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Ben is different. His life is full of strange rituals. He seems to live in his own universe, more than half of which exists in the world of online gaming. The real, hard world of life at a technical school is a daily hell for him with two guys who almost literally harass the life out of him. Ben has a plan. A plan that can be summed up in one word: murder! But then his internet girlfriend Scarlite enters his life. This was not a part of his original plan. ------------------------------­---------­---- Watch more Eyeworks videos ► />Join us. Subscribe now! ► /> visit our website ► />Be our fan on Facebook ► />Follow us on Twitter ► /> ------------------------------­---------­---- Thanks for all your support, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! Please: respect each other in the comments. This is the official YouTube channel of Eyeworks . Here you can find trailers, teasers and the latest movies. #eyeworks

Daniel Callahan
This "high school kid" is clearly a 45 year old man.
Moody Moonlight
Suicide room?
Jody Winner
hak mat
i really don't get it why kids starts bullying other kids who are weird, nerd, austistic or different i would feel bad for them and help them instead of making fun of them
anal destruction
when i saw the desc of the movie i immediately thought the kid was gonna shoot up the school ass burgers syndrome is how its pronounced by the way
Péter Szabó
aspies for freedom
1:05 Song name, anyone knows?
XøXø Ofc
Why on Earth did they choose a 30-year-old actor to play a 16-year-old boy??? For me, the whole movie is discredited because of that. Plain ridiculous.
Reminds me of my brother ^^
Nura Hudeifeh
Bin ich die einzige die von den tiktok kommentaren hier ist
this film taught me about autism, after seeing it I asked my parents about whether I could be on the spectrum and I was right, I was diagnosed with ASD with symptoms of Asperger's and PDD-NOS
Pınar Noyan
İntihar odasıyla aynı özenti flim ama iyi
a vision of ecstasy
Vököt köybö söylöyöm
juan andres guzman gonzales
hoa Sunny
ai có ful link phim nay cho e với ạ
Extremely incompetently made movie
Chosen Samurott
This movie really broke my heart. Life is dark souls impossible edetion. I mean life is tough.
stef breukel
The real story is on a boysschool
Kartal İbrahim Karatepe
What is the name of the game
vakit kaybi söylüyim