Black Sabbath - N.I.B. Guitar Lesson

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Buy Now: /> Black Sabbath "N.I.B." guitar lesson. To reproduce Tony Iommi's unique guitar sound, we're starting with a sturdy foundation of vintage British amp tone via the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret MKII. Tony Iommi's vocal-like midrange and tight focus also comes from a famous treble booster and we chose the Catalinbread Naga Viper which can cut through the bass but also boost the gain. This simple, yet powerful riff shows how sticking to power chords on the bottom two strings produces a darker sound, even above the 12th fret. The verse of NIB alternates between two licks, one being a tasty combo of a slide followed by multiple hammer ons and pull offs. Enjoy your riff of the day guitar lesson.

Jaw Tooth
I found a mistake at 3:18 . The last two notes should be 7 -7 , not 5 -5 .
Sam Parker
The title was widely rumoured to have stood for "Nativity in Black" (or to a much lesser extent, "Name In Blood"). In a 1992 interview, Geezer Butler states that the title simply refers to Bill Ward's goatee at the time, which the rest of the band thought was shaped like a pen nib; also referred to as nibby.[5] Apparently, Geezer Butler said: "Originally it was Nib, which was Bill's beard. When I wrote N.I.B., I couldn't think of a title for the song, so I just called it Nib, after Bill's beard. To make it more intriguing I put punctuation marks in there to make it N.I.B. By the time it got to America, they translated it to Nativity In Black." "Nativity in Black" was also used for the title of a series of Black Sabbath tribute albums. Ronnie James Dio can be heard mentioning (but not confirming) this assumption on several live bootleg recordings with the band from the early 1980s.
Great way to teach this, awesome.
Jay Hollywood
90% sales and ads, 10% instruction
Chosen Warfare
I'm 28 and just now finding out about black sabbath wow what happened
Bruce Wayne
I think he had already switched over to the SG by NIB
oh yeah!
James Guertin
thank you very much your lessons are so clean man good teacher
You can get a great Sabbath sound with a Vox AC30 and treble booster pedal, plus a guitar with P90 pickups
Daniel Schumacher
THANK YOU, so (fu.....) much! I'm so happy with you Channel!!
Michael D
Jacob Maier
See I like how she shows it slower than other teachers
niño travieso
no good no listen original
Lucy Ferdisan
So much thank you! Your explainations are clear, simple and complete, it seems easy to learn guitar this way.
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mridul sagar
Lady Angus Young Fan 1998
Hey can you do a guitar lesson to Black Sabbath's title song "Black Sabbath"?
Thanks! Next time try with an SG please :-)
Kleiner K
Sonic Titan
Hell yeah, it sounds awesome the way you you slowed in down at the end
Tim DeAdder
it is in C#
Ruben Gonzalez
which amp is used in this video? Thanks
Tony did not always play an SG here he is playing a vintage Les Paul watch?v=c8iesoqHil4
Good catch, the tab should say 7th not 5th. Thanks, PGS
Oh I knew it was a joke for those in retail!
Grandmaster Fudge
If you are to bloom
N.I.B. New in box? awesome demo mate!
Good question. To get a treble booster to stand out against other boosts or overdrives you have to really push the output and get the transistor working. You'll hear fuzz-like qualities, thicker compression and a change in tone. You won't get this behavior from an op-amp overdrive. This may be more apparent on a tube amp that has a little breakup too.
Justo Daniel Meda Penados
hey friend I really like your playing the guitar but will you can upload a video please thanks soul style
David Benc
Hi there..
Because people don't know shit about chord progression, transpositions, etc. Damn, we've got only twelve notes in western music
SWEET! And all those years (when I thought I was a guitarist instead of a singer) I had never thought of playing that main riff at the 12th fret, lol.
I think Andy plays different than the tabs. At the end of that riff at 3:20 he plays the e on the a string (7th fret) instead of the 5th fret!
Celestron Metalchild
ummm... i can't find the solo
Is that Les Paul Standard GOTW (Guitar Of The Week) #34 ?
Apparently using an E E D E chord progression in anything is ripping off of cream. Get real. I guess Clapton's cocaine was also a ripoff of sunshine.
Bert Sperling
Ripoff of "Sunshine" by Cream
I love the videos. A non guitar related question here (kind of): would you mind telling me which drum software do you use? Thanks!
peter liolis
Univox super fuzz or a clone is also great for sabbaths sound ,lots off bass my clone has the right amount of mid range as well and if I adjust the trimmer pot I can get a a slight ring modulation for the Paranoid solo.also great for The Who ,and many other bands
sabbath rules
Dimebag Dio Kilmister
Great video. That tone! And the Les Paul is badass. Good choice over the SG, although I doubt it would make much of a difference (only visual) Those two pedals are just killer, and really give that British vibe needed for this song. Your the boss Andy!
It does sound very Type O-ish.
I want a video on that bass tone!
Standard tuning is heavy. Down-tuning doesn't make good riffs. Opeth uses standard tuning, and they pump out heavy shit.
It is. It's what Type O Negative would have done, awesome.
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....where's the bass solo? SATAN
Andrew Stott
These videos would be even cooler if you made the backing track available for download.
WHAT is that organ version playing in the background??? It's amazing.
Amps for Buddha
♫ Some people say my love cannot be true. Please believe me my love and I'll show you. ♫ …BLACK Sabba†H!!!! …
Iago B
I KNEW there would be people complaining this wasn't being played with an SG...
Jack Howorth
NO, grossjustinm is right early Iommi used p-90's don't dislike his comment...
Hey PGS, whats the order of effect pedals you are using? DLS into viper, or viper into DLS? Thanks.
Thanks for this of the best Sabbath tracks.
You're right, P-90s would have been more accurate.
Thanks,Dig IT!
Dat tone
Henrique Machado
To play pop songs? Well... maybe
wrong pickups
I was kind of sad this wasn't played on an SG, but this had spectacular tone
love that tone!!
lol haunting mids
Great choice Andy!
Lucas de Marchi
Why not using a SG like Tony?
Super lead or bass mode on the DLS?
Joey Williamson
please do Supernaut :D
One thing worth mentioning: Tony Iommi hammers on the top B note of the first E chord each time the main riff repeats. It's a signature thing of his that he does in tons of early sabbath songs.
Chad Worthman
I LOVE Jack/Fairies, but I can't say it's the most underrated, cuz I'd say any songs off the first two albums that I can't outright name off the top of my head are the most underated...I mean I've heard them play Jack/Fairies on the radio...great freakin song.
Yeaaaaaaaah baby!
Javig *
Cool! Thumbs up though if you think Jack the stripper/Fairies wear boots is the most underated Sabbath theme (and an small Bible of Metal licks).
Victor Beluc
What a sound! Many thanx to Catalinbread, PGS & of course Andy & his team, great vid that made me seek the DLS pedal
pedro Roman roman