Teen discovers he's been a missing person for 13 years

An 18-year-old in Ohio finds out he was classified as a missing person from Alabama 13 years ago after he tried to apply for college. CNN's Jean Casarez reports.

Jami Christine
So the kid literally found himself..
MusicalFool 909
New Disney movie plot.
Damn he cute tho
Natalia Mitiaev
Wait a minute. This man kidnapped HIS OWN son, and raised him well. And now he is getting jail time for that? I know that he was taken from his mother, but please. There must have been some logical reason.
Axxel Rose
The father did a good job of raising him... that should count for something... idk if I agree with the man going to jail
Shantra Golyer
Just proves authorities give up to easy.
I get this is serious, but he’s hella cute😍🤤😂
Ewok 88
Why is no one taking about how freaking ADORABLE HE WAS WHEN EH WAS TINY!!!! LIKE C’MON!!!!!
Patrick star
How can he be 16 when he was missing for 13 years at age 5?
Katie 34
Makes you wonder why the father ran off with the child in the first place? Going as far as hiding the child's identity...if this would have been a woman the news would have been painting another picture. Weird. Very weird.
Kaitlyn Kennedy
so the Alabama police didn't think to check with his FATHER for 13 years to see if the boy was with him? like???
Candi Soda
Kid must feel pretty shitty lol.. WOOPS, Got my dad arrested
I don't know why they say 'courage'. I would think anyone who found out that their name doesn't match up would naturally go looking into it and find out. It's a natural instinct to find answers, not courage.
candies corner
Before the video started, a commercial came up about impeaching trump😂 Lmao
Honest Fellow
13+5=16 Thats liberal math right there. Good job CNN
Inquisitor Lavellan
Did he get the reward? HE found himself, after all
NextLevel BJJ
Let’s be honest. It’s pretty clear the son was much better in the fathers custody than he would have ended up with the mother. Do a little research and you will see that she was not a perfect mother. The boy was about to get ready for college, the dad raised him damn near perfectly. No charges tell the mom to take a hike and be happy he son is alive and well and if the son wants to start a relationship that’s his choice. Case dismissed.
It's so sad that the father got arrested, like I understand that he was "kidnapped" but come on! He wasn't harmed in any way, he was probably raised in a good home with clothes on his back and food on the table. That's just ridiculous
Extreme Hacker101
Real life tangled situation lol
Electro Cat
Julian filling out the application and noticed that the social security number doesn't match Julian: *wait a minute*
alyssa g
this is kinda weird but he’s hella cute
He's fine. Come to Texas baby ;) I'm joking.
i thought this would be a quality video, then I saw it was by CNN
Cat Craze
We need JUSTIN Y. for this mystery!
Lenny Leonardson
13 years! Turns out he was at his dads. No one could unravel that diabolical plot, except scooby doo.
Zee Saleh
Roses are red, Violets are blue, This boys CUTE... And so are you! 💕
Aarov 0621
Guys, guys... don't call the police to see if you're adopted.
Maggie Wenzel
Wait wait I’m confuse if he was 5 when he was kidnapped , and then was missing for 13 years. That would make him 18, yet apparently he is 16.... I’m so confused🤨
*_You gotta do what you gotta do if Karan takes the kids_*
Mike No
So he goes "missing" and they don't look at dad's house... lol.
Shania Enderle
The weather lady: Momma never said you had to be smart... just look the part..😂😂 5+13 =16.. oh how lovely 😂
Unicorn Bunny
Its NOT a kidnapping. Coz #1. He's the biological father. #2. There's no court order against the father having custody. #3. They were NOT married.
aspen anderson
If this hasn't been made into a movie, it really needs to be.
Max The Random Lepurchaun
That would scare the crap out of me, like fr.
Sauce Hitzz
13 years and his hairstyle is still exactly the same
lick my ligma
hes cute he could like.....get it
nevaeh massenburg
Who's watching in 2018 or 2019
The Chimichangas
The boys cute
AwesomePie Leon
"Not this time, Karen."
Julia Ciletti
1:24 The news lady says "a young 16 year old..." But at the beginning it said he was 18.
Ofa Mario
no suprises here, real life Taylor Lautner from abduction
Ex Noxious
I seen a kidnapping before it was terrible HE WAS NAPPING WHILE IN SCHOOL
Finding Carter?!?? DAMN😂😂
Poor kid. It sounds like he had a positive upbringing with his Dad. I can't imagine the mixed feelings he must have. Reconciling the fact that he was a good father to you, but also let your mother believe you had been abducted and potentially killed. I don't care what happened between the parents, that is pretty messed up.
