Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance: Fatality Demonstration [HD]

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Демонстрация Fatality в Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance.

lord chin chin
quan chi is the creator of giraffes: cumfirmed
Henry Chavez
Apparantly, Movado's elastic things defy the most basic laws of physics.
Dr. Eggman
This game will forever have one of the best fatality in the entire series: Cyrax'.
Quan chi has the best
Adriel Ferdianto
why are the blood in old MK games look like human meatballs?? lol
Max. exe
3:40 Fatality in MK DA. X-ray in MK X
that neck stretch though lol
Britton Yeatter
While the fatalities look a bit wonky, the theme that plays during them is absolutely horrifying.
Hans Hoffmann
If you take a look at bo' rai cho's fatality, you can see that by the first stomp, the arms fire away from the body, and by the second stomp, the same happens with the legs. I never noticed that until now. It's these little things that always draw me back to the old games <3 .
Cyrax's fatality is the best
Anthony Reynoso
I love Scorpion's classic beheading with the spear.
Sub Zero and Scorpion and Johnny Cage's were the most brutal
Eddie Trevino
these fatalities are lame😴
Wonder if the people complaining just found out about mortal kombat because of x. What the hell were you expecting, gore has been much more graphic in recent years than before. This game was graphic as hell for it's time
they're bad, but i think Jhonny's the best
Fabiana Aires
6:27 dafuq cyrax says?
master chief qw
when I was younger, these fatalities were scary too me now if laugh at them but that was a fun game that brings back nostalgia when I play it
Pecagaming 2006
0:57 QUAN 😂😂😂😂😂
Destin Scurlock
Li Mei's fatality is a super sweet chin music
0:56 nope
Hobo With a Raygun
Those finishing moves suck.
Nikos N
Kano and Cyrax is the best
captain crunch
0:30 we got a fatass over here
Caleb Moore
the fatalities were lame😒😒
Of Deadly Alliance i choose sub zero, hsu hao, kitana and cyrax's fatalities to be my favorites.
Freddy Medina
el Quan Chi cuello de lapiz
Hsu Hao Wins!
Korn Story
I hate the character models in this game.
Thiago Azeredo
Quan Chi has the best fatality ever
Hardy Jochens
wie geht das
makarena ortiz
Kung lao is pop
Adraviel Bada Boom
The worst Fatalities ever.
mestre miro Braga
meu nome e daniel e porra mano o cara não fala
Sonic the hedgehog
Hey is that fatality Kitana from mk2 kiss of death ☠
Sonic the hedgehog
I love SUB-ZERO fatality is put out all bones and it so cool
Sonjah Miller
i love your video. blade is my favorite. blade is the way. the way is blade. i love blade.
Matthew Johnson
Death by being jumped on.
Макс Кою
Если я не буду играть в эту игру Посмотрим если ты не 11 учебного драконом и дракона мне придётся приходится прикончить тебя здесь
Nearly 50% of the fatalities are them just jumping onto their body.
First Johnny cage punched your wiener and then he pull your brain out
i always remembered me and my friend losing our shit everytime someone does a fatality, we'd be like "why is there so much popcorn all over the floor?" lmao
BlazeNineThousand EX
Did creativity not exist back then?
Take a shot of every fatality in the Mortal Kombat series that is attacking the head (like decapitations, for example)
حسين برنس
جميله جدا
king mario sam
owe Nitara fatality eat face
Armando Henriques
Bo' Rai Cho should be forgotten...
Почему сарину не испытал фаталити?
Rashanda Fields
If you try to pop a nother kenshes eye balls out because he is already blind
king mario sam
hey I remember this fatality like original mk2
pra mim na epoca era show os animalities 2d da mega kk depois tres 3d mais ou menos ..
king mario sam
wow this game is very bloody kill this is
Miguel Rumão da Silva
l found it very cool and very ducky
what a corn seed blows up of characters ?
Ах да, её там нету!
امير شمري
Lol Cyraxes old meat compactor HA
Dylan's Fitness
I know right +arron hamintong
Sonya blew a kiss to herself
Logan McCallister
lol cool and the other day.
Mateus Ferrette
Eu quero saber como faser o fatality
Bibi2 Diogenes
sonya is fatality kiss of death
TJ Tyler
0:57-1:00 he tried....he tried
วรดา อ่อนลมัย
หีฮาน่า หี
วรดา อ่อนลมัย
หีฮาน่า หี
vando Oliveira
Onde acho o código?
king mario sam
but sub zero fatality very cool and Johnny cage cool to
saucy p
How do you do scorpions fatality
i can't believe i use to think these fatalities were awesome
Sub-Zero Gorbulin
The only stupid fatality to me is Quan's. I know it's classic, but still looks stupid, than rest of the characters fatalities.
Goku black
como dar fatalati? me ajudem
SuperMarioAaron 46
you forgot blaze
Jhonata The Marco
Seth Warrior
this game has some of the lamest fatalities , but the ones that are good are friggen amazing 
Dylan's Fitness
These fatalities sucked
e r
Wait what about Gore?
Фаталити Куан Чи просто глупость.
pedro henrique
eu ja tenho macete so que nao consigo fazer
Quan Chi, may I kill you? "Nope."
Bo Rai Cho used Body Slam! XD