Marvel Comics: The Vision

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ethan salters
your intro is like a netflix original. fucking awesome
Sad Jay
The intro is just too good to skip
Paul Bettany was perfect as The Vision! Went to see it yesterday and it was so good! :)
Please do a Beyonder explained
Goat Liberator
It's awesome how you throw aspects of history into your video. Great job!
szechuan sauce
Came back to SPOILER WARNING mourn one of the best characters.
Do you plan on doing explained videos on the original secret wars?
It's been a long time since I read avengers disassembled, but wasn't the whole thing about Wanda having a psychotic break and trying to destroy the avengers by manifesting their greatest fears.  I thought the implication there was that Visions greatest fear was being a puppet for Ultron which is why he was affected that way by her.
Diego Celaya
Dang I came back here for the old intro 👌🏻
Plz do Infinity wars!!!!
Shawn Zamir FFXV
So Vision came before both Red Tornado and Martian manhunter.............why do people call him a ripoff??
Carene Tan
Amazing content every time! Thanks!
Silver Crow
Please do Ghost Rider explained or Zarathos explained 
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
How could a relationship between a robot and the daughter of one of the most dangerous mutants in the world have failed?
PaPa Shiraz
11.54 - 12.00 thor is a true wingman #teamnocockblock
will you do a forge explained?
The Lone Wanderer
Beyonder explained could you cover the different retcons and possibly their differences in power.
All white Vision looks like Dr. Manhattan
King Category
ComicsExplained (CE) are the real super hero! Thx bro for what you do.
Aaron Kalat
No love making! Destroying each other is fine, but no love making!
"Skip intro" ? HOW DARE YOU!
It'd be nice if they actually had the vision and Scarlett witch form a more natural and, for lack of a better word, organic relationship. I think it would be a good thing for both characters.
Darren Clark
My absolute favourite Marvel character:)
I'm so glad he's back to ending the vids with "....peace". :D
Tyler Keller
Great intro and insightful channel. Well done, sir.
Andrew Hillman
Doesn't talk about his powers. Nice.
Nelson Wilkins III
Bro that background music is from pogo...wishery
The clone saga explained?
I really love the intro <3
@MarvelExplained when are you going to be doing Deadpool Kills Deadpool ?
Supreme Leader
Omg i love the outro song 'im wishing' by Snow White. but that remix is 'Wishery | Pogo.' LOVE IT!!!! Arghhhhhhh Thanks for making me crazy.
Question it all
The people demand an ANTI-VENOM explanation Rob!!!!!! Please oblige
That intro has grown on me so much that I look forward to it every episode.
Dave Martin
Outro song please? I've been searching everywhere. Thanks!
Cjsm Cjsm
Onslaught please!!
Great video Rob! We need a 20min video on Daredevil before the Netflix series begins too :)
Steven Svetlik
You can donate comic books at for a market vale right off. Love this channel!!
Panagiotis Jevan
I like the intro makes the channel cool.
Sebastian Valle
Since the 80's Vision & Scarlet Witch were always my favourite secondary Avengers.
Dang it seems like Scarlet Witches family was torn apart simply because one writer 'didn't like said pairing' XD He made it so her kids weren't real, and her husband was torn apart and lost his humanity....all cause one writer "didn't like them together" >< Kinda like when a fanfiction writer gets ahold of something, they go full otaku mode on the pairings they like, and become viscous to the pairings they don't ><
Admit it Rob. You jam out every time you hear that intro.
Will you do a Doctor Strange Explained? Please? lol
No no
Wait, Wonder Man's first appearance was in a flashback?
James Morgan
Can you do a Spawn explained from Image Comics. Just thinking about getting into the story and I was wondering if it was for me
l l
Rob= the Joseph Campbell of comic book lore
Ivar Odinkin
Just want to say thanks for making these videos... I've learned alot from them!
Paul Lehman
Who would skip the Intro?
Frieda Fuzzypaws
I love this intro so much! I NEVER skip the intro. NEVER.
Josh Flynn
Can you explain crossover events in the ultimate universe?
Do Archie explained.
All I know is Thanos is gonna rip off The Visions face for that infinity stone... If I were Vision in Age of Ultron I would have been like why did you make me? KILL ME!!!
too long. drags on. I like your videos but this one needs to be half as long
The intro music makes me wanna walk into a slow motion gun fight.
Janet van Dyne's got some sweet hair.
this intro is awesome!!!
You gotta do Genis-Vell!!!
Douglas Jimenez
Awesome, thank you... and subscribed. Can't wait to learn more. ;).
Dr Zeus
Rob you are a work horse, churning out top quality content day in and day out, I think I can talk for everyone subscribed here and say thank you for your hard work.
Pluto Mxrs
The song sounds better with the speed as 1.25
Kevin Spencer
I would love to see Ghost Rider explained.
15:29 alex jones has many disguises!!
Jess in king
'because it doesn't touch him!' LOL HOW CHEESY
I love your channel man :) thank you.
mike nillos
Vision and Scarlet probably will have some sort of relationship in Age of Ultron!
Aldo Chan
is that Pogo I hear?
I see...
david graham
What you got right and wrong is about 60/40
i love your intro why would i wanted to skip it???
Phantom Watson
It's so distracting how often the narrator says "I guess", "basically", 'more or less", etc. Once you start noticing it, it drives you crazy.
John Estess
David Clancy
Scarlet Witch did all the stuff that used his body as a weapon against The Avengers!
Unhyphenated American
Bastion explained!
C. Hughes
Your videos have the best music, dude.
That was awesome mate, cheers!
Russ Anthony
wow, this guy knows his comics! great channel
yes vision was awsome in the movie!!
yono whoitis
What's you're outro song called!?!?
Ultron was such a poor movie.
Could you please do the enternals? :)
Lucas Lacruz
I know this videos old but this intro is probably the best I've ever seen
Matt Halpain
excellent review, most thorough and intriguing
pogo music at the end, good stuff.
Jesus Christ
in terms of power what is vision truly capable of?
Television Trekkie
Best intro on YouTube to date.
Suraj Sharma
dude u talk too much... please be to the point instead of going all around man. Kindly limit your wordings
Mikhail Ramos D.
Who the hell would want to skip the intro?
E Johnson
Turns out that the Comics Code was a good idea to prevent the degeneracy we see today
the vision sounds like he should be in the DC universe...
magic took the place of contraception? huh?!
i don't use g+
Can you say "what we saw" more often?
The Trigger
I'll catch you guys later ... piss
Luís Gomes
"Seduction and Rape shall never be shown or suggested" How insensitive is to put those two together...? Seriously!
I can hear your spit moving in your mouth when you talk, please get a filter of some sort...
Aaron Lines
What is the intro song? I completely forgot it.
Patient Panda
The Heavy. Awesome.
Jhemaoll Turnage
Great vid!
The comic panel describing ultron as looking like a "puppet who's strings were cut" is interesting, given the pinnochi references and even the explicit reference to puppets on strings in the trailer...
Siam Suleri
My theory: Tony Stark and Bruce Banner create 2 new AI. One is Ultron the other Vision.