Saenchai vs Titan - Biggest Muay Thai Fighter Of All Time!

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(Saenchai), formerly known as Saenchai Sor Kingstar, is a Thai Muay Thai fighter. Saenchai won the Lumpinee Championship title, which is widely considered the most prestigious title in Muay Thai! 💯 Road to 500.000 I Subscribe Here ☛ /> ▶Next Video: /> Editore: Jihad Marouazi My Facebook : />instagram me : @eyaddinne Follow me : instagram : @fitness96world My Mail : [email protected] My channnel : Jdm4Systema ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Buakaw vs Saenchai : />John Cena vs Martyn Ford: />Buakaw Banchamek vs Conor Mcgregor: />Tony Jaa vs Martyn Ford :

3rd guy actually used his reach, and was quick so Saenchai couldn't catch his legs.
Phrakhrusriprechagorn boonyong
Consider it good. Muaythai Healthy training Training for the sport. This is a good example of Muay Thai. When is this? If people do not love Muay Thai, it's strange. Nowadays, foreigners, both men and women, have turned to training and skill to compete for a professional Muay Thai to make a career as well.
Skip741 x
Relaxed,at ease and in control, ring generalship
Eric Tran
Kick this asian dude in the ass and then you are ready to fight muay thai in the ring.
Thing that amazes me about Saenchai is that as small as he is, he’s not afraid to stand in front of larger fighters. He seems so aware of the position his body is in at all times and he understands distance and timing.
BBoyHungB2DHTB - Hưng Tattoo japan
Him so funny and fairplay
grizzly J
Wtf! The thumbnail looks like a video game lmaoo
Somsak love
มวยไทยดังได้เพราะพี่เขาจริงๆ โหดมันฮา ประเทศไทย 🇹🇭
Laifer Reyes
First time I'm not mad at click bait. I'm glad I ran into this guy.
Cloud Lei
Tyson can K.O him just by ONE PUNCH
Nokkajork 888
I'd seen many Thai fighter legends in action, and Saenchai is no doubt one of the best.
Jdm TV
OMG he is Amazing fighter
Hi I'm From Thailand
A Anderson
If he is that taugh why doesnt he fight someone his own size lol
That little guy is dangerous if he goes full speed.
Happiness Deciphered
Whats the music @ 2:30
Eye Ball
Saenchai can generate such power with his front kicks !! Amazing speed and skill ..
Jealous Meister
Wat a fukin beast something like a honeybadger killing lions one on one...ruspekt to sanchai
vanns nguyen
Seeing this guy fought is like watch a chess gamr. He set you up and predict your next 2-3 moves. He then prepares for it. His offensive so incredible and not to mention his defensives. I mean this guy is technical at the same times can brawl. He should be stop fighting and open his own schools. He seem so humbles and lot of his followers/students who he earned their upmost respect
Lol seanchai is the giant killer. There's a reason he's the best out there right now. Buakaw has been my favorite since Ramon Dekkers left the scene, but I don't think Buakaw can beat him. He's so good he just plays with his opponents lol.
The Atlantean
Big is usually slow.
Kamminchon Baite
master saenchai i love your skill, and love the way you play with your friends..
first big dude slow as hell, saenchai would destroyed him.
กิตติ ณัฏฐกิตติ์
FC. SAENCHAI FROM THAILAND.. สวัสดี​คับ.. เสียดายมวยไทย.. มาพีคเอาช่วง3-4ปีมานี้..ถ้าพี่แสนชัยแกลด..อายุไปสัก10ปี..ละมึงเอยยย...
Robert Foote
I love how the true master makes his sparing (teaching) with his opponents (students) a fun learning experience. It is the mark of a true master of ones craft...the same passion to pass on ones craft as to compete! It seems he will do anything for a smile. 😊
Jonathan Barbe
C'est Kenyston lourd
Budokai 100mph
Omg that kick at 2:07 wow perfect timing. I guess when you train with guys that look like megaliths, when you fight someone your own size it's like fighting a kid.
Hdhshsususus Hsusususususu
อีแวนเดอร์ โฮลีฟิล แชมป์โลกมวยสากลอาชีพ สุดยอดมากครับ😂😂😂😂😂
Truth sayer
I kept waiting to see the match against the biggest Thai fighter of all time. Instead I saw a brief clip of light sparring.
Is the guy at 3:00 jon jones?
oinam lemba
Buakaw vs saenchai.. Who is better
Teerwut Srysin
Az Erty
I think one of the most impressive thing about him is how he kick just like he would jab, that level of control of yourself is incredible
i'm Moroccan guy .....Saenchai the first time i know this name is great fighter better than bukaw ?
