Improve Your OUTDOOR Portrait PHOTOS QUICKLY With High Speed Sync (HSS)

Improve Your OUTDOOR Portrait PHOTOS QUICKLY With High Speed Sync (HSS)... In this video you'll go behind the scenes of a High Speed Sync Photo Shoot Outdoors... You'll discover a few helpful tips that will help you to improve your photos quickly the next time you plan on shooting outdoors. These tips work just as well with a $50 speed light, it's all about using off camera flash and modifying the light source. I suggest a modifier 36 inches or 90 centimeters in diameter. New Portrait Lighting and Retouching course: /> My favourite Raw editor 30 Day Free Trial: /> Check out the gear I use for Photo and Video: /> 5 FREE Portrait Retouching Actions: /> Adobe Photography Plan: /> Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: /> Photography Website: /> Photo Blog: /> Follow Me On The Web... Facebook: /> Instagram: /> Twitter: /> DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. As affiliates we get a small percentage of qualifying purchases but rest assured you won't pay a cent more than buying it elsewhere. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it…

Ryan Chandler
Great video, I finally understand HSS
Bach Photography
Great vid Craig, is your umbrella double diffused or does it just have 1 layer of diffusion?
Brian The Shooter
Amazing photos man, what camera model were these shot on?
Midhun Rxme
Ohh Great Super Video and Great Photos
Javed Khan
Godox is not providing case with ad600 pro, whats the solution for safety of my light system ? Suggest me any case through link. I'm from India.
Kishore G
Mr craig is it better to shoot full body in outdoor photograpy or head shot .
Manasil Malla
Which lens did you use here? Amazing!
First comments Sir.very good Information.
Nice work again
Ebenezer Ogboke
How was the speedlight set. Was it set at 1/1 , 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, etc?
jl sc
One thing no one remembers to mention when using HSS is the 2 stop loss in the power of your flash/strobe. Really maddening when you are getting adjusted right around that sync speed setting.
joe qasim
Great video, Do you use CTO ?
What’s that curvy reflector from? Thanks!
Wahab Dilawar
Very nice video and tutorial. Just a thought...more like a question...if I may? What if you had placed a big screen (LCD/LED/4K/8K screen) behind her? I could literally have any background that you your studio with no need for assistants and sandbags and worrying about the time of the day or using the wide open aperture (compromising some sharpness), while still able to (manually/digitally) blur the background as much as you like and you also wouldn't need HSS? WHY wouldn't you do that? Just a thought..
Mike Osinski
Hi Craig great video. Since you was using a Godox flash it looks like you was using the new Xpro trigger. What you think of it, I am using the old X1 and was thinking of up grading to the Xpro, love the new screen and lay out of the Xpro.
P Truong
Great tutorial video :-). Well done :-). Just one short question... where can I get the stand (pole) for holding the reflector? Thank you :-)
Aerial Drone Master
I have 2.8 90mm and sony aRIi and i can't achieve it , is it because you have 1.4 ? I know that shutter and iso plays role here, however I can't make photos like you, not sure if it's 2.8 limitation or I do something bad