ToxiCity: life at Agbobloshie, the world's largest e-waste dump in Ghana

E-waste, the term given to discarded electronic appliances, is often shipped by developed nations to poorer countries such as Ghana. RTD visits the country's most infamous dumping ground, Agbogbloshie. Locals call it “Sodom and Gomorrah” after the infamous Biblical sin cities. Its air and soil are polluted with toxic chemicals, while extreme poverty, child labour and criminal gangs are also rife. Learn more /> RTD WEBSITE: />RTD ON TWITTER: />RTD ON FACEBOOK: />RTD ON DAILYMOTION />RTD ON INSTAGRAM />RTD LIVE

Thomas H
And here I am, reusing my one plastic bag 100 times, thinking it makes a difference for Mother Earth.
This is that "recycling" we all pay for?
Laura Legends
And we are over here complaining about gender fluid bathrooms
Any parts for an 89 mustang? Asking for a friend
Egg girl is very smart with her attitude and mind set she will be successful
even the cat looks poor
kunal padewar
Feel sad about egg seller girl and kid
mohamed Ibrahim
How blessed am I? .... My life has changed after I watched this video
Zhang Lee
bear grylls should teach us how to survive in this place
Art Rod
And here we're complaining about straws. Its gonna take WAY more than that
do not forget to buy new phone every year boys and girls
Mid Coast Adventures
Whilst we all put on tiny band-aids, elsewhere blood pours from severed limbs...
Bring Me More Booze
Too bad Wakanda won't give them any vibranium.
Praying for you Emanuel. I wish a better life for you young man. Be strong.
SL. Kasuwa
System Of Down Should Be Narrating It .
Breathing in all those fumes on a daily basis...I'll remember this video next time I complain about my job
10kg ChickenNugget
I'm not even 30 seconds in and I'm already holding my breath
dammit, why do we have to be this way.. why is there always someone willing to destroy another for profit and gain... any one that thinks we are not destined to destroy ourselves knows nothing of the world.. I am glad I am old... I do not think I can take much more of this heart ache... laugh and poke fun at me if you choose.. But I have served my time.. your foolishness means nothing in comparison to what I have just seen..
Don't blame God blame the heart of men who accepted wickedness instead of light
LoverofGOD Always
Those women have excellent posture. They can balance so much stuff on their heads.
Reminds me of the movie district 9
Corby God
The West and China don't export those scraps to Ghana but it's the Ghanaian businessmen who import them as used electronics.
Tons of gold. They only care about iron and cooper. kek
Liquid D
Juts realized the guy in the scooter wasn’t wearing a helmet . That could be very dangerous for him .
Tommy Szeman
the saddest part is, without this waste they would have even less chance to earn money.
meanwhile western is concerned about not respecting transexual laws.
Omy Haby255
Its Too painful to watch but i dd it anyway....
Filipp Laptev
I love the people of Ghana! Been there to a little town, Amogofe. Looking forward to the day I get to go back.
k H
Is the new movie district 10??
Corby God
Africa is still sleeping if not in comatose...they will wake up to find the rest of the world living on Mars.
john kizirian
maybe beyonce will move here to introduce Black Lives Matter political activivism
Bob Gomez
I wondered where my old VHS player went when I threw it in the trash. To Mobagabubauua!
David Martin
PCB, Phalates, Dioxins, Heavy metals are all bioaccumulative and remain in the body for an lifetime. Even if these people left, the toxins will continue to have an affect while they remain in the body. There's a reason there isn't many elderly people on this wasteland. Their life expectancy is reduced substantially.
Tim Miltz
I had no idea. My god, Western throw-away consumerism is unsustainable. I feel SO bad for those breathing in the plastics burning - to get to the copper. That kids are here - off the charts wrong on so many levels.
shane maritch
The largest on the African continent? So there is a bigger one? Ugh we are screwed.
Merrielle Gatlin
It’s takes a lot of confidence to carry eggs on your head
Ty Smith
I always find it amazing the balancing act these people can do with items on there head. The one woman has 8 dozen eggs on her head! That's incredible.
Navraj Gill
Man there is so much room for improvement in quality of life... the way his mother died is just so sad
You won't see this on main stream media. 03:12 wtf from all over the world!!
Bryant G
I just imagined a decepticon transforming there and taking all those parts so he becomes a giant Godzilla type enemy.
Jay Cypher
Lord forgive me for ever complaining about how hard life gets sometimes
3:06 , really ? can other confirm , 3 to 5 USD for ONE meal a day ? that is expensive isn't it ? unless he goes to a KFC so something ..
Leslie Chung
The first thing that came into my mind is System of a Down: Toxicity ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
Thomas J. Scharmann
And suddenly the meaning of the phrase "that's a first world problem" comes into stark relief.
TayTay HearMeOut
Ppl wit asthma out there tho...I couldn’t survive 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Her tears 17:18 made me cry. It's same world we're living. But some have to fight 24/7 for their basic needs and education :'(
Damn ok I already try to reduce my waste but I gotta really try harder.
Golden 47
So this is what the First World countries call recycling! Throwing the trash to some poor country for them to deal with
M.A Anderson
It's hilarious that everyone had subtitles except that German dude.