Ultra Instinc
I am Thai 555ตลกดี
Autthachai Suwannakhan
ชื่อนี้ คิดนาน
ฝัน ดี
กัญชา พาเพลิน
เงิน บ้า
Jim Varu
0:53 Saenchai vs Giraffe !!!
Wesley Kalman
So this is just click bait? No actual fight between the two?
Him vs mayweather in boxing exhibition would be nice to watch he's a very slick boxer himself.
White Chronos
That beat at 1:50 tho sounds fire🔥🔥
Philip Hernandez
It's all him fight lanky white guys
The first guy might have tremendous power but is extremely slow and would get lit up by anyone with speed.
βεη βεη
Allé jaquie Allé michel
The Hitman
hi tech
jeez seanachi is a straight killer
Victor Fernandez
The guy at 47 seconds was giving him a little something
rik niestat
yoda of muay thai!!!
Pascal Trichet
khamsan kongpratoom
JB เจริญยนต์
Сергей Мезенцев
Позитивный дядька)
what an incredible and gracious athlete, it's a pleasure to watch someone with such skill.
Ian Nicol
Fight McGregor and kick his ass
Saenchai is very good and buakaw is average.. However da muay Thai legend is sagat.. Street fighter game character was inspired by sagat.. Da real muay Thai fighter
Молчание Ягнят
Don't blame me, im not near professional or even newbie. Probably i just don't understand something. But as for me it looks like a friendly fight where nobody throws a real punch.
Paul House
When you see a fighter from Thailand vs a non Thai fighter its like the Thai fighter is muay Thai but the non Thai is playing at being muay Thai
Tim Southwest
Thailand King of muay Thai
Un petit roquet soutenu par des pleures de caniches !! ^^
Final Boss GAMING
Imagine unknowingly breaking into this beasts house lmao!
ԾՄՆ թտբ
Seanchai no.1
Sebastian Castellanos
Too heavy the first one
the blitz
Tough,fast and skillful.Like.
Cristiano Furlan
Troppo forte !
El'amin mochichi
That thai midget is such a cheater grabbing leg, only cheat to win. Big titan could easily beat his weak ass midget
My Granddad always said,"ONLY GIRLS KICK", men punch. Suppose thats why there are so many lady boys in Thailand eh:)
Yusuf Bulbulia
Too big and too sluggish the black guy to be in the ring He'll get his ass whipped in half a second!!!
Zulfines abu faiz
Saenchai your the best....
Aquiles35 Bálico
alguien sabe como se llama este luchador
Гавно. Дайте правильной тренировки длинному, он так вьебет ногой что мелочь костей не соберёт. Проверено... И не один раз.
Tyller Costa
7:20 ele fala viado inúmeras vezes kkkkkkkkkkkk Brincadeira gente kkkkk
"OOOEEYY! Edit: 6:50 "hurry up! hurry up! hurry up! hurry up! hurry up!"
I see a lot of Thai people in comments, I want to say from London England hello back to you! It's true us Foreigners love Muay Thai, it's one of the best martial arts and is truly brutal and effective, we want to learn from the best especially in MMA and Kickboxing, farang love Saenchai and Buakaw and all the great legends of Thailand :D I see Thailand has a lot of great Boxers too. best wishes to you all
The girl that started at 4:50 didn't have a clue what she was doing, did she?!?!?!?!?
ku tôm
love you saenchai from vietnam
Неизвестный Человек
Хуяк, хуяк, хуяк...
Taekwondo or mui thaï ? 🤔🤔🤔
Kornelijus Kort Kiss
Titan???, Sanchei King
Boxing TV
Best training of Senchai
Da Lin
Carnaz Records
i dont need minutes for him because my master is a relative of Bruce lee and that's nothing
David Cantrell
I really want this guy to teach me.
Nesfield J
He is such a fun guy to watch
John Reeves
I doubt there are big guys who can best him. His skills are unmatched. He should try Kyokushin Karate. His already super well conditioning, flow will compliment that style. Kyokushin is equally as conditioning as Muay Thai and just as powerful.
Blue Steel
Impressive fighter
flame thrower melting snowflakes
Wtf are we seeing this dude ? He's an amatuer fighter and has zero technical skills. Stick to iron and steroids bro. Leave the savagery to us thanks.
Yoyo Cybermann
Eslon teixeira
Izzuddin Saundi
1:46 note
Carlo Poidimani
Legend !
Ouissam M
Mdr 😂
King Tmg
Hy master I'm from Nepal I want training that, thai sport how can i do contact you 😍 now in Malaysia 😍