Pineapple Princess
Imagine if he didn't want to go to college
christina loftus
technically there was no abuse and it was his own son
Kewana Nedd
Ik he was so shocked and confused. Smh! Wow!
Jonathan Cabriales
Am I missing?!!!!!
Ewok 88
He was so cute when he was little!!!! AHHHHH!
They just proved that you do not need math in life
Jaydyn M
I feel like this is gonna happen to me one day bc I’m the only dark one in my family
A Bigs
Mom probably wouldn’t have took good care of him anyway! She probably a meth head! Dad did a good job raising him!
420 braizu it Content
Sweet home alabamah!!
Aphmau Fan_101
First:Finding Nemoooo Second:FIINNDDINNGG DOOORRYYY Next thing u know FINDING CARTERRR
Home town Alabama 👏🏼
Jaxxey !
The Dna test came back.. BOBBY YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER
valeria alex ‘
sweet home : alabama but seriously folks I’m glad he’s home oop sweet home.
Clarice Brophy
Some people's prayers have been answered ❤if only it was the same ending for every other missing person 💔💓
Erica Lin
I'm guessing they just forgot to take him off the "missing persons" database
Vanlalchhanhima Vanchhawng
He's beem missing for 13 years. I fxxxxxxxx thought he was abducted by stranger lol . Im glad for him that his abductor is his 'biological' dad.
Nitin Sharma
He was 5 yr old and he didn't know he is missing.... That's awful....
The Stop Gobber
Been gone 13 years Kids 16 Taken at 5 years old Something doesn’t add up
Antoinette Lashay
the lady in the beige suit jacket looks like Caitlyn Jenner
Intellectual Whore
Everybody go read “Stolen.”
The US judicial system is weak and with a lot of blank spaces. The father should be put in jail.
Bibi Sanchez
@kendallrae !!! COVER THIS
Ok but he is beautiful
Wow. He never googled himself! I thought everybody does that. You'd think if he did that he would find something and ask. Just crazy stufg
Hidden in plain sight, eh? *SNEAK: 100, Level Up*
Mina 5
Frst the off all so ur saying he was kidnapped robably for 90 figit spinners
Isabel Body
He’s 16, been missing for 13 years but they say he went missing at 5 🤔
Joana Hernandez
What a handsome man 🥵🥵
Son your adopted. Will dad who's my real mom and dad. Will son we just found you
Beatrice Levi
He's ain't a teen no mo' ... cuz you're only a teen till you're 19 ... -crickets- Okay Imma leave now
Katerina Kiakou
This has very much similarity to the case in the book Emma&Oliver ....
abby ward
This kid's like: Just chillin. Doin well in school, hangin with some friends, trying to write a college application, and like: "WOOP. I'M A MISSING PERSON. DATS NICE. REAL NICE."
Crystal L. Glenn
Ohhh my God!!!! Poor mother. Thank God he was safe.
"He discovered that he's missing" *THE IRONY*
The Cute One
now it's 15 years watched this on 2017..
mind blown they found them with his...father
Literally a real life Finding Carter
Emmy & Oliver much?! I feel bad for that kid. Imagine your whole life being, in a way, a lie.
Skeptic Keen
This story would have been amazing if there was a cat involved
CNN Math: 13 + 5 = 16
He went back to “SWEET HOME ALABAMA”
Could've been avoided if the custody laws weren't so ridiculous.
Ava Item
ooo julian’s a cutie😏
maybe his dad is actually saving him from his mother
Brandi Phillips
They should have moved to Switzerland right away
Prince Vegeta
Man... This should be the ending of The Missing. :(
This reminds me of the click bait article "Woman joins search part to find herself."
Me Me Big boy
Ohio you say It’s every day bro flashbacks
Syifa شفاء
i was counting his age. but then i realized that this video was uploaded 2 years ago. so, can i get his number? :) pls
sweet home alabama 100
Tara Gillett
Not the right pic of the boy! That's a whole Other case!!!
Maybe the mother wasn't fit and the dad saw that so he took him away. Cuz obviously he turned out a great kid
Katlynn Lee
Good for him, i recently found out im an attack helicopter