walking Dead game
Moroccan Gameplay
Rockstar doesn't publish games often, but when it happens, it's perfection
Dam i bet this is paid for the ps4 store Sorry for this message because i aint no have ps4
I remeber one dude got mad cuz I was starting at him and started a fight.
Memento Mori
3:31. All right, this level of detail borders on insanity.
Outlaw I love this game so much
Imagine GTA 6
Andrew Williams Vlogs And Games
kavitha jayasankar
EA just left the server
Developers: So how many details should Red Dead Redemption contain? Red Dead Redemption: Yes.
I think if you keep antagonizing hookers they will slap you
Gavin’s Friend
Has anybody seen gavin? He is my bestfriend and i am very worried i woke up this morning and he was just gone!
Legendary Games
Yo Pal! You vids are amazing, then why so left behind?
Jeremy Randerson
An NPC made fun of my tricorn hat once. Once.
John von Shepard
EA. Betheda. and Ubisoft have left the server.
This video already feels nostalgic
You know that if you beat up a shopkeeper and come back after some time he'll be wearing bandages and stuff? Edit: NVM its in the other part.
Tompus de kat
The first one is great! 😂🤣
James Vohar
Whoever found out number 6 is a complete weirdo
The fact that they added the cops being able to take bodies astounds me because 95% of the time if you kill someone, you'll be in another town by the time they come to the scene so no one would notice it. The lengths Rockstar goes for detail is insane
Nuclear Gamer XL
My question is.. Why we lookin at horse testicles
ronaldo Duran
most detailed game he says but plays it on a low spec console, not even the pro or x. Looks awful.
Number 5
I’ve been gasping my way through the vidio. Wow. I want to play this so bad.
Supun Kandambige
outlaw and jobless
Scratch Gaming
You got me at the horse testicles. Game is downloading..
Insane details in Team Fortress 2
Whicker Friesian
Expanding horse testicles. I'm sold! ::Purchases game...:: Your horse will fight back. ::Buys TWO games, on sheer principle...::
We need this kind of detail... Not Nvidia RTX HorseShit... It's very good decision for Rockstar to release PC version later
Freddie 31
I have the GOTY edition of rdr1 And the special edition of rdr2
John Davreshidze
Now imagine how GTA-6 is gonna be
One of my favorite details is that when Arthur horse dies and it had bonding lvl 4 Arthur will cry when close to his horse corpse. It add a bit more realness to the game. Although horses seems disposable in game, when you reach ''real life'' equivalent of lvl 4 bonding, your horse is like family, would make sense that even a though guy like Arthur would cry
bionicjack 143
Outlaw So fast so I pause just curious
Budget Gaming
I knew the game was detailed, but for some of those holy shit!
Le Solid’air
Outlaw 😂😂
Brandon Jackson
Meanwhile over at Bethesda...
Before I bought this game, I did some research about it's history and some reviews on it, etc. Some thing cool that I learned was how long they took to create this masterpiece. About the entire length of time between rdr1 and rdr2 was spent working on this game and it truly shows! I've played for hours and hours just taking it all in. I honestly still haven't yet seen another city outside of Valentine, I've been so busy with getting to know this massive open world I know people, as am I, excited to see what the next GTA will look like, where it'll be, characters, story, yada yada, etc but you really shouldn't rush them on such artistry as is this game world building. I mean, we all see the result of a rushed and poorly executed game in fallout 76, do we want a repeat of that? Bethesda has forever tarnished their good name, whether some people still like the game (bugs and all) or not. It was a cataclysmic flop and we don't want to see the well-known GTA franchise go down the same way. I'm already worried about what they'll do to elder scrolls VI, I don't want to worry about another ruined title with GTA and rockstar game; like with the fallout series and bethesda.
Party Geeker
Handsdown the best game of 2018 like the grapics the detail is on point to this gen
Maxamillian Hippo
My horse doesnt fight back in most missions
Samual Watson
My favorite thing about random encounters is the really do pay you back if you meet then again
If you talk to John Marston Arthur will sometimes make jokes about him not beimg able to swim...a little hint/easter egg from the first Red Dead
Kiśel TV
RDR 2 looks gorgeus
i was ambushed by the lemoyne raiders via wagon explosion at night time and i literally jumped i freaking love this game
Can we all agree that when Arthur got ganged up on, they all got knocked the hell out?
Wallo Godly
12. Yea that guy gave a free gun on his tab for helping him
Oskari Valtonen
7:30 The encounters are even deeper. I saved this man bitten by snake and actually met him later in Valentine. He thanked me for saving his life and told me I could choose a free item of my choise from the gunsmith. I got an upgrade worth of 50 dollars for free and he paid it. It really made my day.
Just rockstar flexing bet they've got more up there sleeve 😎
*ubisoft has left the chat* outlaw btw
Isak The Baron
Nooooo! You killed NPC #1 from the other video I just watched!
The Casual Bear
Gta v is amazing Red dead 2 is art
alex t
out law lol
Crazy Crafter
8:12 Lord have mercy :D * Gets kick * AUUUUUUUGH edit: also the best detail is when you punch a guy it hits another guuy
Ross Boss
Darin Ersoy
Jesse Segedy
I'd really like to know who was heading up the project on horse testicle realism.