Dare2 Disagree
If they were smart they would pull the gold from that stuff.. Little chemistry and they would be mad rich
Armageddon X
Fallout :Ghana edition!
pac mac
BET entertainment should close there business an put all there Money to help clean up
Abhijit Datta
there there. you missed the sublime beauty of dark side of the moon.
Bilbo Jenkins
Meanwhile people are arguing over which pronoun represents them best in the West
This is the place where the e-car goes very environment friendly... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Conversion, software version 7.0 Looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub Eating seeds as a pastime activity The toxicity of our city, our city" I know you all remember that song
Darth Bane
15:05 who knew santa lived in the most shithole place on the planet
Lightning Jimmy Joe Johnson
Banana Phone
I bet the majority of that "e-waste" was perfectly functional or only needed minor repair when it was disposed of in the first place. Many humans have been conditioned and programmed to want "new". New computers every year. New phones every time they get released. The changes year to year are not all that much. You can literally go for five years on a computer and it will still be functional. Same with phones. My computer is about ten years old and still plays 1080p video just fine and does everything I need. My phone is about five years old and it's only becoming too slow to use because Google keeps updating their apps, forcing them to be installed (auto updated despite having all auto updates disabled) and making their apps more and more bloated, plus being unable to even disable apps I don't need. The cellphone arena needs a lot of improvement. Most electronics can easily last ten years and still be functional and useful. You don't need to be buying new electronics every year.
chuck norris
Fioletoviy Mewok
That’s funny that they are providing subs for locals when they speak, while assuming that somehow we should understand what that german guy is saying w/o subs.....
Xiara Housen
I see land pollution, air pollution
The phone I'm watching this on will one day end up there maybe.....
Nikita Coco
And here, everyone is arguing about the James Charles and Tati incident
I touch little b9ts
Samisa is so beautiful.(seeing full ethnic looking black from africa seems more sexy/appealing to me then an identically ethnic looking.African American!) Poor kitty so sad looking!
Bit Bone
Just recalling those memories of mine when young......the waste yard need a architect and a designer badly.
k s
Have less children {1/2} Give them education Live a Eco frendly life and this world will be set.
Will Iam
makes me appreciate things more watching this video
Keego Bricks
I find it interesting the instant they see a white guy they start begging for help. Right. That story checks out... 😑
Kevin Eontrainer
14:42 Dang, chill out lady.... It's a camera not an RPG
I lold at the animals chillin on top of the train 10:04 😂
Mas Arkan
Anyone come from indonesia? In my country called "Bantar Gebang"
Nobody should have to live like this....
Heather Gray
1:15 Who wears a white shirt to pick garbage at a huge dump? He'll never get those stains out.
Adi_aahad's OFFICIAL
Who heard the azan🖤🖤
New User
i cant believe Africans will buy all those crappy electronics we would just throw away here in the US LOL
wachira gathu
That cat at 4.44 is a living legend ad wants to say hello to European union.
Gotta be an orgy for tetanus virusses
Mitch Burke
@6:29 he sounds like he was almost about to go on about a war? i replayed it several times it maybe just a language barrier but its interesting to replay that part over and over looking at the facial expression he kinda smiles about it lol CONSPIRACY MUCH
Nodame Kira
So Oda have this reference for making the Gray Terminal.
Super Lovers
Toxic city-system of a dowm
Matt Hess
I get parts for my Millennium Falcon there.
More wood for the fires, loud neighbors Flashlight reveries caught in the headlights of a truck Eating seeds as a pastime activity The toxicity of our city, of our city
Don't worry Stalin will help them with his superpower Is it just me or, i really love to see a used electronics ?
At least f***ing give them some protective clothing geez I just watch these careraman and people its like filming in the wild they tell about the poverty and show it, but noo they do not help in front of the camera even with a penny,,,
if this is ToxiCity, we need to start over a conversion, software version 7.0
j w
this is horrible. these children need to be in school, not working. im never going to complain about going to school again. i need to be thankful for my life
So this isn't some post apocalyptic wasteland shit,this is real life. And that'q wht humanity as came to. When they dismantly those TV i know what they have inside. They were specially made so people can't repair them. And they aren't easy to recycle. So people don't care about it. They just care about Profits. They just trowh and trowh their shits away
Janet mosley
All coming from the West to West Africa....sad 😢
Mark Myjak
@7:32 The guy in back ground wearing socks and sandles, a big no, no.
hob kabeer
Wow .Rt documentry Regards from yemen
Rhi Potter
My heart breaks these children and people We are so lucky I'm America and don't appreciate or see it
Judge Judith Sheindlin
They should harvest information from those hard drives and finesse to impress 💋
Kurt gaming
sell all of that here on philippines
"you have to help us" says it all. take responsibility.
Lethal Damage Gaming
thats so cool how these women balance so many things on their head, i find it amazing.
Jose Zavala
I tough it was San Francisco or detroit
Someone should setup a go fund me account for the gal send her off to college
So this is where Jäger and Ash live
M Ponkhi
That cat was so cute